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If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own it will never happen. If you wait to buy everything new you are missing the point. It is the old, the new, the made, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn (but loved) things in your home that make it your own. Quote from Alexandra Stoddard. My sentiments exactly. It's how I decorate, but live my life also.

One of my favorite kitchens. I don't like or need a formal dining room, but this beautiful dining area off the kitchen would be perfect in my eyes. Plus I love the mix of white with light cabinetry. My perfect kitchen would be pink and white however. While my walls are pink, the cabinets are ash—light, not dark, but I'm still going to paint them—or have them painted I should say—at some point. Maybe just the top ones and leave the bottom ones the wood look, giving hubby a say in the process. ;-) A friend of mine has dark cabinets and wouldn't dream of painting them. I told her she thinks like a man! I see nothing sacrosanct about cabinets that a coat of paint wouldn't make them look better. I don't particularly like the wood look on most things.

The ceiling looks like this could be a loft somewhere in the city, but I love the openness of the shower. I wouldn't like to look at the grungy pipes and ceiling however.

Yeah, yeah, I'm having a fit for chocolate about now. This does look yummy.

Lovin' what the owner did to this little bottle. Absolutely stunning!

I've looked around the import stores for some good lemonade in pretty bottles. However, while I buy it simply for the cute bottles, the lemonades are usually not very good. And the sparkling lemonade goes flat pretty quickly. At least I have the pretty bottles left to decorate.

This room has a segreto finish on it. Segreto finishes are done by artists and can be very expensive. I've done some in an old house we had in California, but it's very labor intensive. I wouldn't try it now as my arms couldn't hold up.

Beautiful peonies.

I love the layout of this room. It's perfect for conversations with friends and not for watching television. I think the television takes priority in most homes and conversation is becoming a lost art. Not in my home however.

You couldn't miss this restaurant if you tried! Love the bright red exterior.

Another lovely bouquet of roses and little wildflowers.

I simply cannot get enough of flowers. They soothe my heart and soul.

And this! I wish I had the recipe. It looks so yummy with caramel drizzled over it. I may try to duplicate it when I'm not dieting. Right now though...NOPE.

These are soaps. Aren't they gorgeous?

I found an old laundry hamper like this at a garage sale about 10 years ago for a dollar or so and bought it. I stripped off the liner and made a frou-frou one and sold it on eBay. I'll never do it again. It was such a hassle mailing it to the buyer, plus it was a LOT of work to duplicate it. It was, however, darling.

I'm partial to magnets. I love these sweet ones. I have some on our fridge to hold a calender and messages but they're beautiful and not what most people hang on their refrigerators. I told you: everything in my home is lovely, even my magnets. :-)
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Car Paint Designs Ideas

What Are The Best And Worst Aspects Of Modified Cars?

When it comes to modifying cars, there's some pretty decent examples of how to do it right. Sadly though, there comes a time when it doesn't look so great, but not that this would put off any prospective car modifier. In homage then to the some of the best and worst modified cars, here at Cars4Sale we have established a list of some of the things we love and hate when it comes to suped up machines.

We see and sell on a variety of different cars, some modified monsters and some beauties – we'll always find a home for them, but we've so many we had to share our thoughts on what are the best and worst modified cars. So here it goes:

Best Aspects of Modified Cars

Fine Tuning

We love cars that have been fine tuned, with turbo engines, enhancing their engine size, capacity and ultimately speed. This is what modifying your car is all about and we doff our cap in appreciation for those that start off with their engine. Evo's that can beat the Ferrari's or Impreza's making mincemeat of Lamborghini's; fundamentally this is the whole point of modifying cars.

Vehicle Wrapping

This can make any modified car look the bee's knees. There's nothing better than seeing an awesome car with eye catching and sporty looking wrapping over it. Recently it's been used in various forms, such as company promotion, protecting paint work and to give an all round flashy look. You'll also see wrapping in motor sport as manufacturers will use it to advertise sponsors on their vehicles. It's a great way of trying out news colour schemes and designs without affecting the original paintwork of the car. So when it comes to selling your vehicle on, you can either keep it on, or have it removed to have you car restored to its original self.

Swapping Engines

As mentioned, modifying cars isn't just about the aesthetics. It's about getting your car fine tuned, so it performs to its best. That said, there are still really cool aesthetical modifications you can make, but it's important to concentrate on the engine first and foremost. The idea with swapping engines is fairly old, and even though it's considered sacrilege, you can enhance the power of your pride and joy tenfold.

Worst Aspects of Modified Cars


Originating from Japan, the name comes from the way the wheels of the car incline sideways. This makes the car look like it's been squashed, with the wheels of the car pointing outwards. Not only does this not look right, but it doesn't exactly help the performance of your vehicle. In the worst case scenario you'll see cambers that make the car look like they've folded up. Not a good look.

Big Wheels

There is a fascination when it comes to modifying cars, and that's to include big wheels. Whilst this may look good on large SUVs and even some Sedans, it looks terrible on smaller cars, especially if the arches are made bigger too. It makes the car look like it's on roller-skates, and you'll get no performance benefit out of it whatsoever; no extra speed, no more grip or better stopping. So if you're thinking of suping up your coupe, stop to think before you add 22s to it.

Interior Disasters

Okay, we've all see Pimp My Ride, and some of the things they can produce is impressive. However, it's a television show people, and the people working on the cars are professionals. There's nothing worse than seeing an old clapped out banger, which has been given the ‘star' treatment, which contains luminous, bright and generally over the top colours, designs and accessories. Somewhere along the line, modifying cars went awry.

So there you have it, these were just some of the best and worst aspects of modifying cars. There are however many more. Whilst you may disagree, or agree, with our selection, that's the beauty of modifying cars, it's down to people's tastes and opinions.

Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design ...
Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design
Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design ...
Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design ...
Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design
Art of Invisibility: Clever Camouflage Car Paint Job Design ...
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101 Paint And Body Ideas January 2009 Custom Chevy Truck Photo 6
101 Paint And Body Ideas January 2009 Custom Chevy Truck Photo 6
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zedge blog informations: Car Paint Design::.
zedge blog informations: Car Paint Design::.

Small Kitchen Ideas

10 Dealing Tips For Small Kitchen Design

Kitchen hasn't lot of space and you want to manage large things. It's hard to arrange lot of things in small kitchen. If you have idea about how to use the right design ideas in creating a more space, you can arrange lot of things within little space.

If you have a small kitchen and you are going to design. You will face the problem of designing, how you can fit and where. There are many different designed cabinets and surface patterns that can help you. You can design your small kitchen with a sense of space.

To design efficient kitchen, you have to work on three major areas: storage, lighting and appliances. Small kitchens seem to be very difficult design. But you can design easily because you can find that there are many designing options in the market.

A small kitchen requires creativity design in coming up with storage solutions. Some ideas to try include:

1. Set countertops along with wall. Countertops help to arrange lot of things.

2. To design galley under the countertops and up on countertops, there make 8 columns. Each columns store lot of pots.

3. Today's appliance manufacturers have come up with more compact space-saving appliances make small kitchen design easier, such as refrigerators that are 24 inches deep instead of 30 inches deep, as well as appliances that can be hung underneath cabinets like microwaves.

4. Most design tricks to create dining area in the kitchen include using folding tables with two small chairs that can be tucked into a corner.

5. Use colored lighting under cabinets within glass doors. That lighting will look more attractive.

7. Deeper counters can more increase work space and you can put the lot of pots in counters.

8. Fix the hanger on wall, where you can hang up pots and pans.

9. Install designed sink in the kitchen. You can wash posts easily in large sink.

Mostly kitchens are small. But after complete the designing in the kitchen; you'll notice that kitchen's featured are large. You'll think, good design means being able to create more space and being able to fit all necessary things in small kitchen.

Small Kitchen : Design, Ideas and Pictures for Small Kitchens
Small Kitchen : Design, Ideas and Pictures for Small Kitchens
Small Kitchen : Design, Ideas and Pictures for Small Kitchens
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33 Cool Small Kitchen Ideas | DigsDigs
33 Cool Small Kitchen Ideas | DigsDigs
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Cape Kitchen | 10 Big Ideas for Small Kitchens | This Old House
Cape Kitchen | 10 Big Ideas for Small Kitchens | This Old House
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Small Kitchen Designs - Ideas for a Small Kitchen - House Beautiful
Small Kitchen Designs - Ideas for a Small Kitchen - House Beautiful

Jubilee Furniture weekly Friday post for September 27, 2013

You might have noticed two new faces in the warehouse at Jubilee Furniture.  Dan Hooson has replaced Dan Snyder as our Warehouse Manager and John Wasp continues to fill in for Chris Jackson (Assistant Warehouse Manager) who’s out with a shoulder injury.

After 3 1/2 years in his position – a new opportunity came knocking on Dan Snyder’s door that was too good to pass up and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Our “new” Dan (as one of my regular customers calls him – Hi Tara!) has a wealth of experience in resale and the ins and outs of managing a fast paced environment as well as dealing with fantastic donors!

John is what I would call a “gentleman” in that he’s forever rushing to take something out of my hands – or one of my very capable but eligible for the senior discount at Carson's volunteers – and instead of thanking him we get all huffy and tell him we’re not so old that we can’t lift stuff YET!  He’s learning – and quickly!

You’ll find both new Dan and John ready to help you today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!  What follows are photos of some of the new-to-us furniture the guys picked up this week:

JFC 09-27-13 009JFC 09-27-13 010JFC 09-27-13 011JFC 09-27-13 012

these two pieces are covered in a fun jungle print – the sofa is priced $80 and the loveseat is $50 – both are somewhat worn

JFC 09-27-13 013JFC 09-27-13 014

I love, love, love this one piece bookcase with a small writing surface – priced $95

JFC 09-27-13 015JFC 09-27-13 016JFC 09-27-13 017JFC 09-27-13 018

I actually love the lines of these two chairs – both need to be reupholstered (actually you’ll see several other pieces today that are excellent candidates to be reupholster with great lines and cheap price tags) – priced $20 each

JFC 09-27-13 019JFC 09-27-13 020JFC 09-27-13 021JFC 09-27-13 022

FABULOUS bookcases – both pieces are completely adjustable regarding where you can have the shelves and other pieces – priced $125 each

JFC 09-27-13 023JFC 09-27-13 024

very nice table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs – there are some rips in the caning – set is priced for $145

JFC 09-27-13 025JFC 09-27-13 026JFC 09-27-13 027JFC 09-27-13 028

Stanley table (no leaves) and six chairs – no rips in any of the caning on these chairs (that I could see) – priced $195; matching rolling buffet (with a cool stone top) for $125

JFC 09-27-13 029JFC 09-27-13 030

wonderful foam twin size mattress for $135; twin size storage headboard, foot board, side rails and slats (so a box spring isn’t required) – I would have sworn it was black in person but it looks navy in these photos so now I’m not sure – priced $145

JFC 09-27-13 031JFC 09-27-13 032

set of four chairs – all of them are in great shape – $100 for the set

JFC 09-27-13 033JFC 09-27-13 034JFC 09-27-13 035JFC 09-27-13 036

though I love the bird print on these two wingback chairs – they too really need to be recovered – priced $30 each

JFC 09-27-13 037JFC 09-27-13 038

older chair – at first I thought it needed a thorough cleaning but on a second inspection I think that’s the fabric color and it’s in remarkably good shape – still I had already put a $10 price tag on it and was too tired to re-price it higher so there you have it!

JFC 09-27-13 039JFC 09-27-13 040JFC 09-27-13 041JFC 09-27-13 042

two sweet swivel rockers priced $40 each; two oval oak end tables priced $30 each

JFC 09-27-13 043JFC 09-27-13 044

here’s another set of fantastic chairs – set include four armless chairs and two arm chairs and, again, I couldn’t find any rips in the caning BUT the seats need to be recovered (did you see that coming?) – priced $175 for all six

JFC 09-27-13 045JFC 09-27-13 046

here’s my final candidate for being reupholstered – it’s a chaise lounge priced $30

JFC 09-27-13 047JFC 09-27-13 048

large table with 2 leaves and EIGHT chairs – all for $145

JFC 09-27-13 049JFC 09-27-13 050JFC 09-27-13 051JFC 09-27-13 052

gorgeous, amazing, two piece retro buffet with drop down serving bar (I think) priced $195

JFC 09-27-13 054JFC 09-27-13 055

Heywood Wakefield rolling buffet priced $125

JFC 09-27-13 057JFC 09-27-13 058

wooden sofa table priced $55 (note water stain on wood)

JFC 09-27-13 059JFC 09-27-13 060

sofa with chaise – chaise can be flipped and be on other end of the sofa – priced $195 and in excellent condition

So, dear reader – be sure and welcome Dan and John to the Jubilee Furniture family the next time you’re in!

Oh, and don’t be offended when they do all the moving and lifting – it’s not that they think you’re too old to do it yourself – it’s their job!

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