Tuesday's customer inspiration - Nicole's lovely living room and Farrell's sweet toddler chair!

Apparently moaning and whining about how no one is sending photos for Tuesday customer inspiration does the trick - since I now have a month's worth of amazing photos to share (and it's a fabulous feeling - let me tell you!). That said, PLEASE continue emailing me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org with photos of what you've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how great it looks - exactly as it was when you bought it - in your home - or - how you've transformed it into something EVEN better!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - without further ado, let me show you how nice the McCreary gray sofa looks in Nicole's living room as well as a toddler chair that Farrell made fit for a king (or prince).

Though I love the McCreary sofa Nicole purchased a month or so ago - the show stopper in this photo is the amazing yellow side chair - wouldn't you agree? I love the gray and yellow combo!

Nicole writes: We are LOVING the sofa that we bought from Jubilee a few weeks ago. We've paired it with some vintage pieces and pops of yellow. People want to know where we found it so Jubilee has been a topic of conversation with our guests. So thankful for what you do!

Thank you, Nicole!

Here's part of Farrell's email:

Hi Susan! I live in the city and have been out to Jubilee on numerous occasions, though not as much as I'd like now that we have two babes. I've been meaning to email you for ages about a sweet little chair that we got at Jubilee, and I am now getting around to it. The chair that we bought ($12 maybe?) was a high chair at one point, I think, but didn't have the tray. Since we had a highchair already, that wasn't a problem - I decided to make it over as a toddler chair for my son in time for his first birthday party.

It was probably plain wood at one point, but had been painted over in white - I sanded that down and gave it a metallic gold paint job, a throne for the prince that the little guy is :).

I also added some sweet words on the front and back of the chair (with scrap booking supplies!) to make it even more special.

It was super festive for his bday party, but it actually looks great with our decor. We use it to this day (he's over two now) for all meals as well as for helping out in the kitchen! It's a modest makeover, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway.

How adorable is Farrell's son? Very! I love how the gold has an understated, matte finish to it. And the two words she chose for the front and back really do sum up the gift of children - they are indeed precious and a blessing!

And I feel very blessed by Nicole's and Farrell's emails - as well as the precious ones waiting for another Tuesday to share! Ahh, the riches...

Thank you for stopping by, dear reader! Hope to see you again on Friday when I show you lots of the goodies the guys picked up this week!

Keeping In Touch 5/29/2011

I've been remiss in blogging recently, but being in training meetings for my mission has taken up a lot of time. Sorry, but my mission is going to be taking up most of my computer time for the next year. I even thought of giving up blogging for this year but, truly, I don't think I could do that and survive. It's a passion and the Lord has said we must temper our passions in doing work for Him and I'll do it, but I shall definitely have free time for doing what I want so I'm continuing do it. I shall truly need lots of prayers from anyone who will be so kind as to include me in their prayers.

So that being said, I'm recycling some old photos with some new ones today. We don't go to church until 1 pm today so I have some time to myself while hubs is still sleeping.

Some little tussie mussies I made last year.

One of my gorgeous roses from last year. It's been a very cool and wet spring this year and haven't seen any flowers yet but there are buds forming. I can't wait to be able to share this year's crop with you.

Some of the little scrunched paper flowers I made. Easy peasy, chicks, and you can use scraps of paper to do it.

An old tin can I recycled for a breath-taking storage can for whatever I want to store in it.

This is one of the coffee filter roses I started making. This is one of the better ones, but I like the ones I'm doing now much better. They're fluffier and much, much easier to work.

And now for the real eye candy for me: Miss Caroline at her 1st birthday party. Love the drool on her chin. ;-)

Her Mummy and Dada took her on the ferry across to the islands in Washington. I think she loved the trip by the expression on her face.

And we wondered if any cake went into her mouth at all with this picture! We'll be celebrating it again when we all travel to California soon for our anniversary.

And in the spirit of Sunday I'm going to try and share a video of our General Conferences with you each Sunday. This is Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's speech to the Church in April of this year. Please don't just click off, but listen to it and learn what the Lord would have us do.


Tons o’furniture just waiting your perusal at Jubilee Furniture today and tomorrow!

Top of the morning to you!  Thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each week I give you a sneak peek into the store showing you some of the new-to-us things that have been donated.  I don’t take photos of EVERYTHING “new” but of – oh, I’d say – about 75% of what we receive (in case you were wondering).  The section of the store affectionately referred to as “office land” is so boring that I find I simply can’t take photos (unless something truly amazing comes in).  Behind “bedroom land” is where you’ll find a lot of bookcases, some entertainment centers and stuff like that and the lighting is so bad that most photos don’t come out – so I usually avoid that area too.

All that to say, the following 45 photos definitely do not represent everything donated this week – plus some fantastic pieces weren’t purchased from previous weeks – so I’d say if you had time today between 1 and 8 or tomorrow between 9 and 4 to come out, chances are good you’ll find something wonderful!

Let’s stroll down the old blog gravel road while the sun’s shining and the soft breeze blows the scent of clover our way!

JFC 05-27-11 001

wonderful tan micro suede sofa for $185

JFC 05-27-11 002

lovely Alan White sofa priced $155

JFC 05-27-11 003JFC 05-27-11 004

I love this striped seersucker sofa priced only $95

JFC 05-27-11 005

beautiful pine six drawer dresser – or wouldn’t it make a nice flat-screen TV stand? – priced $125

JFC 05-27-11 006

this is a gorgeous cream color suede sofa with a “come sink in me and relax” attitude that’s priced $225

JFC 05-27-11 007JFC 05-27-11 008

these two pieces are by Classic furniture and the leather sofa is priced $65; matching leather chair for $30

JFC 05-27-11 009

square table with four folding chairs (chairs fold up for easy storage) priced $75 for the set

JFC 05-27-11 010

four stackable chairs and round table priced $60

JFC 05-27-11 011

here’s another six drawer dresser that would also make a great media stand and is priced $155

JFC 05-27-11 012

two piece sofa/chaise priced $125; coffee table with wee little wheels is $45

JFC 05-27-11 013JFC 05-27-11 014

these gorgeous matching pieces once again confirm that you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture – massive (remember “massive” is always my way of saying super heavy) 8’ (I think, I didn’t actually measure one) lighted curio/china cabinets by Century.  Donor paid $5,000 apiece originally.  Our price? $995 each.  Bottom glass/metal doors open and reveal three drawers for extra storage, while the top half features three glass, grooved shelves – with a mirrored back to display all your pretty things!

JFC 05-27-11 015JFC 05-27-11 016

these two brown velvet pieces are some of my favorite things this week – there’s just something about ‘em that I love!  The sofa is priced $135; loveseat $115

JFC 05-27-11 017

square side table with lovely curved legs priced $55

JFC 05-27-11 018JFC 05-27-11 019JFC 05-27-11 020JFC 05-27-11 021

how fantastic is this glass top table and four chairs by Bebbington’s?  Very!  Priced $325 for the set

JFC 05-27-11 022JFC 05-27-11 023

though there’s some wear on the seat cushions of these orange leather sofas – they’re still amazing! – priced $125 each

JFC 05-27-11 024JFC 05-27-11 025

beautiful plaid AND floral – umm, yes! – sofa priced $155; coffee table priced $75

JFC 05-27-11 026JFC 05-27-11 027

gorgeous Hickory & White love seat for $295

JFC 05-27-11 028

Drexel rolling buffet (top slides open to reveal heat-resistant surface) priced $85

JFC 05-27-11 029

fabulous two piece lighted china cabinet by Broyhill priced $195

JFC 05-27-11 030JFC 05-27-11 031JFC 05-27-11 032

gorgeous dresser and chest of drawers by Bassett – dresser (long low piece) is priced $175; matching chest of drawers (taller piece) $195

JFC 05-27-11 033

fun retro Harmony House dresser priced $65

JFC 05-27-11 034JFC 05-27-11 035JFC 05-27-11 036

I love the clean lines of these very well made pieces by Seahawk Designs – starting top left: dresser with a triple mirror priced $325; chest of drawers for $295; queen size headboard, two towers and lighted bridge for $275

JFC 05-27-11 037

fun retro sleeper sofa for $45

JFC 05-27-11 038

very unusual round, swivel (turns 360 degrees) dark leather and tan suede chair priced $195

JFC 05-27-11 039

vintage table and three chairs priced $65

JFC 05-27-11 040

small table and four chairs for $85 (looks like Ikea to me)

JFC 05-27-11 041

table, one leaf and five chairs for $125

JFC 05-27-11 042JFC 05-27-11 043JFC 05-27-11 044JFC 05-27-11 045

these last four photos are to remind you that we have prototype queen size mattresses and box springs and foundations in the store donated from brand name mattress companies (who asked to remain nameless) which retail between $800 and $2,000.  We’re selling a set (queen size mattress and box spring) for $475; queen size mattress only for $325; queen size box spring for $100; queen size foundation also for $100.  Though you can buy a queen size set for cheaper – they aren’t the quality of these, I promise you.

I’ll close with this lovely old Irish blessing for you, dear reader:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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