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Make new friends, but keep the old…

one is silver and the other’s gold! Do you remember that Girl Scout song? I thought of it because this week we received a number of pieces of furniture with shiny gold and some silver finishes – VERY shiny!

The song is also fitting because we want to create a welcoming environment at Jubilee Furniture where you come in and feel like a friend – because that’s how we see you. Either as a new silver friend that we’re just getting to know or a golden friend who regularly stops by! Either way, we love ya!

So, you ready to see some shiny furniture? Come on friend, let’s go!

JFC 03-11-11 002JFC 03-11-11 003JFC 03-11-11 004

okay, so this Klaussner chair and ottoman might not be so shiny – but I LOVE the colors and it’s in good condition and priced $175

JFC 03-11-11 001

this retro, shiny magazine rack/glass top side table is priced $45 (can you see it? there are two shelves to lay magazines on)

JFC 03-11-11 005

this is a beautiful pedestal side table priced $135

JFC 03-11-11 006

this is a very nice Smithe & Craft sofa for $125

JFC 03-11-11 007JFC 03-11-11 008

this ornate, golden and shell (what do you call it when it’s got a layer of shells?) side table would be a great conversation starter and chances are you will NEVER find the same piece at a friend’s house! – priced $145

JFC 03-11-11 009JFC 03-11-11 011JFC 03-11-11 010JFC 03-11-11 012JFC 03-11-11 013JFC 03-11-11 014

and the shine continues with this fabulous Kessler Industries glass top table (glass is 1/2” thick) and four chairs (gorgeous apricot color seat cushions are in mint condition) priced $775. Kessler was founded in 1960 and creates cast aluminum furniture – this stuff is heavy! Leave it as is – or paint it black? bronze? red? – look at the detail – how amazing is this set? Very amazing!

JFC 03-11-11 015JFC 03-11-11 016JFC 03-11-11 017JFC 03-11-11 018

I am totally in love with this silver and gold sofa – look at the detail – isn’t it elegant? – excellent condition – love the button-back – fit for a king! Priced $235

JFC 03-11-11 019JFC 03-11-11 020

not so shiny, but serviceable! Chair for $20 and matching love seat for $28

JFC 03-11-11 021

great retro end table for $25

JFC 03-11-11 022JFC 03-11-11 023

GORGEOUS antique drop leaf table, one leaf and four chairs – some table top damage, but otherwise in excellent condition for $445

JFC 03-11-11 024JFC 03-11-11 025

I often tell donors that entertainment centers designed to hold an older TV are becoming the new “white elephant” (no one wants ‘em). Yet many are beautiful pieces of fine furniture and if you could only see how you could use the large TV space for something else…thus Dan built an adjustable shelf unit that fits in one of the entertainment center we had in the store and turned it into a wonderful shelf/storage piece! Dan would be happy to tell you how he retro-fitted this one and how you can too!

JFC 03-11-11 026JFC 03-11-11 027

lovely chest of drawers (top photo) for $75; matching dresser with mirror (mirror is laying on top of dresser) priced $65

JFC 03-11-11 028

four drawer dresser for $35

JFC 03-11-11 029JFC 03-11-11 030

twin size loft bed with desk underneath for $145

JFC 03-11-11 031JFC 03-11-11 032JFC 03-11-11 033JFC 03-11-11 034

this bedroom set is by United and includes (starting at top photo) a dresser with mirror for $75; chest of drawers for $85; full size head board, foot board and rails for $45; nightstand for $25

JFC 03-11-11 035JFC 03-11-11 036

wonderful hall or sofa table for $85; matching end table for $65 (and there are two end tables and each is $65)

JFC 03-11-11 037JFC 03-11-11 038JFC 03-11-11 039JFC 03-11-11 040

lovely, retro dining room set by Harmony House includes a drop leaf table with 1 leaf and 4 chairs for $125; buffet for $95; one piece china cabinet for $85

JFC 03-11-11 041

there’s something about these chairs (there are four matching) that I really like! I’ve priced all four for $100 (that’s $25 a chair – what a deal!)

Then I thought I’d walk with you through Jubilee Gallery and show you some of the impressive art we currently how both on display and for sale! I hope you can read Tim’s price tags. Oh, and be warned the first photo is of clowns and might scare younger children! *smile*

JFC 03-11-11 042JFC 03-11-11 043JFC 03-11-11 044JFC 03-11-11 045JFC 03-11-11 046JFC 03-11-11 047JFC 03-11-11 048JFC 03-11-11 049

So, on this sunny, shiny day it seems like it’d be perfect to come out to friendly, shiny Jubilee Furniture! Remember we’re open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4! And when you come in say, “Hi!” to Connie. She’s covering for me while I’m at a women’s retreat (and tell her, “Susan says thank you SO much!”)

Let’s end today’s post with another great Girl Scout song – sing with me, dear reader!

I've got something in my pocket, that belongs across my face. I keep it very close at hand, in a most convenient place. I'm sure you couldn't guess it if you guessed a long, long while. So I'll take it out and put it on, it's a great big Brownie smile!

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to my golden sister, Betsy!

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