As much as I love the holidays, when you manage a store that’s only open two days each week, at this time of the year it’s super confusing for customers to know when we’re open and when we’re not. No matter how many signs I post, how often I mention it here or how many times I change the phone message (“Hello! You’ve reached Jubilee Furniture and general manager, Susan Galbraith…our store hours are Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4 and we WILL be open Friday, December 30th and Saturday, December 31st our regular hours.”) – inevitably someone will mention next weekend how they desperately need some piece of furniture that we’ll sell today or tomorrow and they’ll glare at me and exclaim how they had NO idea we were open New Year’s Eve day (or the day before NYE day) and I’ll feel horrible. Failed. Again.

Overall, I’m fairly confident in my abilities and don’t usually feel like a big loser but I hate disappointing people, hate them feeling like I’ve let them down. Yet now that I’m thinking about it – this job regularly lands me in that position. It might be someone who had furniture to donate and didn’t know about us or someone needing to buy something and paying full price when Jubilee Furniture had a less expensive option for a better quality piece.

Thankfully, before I get myself too tied up in knots – I realize I’ll never be able to communicate to everyone who might want to donate or shop about the store (not that I won’t continue to improve at getting our message out) – and I take a deep breath, square my shoulders and mentally prepare my response – “I’m so sorry you didn’t realize we were open on the 30th and 31st! Next time I’ll personally hand-deliver the engraved invitation to you.” Maybe no? *smile*

The worst part is there’s so much amazing furniture for purchase this week! Lots for unaware customers to get angry over! Let’s take a peek:

fabulous Ethan Allen oversized chair for $145

great round, tufted ottoman for $45

Flexsteel chair for $65

fantastic Room and Board sofa – a few fabric pulls on the back cushions – priced $225

nice Bauhaus sofa for $135

unbelievable, retro, chartreuse colored velvet, curved sofa for $195 – in excellent condition

we received THREE sets of bunk beds this week – this first set is priced $145 (does not include the mattresses) and includes two bunky boards

super sweet bedroom set by Pilliod Furniture includes: twin size sleigh head board, foot board and side rails priced $145; one drawer night stand for $35; chest of drawers (taller piece) priced $125; dresser priced $95; twin mattress and box spring is $135. The furniture is a creamy off-white and each knob is different. Excellent condition.

wonderful twin size captain’s bed priced $165; twin mattress and box spring for

older maple bunk beds priced $125 (does not include ladder or top safety rail) – twin mattress priced either $25 or $35 (forgot to write it down – sorry)
final set of bunk beds – oak in excellent condition – this set also includes two bunky boards (and a ladder and top safety rail) priced $225; twin mattresses shown are $95 each

neat Sligh & Lowry chest of drawers for $55; matching desk is also $55
nice Thomasville bedroom set includes: long dresser with mirror for $195; tall armoire (top opens and there are shelves) priced $145; night stand for $50 (only one night stand)

massive oak table with three leaves and six chairs for $135

this Broyhill set includes: table with 1 leaf, table pads and 8 chairs (some of the caning is pulling away from the side of the chairs) for $150; two piece lighted china cabinet for $95; buffet for $45

this is a pallet of brand new boxes that Dan wrapped into sets of five – the smaller banker’s boxes we’re selling one set for $3; larger boxes are $5 for a set of five

very nice Room and Board sofa – only problem the seam in the middle of the seat cushion has come apart – so sad – sofa is priced $85

fabulous Howell retro table with one leaf and two chairs for $60

lovely old desk with leather top priced $145

So, in case you’ve read this far and are still unclear on whether Jubilee Furniture will be open today and tomorrow allow me to clarify. Hot chocolate. Starlight. Orange – both the color and the fruit.

Dear reader, I would never insult your intelligence!

Wishing you an amazing and marvelous, growing and learning 2012!

English Country Rooms

For this Pink Saturday's participants, just click on the logo below and go to Beverly's Blog where you'll see all the participants. It's my favorite thing to do on Saturday, and Beverly is just a sweet person to know.


For Pink Saturday I'm going to show a painting a dear sweet friend of mine painted and I bought a couple of years ago. She has gifted me with several of her beautiful roses paintings also. She does beautiful work. Her name is Lorena. I believe she incorporated pink into the Christmas stocking in a dazzling way. Just love it!


The holiday season is almost over, and it's calmed down here quite a bit, so I'd like to try and get back on track with blogging. I spent the Friday before Christmas in bed and didn't get out until Sunday night when Love Bunny cooked the whole turkey dinner for me. We believe I got food poisoning from a bad jar of salad dressing I used on tuna salad a few days before. I'm fine now though. And his dinner was superb. I did mash the potatoes for him however.

I'm sick to death of food at the moment. I ate my way through about 2 boxes of chocolates, a pumpkin roll a friend surprised me with (DELICIOUS!), numerous Milky Way Simply Caramel bars, cinnamon rolls, a Dutch apple pie, a pumpkin pie, Coldstone Creamery LARGE (Is that one called Gotta Have It?) chocolate ice cream dish, Olive Garden Black Tie Mousse pie, Applebee's Triple Chocolate Overload cake, pumpkin cookies, a popcorn and nut mix with chocolate drizzle, a cake that sent my taste buds into survival mode with all the sugar in the frosting and a Jack in the Box Chocolate overload cake also. My sugar level is right up there with the National Debt, trust me.

So with that being said, let's view some pictures of some English homes I love. I incorporate English, a touch of French, Traditional, Romantic, Shabby, Chic and a bit of ME thrown into the mix in my decorating. I always have thrown in a bit of ME, but certainly over the years my styles have changed. Just view the rooms without me saying too much about them. Pictures speak louder than my words ever could.


And just for your information, I'll have more pictures this week with more thoughts on 24 and Jack Bauer very soon. ;-)

Roses and Fancy Plates for Pink Saturday 12/24/2011

Welcome to Pink Saturday just before Christmas 2011. It's a special time of year because we celebrate the birth of our Savior and I love watching the hustle and bustle of it even though we've given up on gift giving except for the 2 youngest grandsons and our sweet Miss Caroline, our first great grandchild. We'll see her in about a month when we go over to visit with our little munchkin for a week. Here is a picture of her with her mummy, her aunt and new cousin, Ethan. They actually have the same hairline but different color. He sure is a doll. His mummy is the prettiest physician I've ever seen. Isn't she lovely?

But as always, I thank Beverly for each Pink Saturday and her sweet willingness to help me give away 12 aprons because we are trying to get rid of unnecessary stuff. Thank you again, Beverly. She is one of the sweetest and kindest bloggers I know.


I decided recently to bite the bullet and get rid of some china plates I've collected over the years. Let me assure you this was no easy decision. I absolutely adore these plates but it's time to get rid of them. Now, I've thought of taking them to the thrift store or giving them to my daughter to do mosaics with them (She's insistent that I give them to her) but before I do that I'd like to see if someone else who won't cut them up would like to have them. I won't give these away but if you see any plate or set of plates you'd like, email me and I'll give you the thrift store price, but you must consider the cost of mailing them to you. That can be more than the actual plate. If there is no interest, they go to California with us this spring for my daughter to cut up. I don't plan on being around when she does it as I can't watch it; I'll cry. :-(











Butter pat plates.


I love this plate and will find it hard to get rid of if someone wants it.

A rose covered honey pot. Not many of these around.


Love Bunny bought this for me at an estate sale as a surprise but I don't use it.



Anything you see ABOVE this picture is available, not anything below here. I'm keeping just enough plates to furnish a table for my family. And if we have any more great grandkids then they get the Melmac plates. :-) I refuse to hold onto stuff anymore. Letting go and getting rid of so much "fluff" is more important. Both my kids and granddaughter have more than I do and don't want any more stuff. It goes!

Just a few crystal stemware for us to entertain "lightly".

enough dishes to do the same.

These are the dishes I had crammed into that china cabinet.

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