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The following is a test. It is only a test. If this were an actual emergency...

Wednesdays are often the day when I clean up all the bits and pieces of work life that are necessary but not urgent.  So, this morning I've already submitted a couple of expense reports as well as followed up on several other things that needed addressing.  I've now been noodling around on the blog trying to figure out if I can add a calendar (yes, I can) which I can customize with our store hours for December (no - not that I could figure out at least).

About four or six weeks ago I stumbled on a "new and improved" way to add photos to a post and decided it made sense to try it.  I did so on a Friday morning when I'm already feeling a little (translate: a lot) pressured to get - anywhere between 25 and 40 - photos uploaded along with descriptions, prices and witty commentary (the jury's still out on exactly how witty my comments really are!) and it was a total mess and I final switched back to the old-tried-and-true way of adding photos. 

Anyway, this morning as I was wandering around the behind-the-scene blog world, I came across the option to upgrade how I add photos again and thought I'd give it another try (since I'm either a glutton for punishment or ever the optimist).  Since I happened to have my camera with me, I took a couple of photos and decided to test my ability to upload using this "new and improved" way.

though you can't see the individual snowflakes - they were madly falling around 9:00 a.m. (CST) and this is what it looked like outside my window
this is what my face looked like as I was watching the madly falling snow - it's my oh-no-winter-is-upon-us-and-there's-no-turning-back look.  I think we'd all agree it's not my best photo (though since you've seen me with bed-hair I figured nothing would shock you)
What seems cool is I can add captions to each photo which might make it easier to keep the two together (but can I link several photos together and have one description?).  Ah, change is never easy, is it.

This concludes this test...and I think I passed but we'll see how I do Friday!

Snowy greeting to you, dear reader!
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