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No preparation needed in order to find amazing furniture at Jubilee Furniture!

Last weekend someone asked me if I was "ready for the holidays?" and I responded by say, "Yes, I'm almost ready for Thanksgiving." It took a couple of seconds before she realized what I was saying and laughed. I've spoken to a number of people who agree that this year everything has come up a little too quickly and we haven't had adequate time to prepare. I know each year Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are going to roll around either on the same day as every other year or pretty darn close - I get that - but I still never seem to have enough time.

I heard recently that it's not surprising when we're constantly amazed by the passing of time because God designed us for eternity - where time will have no meaning - and that makes sense to me. So, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed that ONE WEEK FROM TODAY IS CHRISTMAS EVE DAY - don't be. It's part of how you were uniquely designed!

In fact, you're now feeling so encouraged knowing it's not your fault you haven't started Christmas shopping yet (oops, the whole haven't-started-Christmas-shopping thing maybe me projecting my own situation onto you) that you decide you have time to stop in at Jubilee Furniture either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Let's take a look at some of the wonderful things you'll find this week!

we received a number of area rugs again this week and have them all laid out in a better-lit (better than where they were) part of the store for you to peruse

very nice Sealy sleeper sofa - only problem some kitty claw marks - for $30

this is one of the nicest queen-size mattresses we've ever received for donation - it's a supreme euro top (just the mattress, no box spring) for $195 and, according to the tag, was purchased from Pottery Barn (I didn't know they sold mattresses). We have a LOT of queen-size box springs and sell them for $5 each

queen-size wicker head board with frame for $85

sweet girl's bedroom set - starting top left photo: twin-size head board, foot board and side rails for $40 (and there are two of 'em - the other needed something minor fixed on it); desk, hutch and chair for $45; and four drawer dresser for $55

nice yellow plaid Rowe sleeper sofa for $30 (needs to be cleaned)

love this retro glass top table with four chairs for $95

I believe this is a Room & Board sofa that opens to a bed (like a futon) and it's priced $95

this gold velvet sofa by Schweiger comes with a warning label about smoking and is priced $35

very nice mission style entertainment center for $145

gorgeous oak oval pedestal coffee table? end table? for $95

another really nice oak piece priced $75

this curio cabinet is my favorite piece this week - isn't it gorgeous? - and is priced $235

this is a seriously nice leather sofa in a great shade of chocolate brown - but it's ripped in a couple of places (see the duct tape the donor used to cover some of the rips on one of the seat cushions?) so is priced only $65

oh wait, THIS might be my favorite piece this week! Gorgeous love seat for $165

I'm not exactly sure what to call these - storage towers? - there are two of them and I've priced them $50 each

then again, maybe THIS is my favorite piece this week! *smile* a beautiful tan/golden/green sofa in excellent condition for $225

I didn't snap as many photos this week because I was anxious to get home since my son, Jack, was arriving from college and I had a few things to do before he arrived (like grocery shop since we didn't have much in the way of fun-college-age food around). He's home and - for the moment - fed!

Regardless of where you are in the midst of this Christmas season - completely finished, barely started or somewhere in between - may you make time and allow the unbelievable, impossible reality of God arriving in our broken world as a newborn amaze, delight and challenge you this week.

One final question for you, dear reader - are you aware of any stores that are going to be open crazy late for last minute shoppers like me?
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