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Kittens, chaos and wonderful finds at Jubilee Furniture!

Oooookaaaaay.  Deep breath.  Uploading photos using the "new and improved" way of doing so has not worked out so well.  The actual uploading to the blog was fine.  Actually a little easier and faster.  My problem is once the photos are in the post I can't seem to move them where I want them to go.  They skip and jump around like...words fail me.  I guess the only image I can come up with is the idea of trying to get a bunch of kitten in a line.  Eventually - no matter how hard you try - you're going to have to simply give up.  Those kittens ain't never going to line up.  Period.  You can keep beating your head against the wall, but really what's the point?

I know there's some life lesson hidden in my disorderly photos - I can't control life as much as I would like?  Embrace the chaos?  Relax?  Bend like a gracious willow instead of remaining rigid like an indignant oak?  Sadly, I could go on and on and every one rings true.

But here's the beautiful thing.  Just as the sun comes up and a new day begins, I can start fresh each morning.  Every day is a "do over" (remember swinging and missing the ball as a kid playing baseball and yelling "do over" meaning that miss didn't count and you immediately got to try again?), a chance to try again.  Maybe making radical changes in the way I live, view life/others/self.  Maybe minor tweaks.

So, would you continue with me as we meander through a somewhat disjointed selection of photos of some of the new-to-us items that we received this week?  They're not neat and orderly - but I'm somewhat okay with that (only a little bit okay with it).  Remember the stores is open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.
lovely Thomasville table, 1 leaf and six chairs for $135

sweet as can be three drawer dresser for $50
super clean in excellent condition two piece sectional for $95

looks like a five drawer dresser but it's actually only four and it's priced $75

very nice twin sized bed with bunky board for $165

it is a great leather sofa for $265

this chair and ottoman match the leather sofa and these two pieces are priced $245 for both
this is a beautiful oak corner entertainment center and it's priced $195

this Room and Board sofa is in wonderful condition - though there's some fabric fading - and is priced $135

there are two of these dusty rose velvet slipper chairs - one is in perfect shape the other has a rip (and a stain).  Miss Perfect Slipper Chair is priced $95
here's a photo of the rip in Miss Not So Perfect Slipper Chair and this one is priced $75

these two lighted bookcases are made by American Drew - and I took  a photos of the name and you'll stumble on it later in this series of photos (!?) - and are in excellent condition and are beautiful pieces.  Each is priced $175 and each has two adjustable shelves

I love this mission style credenza? buffet? and it's priced $165

this Flexsteel chair - though needs to be cleaned - is otherwise in good shape and is priced $30
this leather (I think it's leather) over sized ottoman looks black in this photo but is actual dark brown and is priced $135

this is a lovely white slip-covered sofa in good condition - except for some cat hair - and so is priced only $95

I love this Pennsylvania House love seat with nail head trim and it's priced $125

this is an amazing leather sofa by Whittemore-Sherrill - but there are a couple of issues - 1) one of the seat cushions is ripped (you'll see photo as you scroll down - could not, for the life of me, get it moved up by this photo) and 2) it smells faintly of cigarette smoke.  Otherwise it's a dream to sit on and I've priced it only $85.  Oh, also it's a much dark brown than it looks in this photo - I had to use my flash and it made it looks much lighter

we received two of these Young's Inc. side chairs in this fabulous shade of blue with amazing detail and they are each priced $65

see some of the detail in these Young's Inc. chair?

totally love the colors and shape of this love seat, but this one too, has some cat hair and so is only priced $50

sunny yellow Shaw sofa guaranteed to brighten any room for $$55

gorgeous art deco glass top coffee table for $125

matching art deco glass end table for $85

here's the other slipper chair - this photo gives you a better idea of the actual color (this is the one with a rip and stain and is priced $75)
this fantastic Thomasville chair and ottoman - also with nail head trim - might be my favorite this week - buy both for $375
just another photo of the Thomasville chair and ottoman priced $375 for both pieces
remember the oak corner entertainment center that was at the beginning of this post?  here's a side photo of the same piece - again it's priced $195
remember the great Whittemore-Sherrill leather sofa?  here's a photo of the cushion with the rip (sofa is priced $85)
and last - the aforementioned photo of the American Drew label in the two gorgeous bookcase/storage pieces which are priced $175 each

Well now you know I wasn't kidding when I said my photos were going to be about as neat and orderly as herding kittens!

Breathe in, breathe out.  Let it go, Susan.

May your day be filled with glorious chaos of the nicest kind, dear reader!
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