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Jubilee Furniture gives furniture a second chance!

Hello!  And welcome to this week’s installment of “what’s new?” at Jubilee Furniture – where quality used furniture gets a second chance to be useful and add beauty to your home or office!

Furniture isn’t the only thing that often needs a second chance – people do too.  This week alone I needed a second chance with my boss, husband and daughter (not my best week, I admit). 

Providing a second chance is also the premise behind Second Chance Coffee Company (www.ihaveabean.com).  By employing former offenders, this small company headquartered in Wheaton, provide jobs for this hard-to-employ population.  Their employees learn a job skill (roasting coffee), earn a paycheck and both Second Chance and the employee work hard to make sure they don’t end up back in prison.  Their site gives this alarming statistic:

Over 20,000 prisoners are released from Illinois State corrections facilities into the Chicago area every year. More than 12,000 of those ex-prisoners are re-incarcerated within three years of release.

“What do ex-offenders, coffee and furniture have in common, Susan?" you ask.  Excellent question.

Tomorrow, Saturday – March 5th, from 10:30 until the coffee runs out (1:00 p.m.?) Second Chance Coffee will be offering a free cup of I Have a Bean coffee to all Jubilee Furniture customers!  A perfect companion to our free cookies, hey!  Additionally, they will be selling pound bags of their premium roasted coffee and 33% of each purchase will be donated to Outreach Community Ministries (of which Jubilee Furniture is a division of and where our proceeds – minus our expenses – funnel back into).

I have some amazing furniture to show you this week – so let’s not tarry!

JFC 03-04-11 006

sweet upholstered button back chair for $45

JFC 03-04-11 007

wonderful over-sized chair in a great neutral color for only $35 (there’s an issue with each arm being a little “caved in”)

JFC 03-04-11 008JFC 03-04-11 009

wonderful five drawer dresser for $65; matching desk with chair for $50

JFC 03-04-11 010JFC 03-04-11 011JFC 03-04-11 012JFC 03-04-11 013JFC 03-04-11 014JFC 03-04-11 015JFC 03-04-11 016

this is a FABULOUS set from the 1920s? 1930s? Starting with the top photo: armoire with four deep drawers for $295; next two photos show some detail from the armoire; dresser with three drawers and round attached mirror for $245; night stand with one door that opens for storage for $125; full size head board for $175 and last photo is an up close of the head board.  Sigh.  Love.  Gorgeous.

JFC 03-04-11 017JFC 03-04-11 018JFC 03-04-11 019JFC 03-04-11 020JFC 03-04-11 021JFC 03-04-11 022

okay, so this is an amazing set of Flexsteel furniture purchased, new, in 1968 and then, apparently hardly ever used!  Donor is the original and only owner of the furniture.  Seriously, I have never seen furniture in as good condition as these pieces!  There’s the orange chair and ottoman for $225; green sofa for $325.  I could find no rips, no stains and the donor had no pets and also never had children (which may explain why there are no rips or stains).  Both pieces have “firm” cushions

JFC 03-04-11 024JFC 03-04-11 023

here’s ANOTHER fabulous, different, interesting piece of furniture!  If you look at the first photo it looks like a pretty standard dresser, yes?  But it’s not!  The second drawer actually opens to a secretary and the middle top drawer lifts up and it’s a light!  How cool is that?!  Priced $145

JFC 03-04-11 025JFC 03-04-11 026

we got in a bunch of floor sample rugs from Room & Board (oh, how I heart R&B) and we’ve displayed them in – yet another spot in the store – trying to find the best way for you to look at ‘em.

JFC 03-04-11 027

this is a blue (grayish blue) leather sofa for $195

JFC 03-04-11 028JFC 03-04-11 029JFC 03-04-11 030JFC 03-04-11 032

the detail on this Henredon sofa makes me smile – it’s amazing – priced $345

JFC 03-04-11 031

wing back chair in great tannish/brown color for $75

JFC 03-04-11 033

lovely table with one self-storing leaf and four chairs for $295

JFC 03-04-11 034JFC 03-04-11 035

wonderful sleeper sofa for $225; matching wing back chair for $145

JFC 03-04-11 036

tan microfiber sofa for $35 (needs to be cleaned)

JFC 03-04-11 037JFC 03-04-11 038

Early American, plaid love seat for $40; matching sofa for $55 (priced so inexpensively due to dog hair on both pieces)

JFC 03-04-11 039

I love this wine colored swivel rocker for $55

JFC 03-04-11 040

fine sleeper sofa for $35

JFC 03-04-11 041

nice Lazboy rocker/recliner for $35 – priced so low due to the fact that when I reclined in it, it didn’t stay stationary (kept rocking – know what I mean?)

JFC 03-04-11 042

very nice matching oak veneer bookcases – two matching bookcases to the left in the photo have one stationary shelf and three adjustable shelves and are priced $125 each; two bookcases with bottom doors have two adjustable shelves in the top section and one adjustable self behind the doors and are priced $145 each

JFC 03-04-11 043

this two piece open shelving unit is backed up to a china cabinet and you sort of lose the open feel to it – but it’s very nice and I’ve priced it $135

JFC 03-04-11 044JFC 03-04-11 045JFC 03-04-11 046JFC 03-04-11 047

this twin size loft bed has a computer desk, shelves and three drawers and is priced $125; last photo shows some added stacked cubes and I’ve priced one set of three cubes for $20 and one for $28 (one stack of cubes is missing the back support piece – thus the price difference)

JFC 03-04-11 048JFC 03-04-11 049JFC 03-04-11 050

black laminate, king size head board, platform and two sleek night stands for $125; king mattress is $135; matching black entertainment center (guys haven’t attached doors yet) for $125

Jubilee Furniture is now offering delivery – from our door to your door (no inside delivery) and pricing information is by the register (or call me at 630.337.1467 for details).

Hope to see you either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4, dear reader!

And thank God for second and third and fourth…chances!  Amen?

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