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Tuesday's customer inspiration - Danice and Jack's lovely living room!

So glad you stopped by for today's installment of customer inspiration where a customer provides photos of things they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how amazing the items look in their home - either exactly as they looked leaving the store or after some spiffing up!

Today's post includes some spiffing up! I first met Danice just a couple of days before she was getting married to Jack. They were having an outdoor wedding and needed some extra seating and she stopped in the store and found exactly what she was looking for! The wedding was beautiful and Danice and Jack have been stopping in at Jubilee every now and then ever since. Danice is creative and has a good eye when it comes to spotting things that have clean lines and good "bones" but need some work (just like Shelli, Brooke, Caroline, Theresa, Jean, Megan, Alice and John and Deanna).

The ottoman in this photo was pretty ratty, if I'm remembering correctly, when Danice purchased it - but look how amazing it is now! I love the woven material she used on the bottom part! The chair in the background also needed some love and Danice found this gorgeous slipcover for only $40 at Overstocked.com.

Here's another view of the amazing ottoman and, I believe, Danice also purchased the chair in the corner from Jubilee. I love all the pillows! What a great place to kick back and relax (having a couple of dogs also sends a warm and welcoming, come-as-you-are message!).

Thanks for coming by, dear reader and I hope to see you here again on Friday for my weekly update!

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