Eye Candy Sets My Heart Aflutter

During our traveling day over to Washington to see our granddaughter and great granddaughter I thought I'd leave you with a tease of things I'll be posting while over there, along with photos of that area. I doubt you'll want to miss things I'm going to be posting. ;-)

This set my heart aflutter until I saw some others I liked just as much or better. Just wait!

A shop we'd all like to get lost in.

Just like some of my lamps.

Urn made into a pin cushion.

Yeah, yeah, I'm practicing my close ups also.

Western Girly

Love Bunny and I are heading over to visit our little great granddaughter soon so I'm preparing a few posts while we're gone. I thought it would be fun to show you something out of the ordinary for me, but first a word or two about photographs.

Some of these I scanned and some I actually took photos of so you could see them better. But the thing I want to mention to you is about storing photos.

We travel with 2 laptop computers and have our other desktop computers here at the house. They don't have the same things on them. My iPhoto on my MacBook Pro laptop doesn't have the same photos as the iMac desktop I'm on at the moment. I've tried coordinating as much as possible but it's nearly impossible with the photos since I am usually on my desktop and don't bother adding them to my iPhoto on my laptop. So that's why I use Photobucket. That way I can access them no matter where in the world I am. I have a post here about that and a problem I had several years ago. I strongly suggest you read it. It will save you much heartache. I get regular emails from bloggers asking about problems with things and most times I can help, but when you trash your photos they're gone for good. I even have one lady who—you're not going to believe this, but she actually uses a new photo card for each group of photos she takes. Unbelievable! She just doesn't want to take the chance to put them off site on an image host and doesn't know how to put them on a disk plus the cost must be terrible. Unbelievable to have to go buy a new card and save that instead of learning how to save them and never, ever have to worry.

Situated in Sundance, Utah and owned by a woman, it's a getaway for a designer of clothing and home furnishings. I thought it would be fun to see a cabin that is Western Girly as I call this house.

Feminine and western and comfortable for both women and men. I just love this look.

Guest room.

Lovely living quarters. Very homey and feminine I think.


Mill House Pond for Pink Saturday 1/29/2011

Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet chicks! Remember to visit with Beverly to view all the pink participants by clicking on the logo below.

So today let's visit another house in a magazine from 1972. As I've said earlier this week, I'm destashing all my files of photos I've saved through the years. So the only place I have them now is on my computer and Photobucket.

Introducing Mill Pond House. Yes, it's really by an old mill pond. The woman of this house had vision—and a loving and understanding hubby!—for to have painted it this gorgeous pink back almost 40 years ago in upstate New York was not common except in Southern California maybe. I lived there then so I should know. This lady was very innovative and courageous. But I'm certainly glad she was because it grabbed at my heart 40 years ago. When I first saw these pictures I actually gasped. I loved this house above all others back then. I still love it but as time comes and goes I've seen others that have touched my heart at least as much as this one.

It's a huge house with enough acreage that the owners have to have a little tractor to take care of the grounds.

This is the large family room off the back with 3 separate seating sections with 4 sofas. That doorway under the stairs opens to another little study with a mural painted by the husband's mother with her little dog.

It was the pink candy striped sofas that drew my attention immediately. As per a post this week, you can see I had a pink striped sofa but I had to get rid of it when we moved here 5 years ago. It broke my heart. I sold it to a family with many kids and I know she took the slipcover off of it immediately and probably threw it out. I was sick but nothing to be done about it. That slipcover cost me $800.00 about 25 years ago also and was in perfect condition. I almost cried.

This is an eating area off the back as you can see in the top photo. I lust for a room like this. Sigh...

A small library with an exquisite sofa and an indoor window seat with the same flowered cushions. There wasn't a photo of the red room beyond this one but somehow it fits what a formal living room would be I think because I see a beautiful fireplace in there.

To have a master bedroom this luxurious and big is a dream I'll never fulfill in this life.

Now, you didn't think I wouldn't show you the actual mill pond, did you? Here it is and it's adorable with this little guest cottage they had redone by Ralph Lauren. Very different from the style of the lady of the house, but exquisite. Sit, lunch and then swim.

Like me, she must love stripes!

See the owner's pink house in the background.

This photo is horrid but I put it in here to show you the little dam of water you can see out the window. Darling!

I apologize for the photos but they were scans of magazine photos I've had for 40 years tucked away and did get some abuse from me pulling them out and looking at them from time to time. If scanners had been invented back then I'm sure I would have saved them in a much better state but I'm just lucky I didn't throw them away until I scanned them this week to show you. They're now safe for the ages to come.

Now, I have a compelling video for y'all to watch. I'm just linking up to it here and won't put the video on for those of you (US!) who don't like them on blogs because it slows it down too much. I can guarantee this will lift your hearts. So without further ado, let's give a rousing cheer to our brave men and women who are fighting for our country, bloggers!!! Just click on th' Kiss and go for it. I guarantee you'll have tears in your eyes for joy.


Greetings from Jubilee Furniture!

I met with Amanda on Monday and she spent over an hour uploading Windows Live Writer and showing me how to use it instead of what I normally do through blogger. Uploading photos takes about 1 second as compared to the 1/2 hour it used to take. I am one happy camper and very grateful to Amanda! Thank you, Amanda!

That said, I’m still learning and am not exactly sure how this will all go down, since it’s different and you know I’m not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to blogging and all that stuff.

Speaking of not being the brightest crayon, I received an email this morning from Borders with the subject line: “MUAH! Be My Valentine – Gift Ideas & SAVINGS!” I read MUAH – as “mooah” and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it meant, so headed over to InternetSlang. com and learned “muah” is the sound of giving a kiss! Oooookaaaay.

One thing I AM pretty bright about is showing you what’s “new” at Jubilee Furniture, so let’s stick with my strengths and get to the photos!

JFC 01-28-11 001 JFC 01-28-11 002

lovely pink chair and ottoman for $85

JFC 01-28-11 003JFC 01-28-11 004

Two GORGEOUS Marshall Fields wing back chairs (I love the high skirts!) $150 each (and each has small rip – one in the back of the chair and one on a top corner)

JFC 01-28-11 005

cool side chair for $45

JFC 01-28-11 006

lovely hall or sofa table for $125

JFC 01-28-11 007

great color blue to this nice wing back chair for $85; round end table for $25 (and there are two of ‘em and see matching coffee table in next photo)

JFC 01-28-11 008

as promised, matching coffee table for $35

JFC 01-28-11 009JFC 01-28-11 010

two matching wonderful side chairs – love! – $95 each

JFC 01-28-11 011JFC 01-28-11 012JFC 01-28-11 013JFC 01-28-11 014

incredibly nice chaises – there are two of ‘em (not sure what’s with the yellow color in the last photo – first photos are more accurate of the color of the chaises) and they’re priced $235 each

JFC 01-28-11 015JFC 01-28-11 016

I LOVE these glass top drink/table thingies and there are three of them and they’re priced $65 each

JFC 01-28-11 017

very nice pine coffee table for $50 (drawer needs to be fixed)

JFC 01-28-11 018

sweet old rocker for $85

JFC 01-28-11 019JFC 01-28-11 020JFC 01-28-11 021JFC 01-28-11 022JFC 01-28-11 023JFC 01-28-11 024

we received a bunch of Buch Business Furniture furniture for donation this week! Top two photos are two corner desk/hutch pieces and are priced $250 each; then there are computer tables (have a pull out key board) for $95; task tables for $75; task table and hutch for $130; computer table and hutch for $150; curved corner desks (no drawers) for $125 each; two drawer lateral file cabinet for $185

JFC 01-28-11 025

brown fabric and chrome stackable chairs for $8 each and there are nine of them

JFC 01-28-11 026

two piece lighted china cabinet for $85 (swivel stools are each side are $20 each)

JFC 01-28-11 027JFC 01-28-11 028

brown velour sleeper sofa for $30; matching love seat for $20

JFC 01-28-11 029JFC 01-28-11 030JFC 01-28-11 031JFC 01-28-11 032

this is a massive king-size upholstered head board, foot board and side pieces with an extra pillow booster all for $135 (bear in mind it’s BIG!); king-size mattress and box spring for $60

JFC 01-28-11 033JFC 01-28-11 034JFC 01-28-11 035

though they don’t look like they match – I promise you these Kent-Coffey pieces are a set and in wonderful condition! Starting at the top photo: dresser with mirror for $175; chest of drawers for $150; night stand for $50 (and there are two night stands)

JFC 01-28-11 036

the same donor who donated the massive king-size bed also donated these night stands! They are also massive – especially since a slab of stone was added to the top of each (and weighs about 150 lbs.) and are priced $125 each

JFC 01-28-11 037

the guys didn’t have time to get this really nice mission style full OR queen head board, foot board, side rails put together – but I liked it so much I wanted to show it to you – it’s priced $125

JFC 01-28-11 038JFC 01-28-11 039

super comfortable, great condition, leather chair and ottoman for $165; identical second chair for $125

JFC 01-28-11 040JFC 01-28-11 041

sweet as pie, upholstered rockers for $50 each (they both need a little TLC)

And that, dear reader, is SOME of what’s new at good ol’ Jubilee Furniture this week. Remember we’re open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

I hope you have an excellent weekend!


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