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Jubilee Furniture, home of the weird - yet harmless - general manager!

Greetings and welcome to this week's installment of Jubilee Furniture (or the-new-to-us-furniture-Dan-and-Chris-picked-up-this-week post)!

Before showing you the photos, a bunch of stuff has been bouncing around my brain and I thought I would off-load in the hopes that either A.) you can answer my questions and/or B.) I can stop thinking about them. Ready? Relax it's not a test just silly stuff I think about some times.
  1. Since I never comb my hair (just finger comb and air dry) why doesn't it form dreadlocks?
  2. Why when I leave my subdivision at the intersection with a traffic light I - 9 times out of 10 - get the red light yet when I return home I also - 9 time out of 10 - get the red light? Shouldn't I get a green light coming home more frequently?
  3. Why are close relationships often so challenging? Is it me?
  4. Though you know it's not best for them why - as a parent - do you want to protect your kids from hurt and harm and when you can't it just about breaks your heart?
  5. Why can't you keep that magical feeling you had as a kid around Christmas? Is it possible?
  6. Actually why can't you keep that sense of wonder most kids have about...everything? Is it possible not to grow cynical? Is it because we become fearful?
  7. Why don't I like coffee? Everyone in the world loves it, couldn't live without it yet I can't stand the taste of coffee in anything!
  8. Why do I hate gift wrapping so much?
  9. Why do "why" questions immediately make people defensive?
  10. What exactly was God thinking when he came up with menopause? As if bleeding every month since your twelve wasn't bad enough, then he has you go through hot flashes and hormone surges that are not unlike a tsunami (seriously).
  11. Why does putting the word "wee" in front of almost any other word make that word cuter and make you smile?
  12. Is it possible to turn off your brain and if so, where's the switch?
And that, dear reader, is a small glimpse into my brain! Scary, huh? Though I do feel better!

Let's continue 'cause I have lots to show you!

First, I wanted to let you know we sold 7 of Olga's afghans (she's the senior who crochets to keep active and busy yet has no one to give the afghans to, so they piled up in her closet. We're selling them for Olga for $25 which is the cost to cover her yarn), yet there are still plenty left to purchase!

6' x 2' mint condition Hon desk with locking drawer and low hutch for $145 (there's matching rolling cart for $30 too)

we received two roll-top desks for donation this week and here's the first and it's priced $85

roll-top desk number two is $95

fabulous swivel barrel chair for $45 (needs to be cleaned)

GREAT camel back sofa - excellent "bones" - needs to be reupholstered and so is priced only $30

lovely Flexsteel country plaid sofa for $85

I love, love, love this queen size head board, foot board and side rails! Price? $185 (shoot, I can't remember how much I priced the queen mattress and box spring on the bed for - $65? $75? Something like that)

sweet twin head board, foot board and rails for $65. We have NO twin size mattresses or box springs in the store right now - I'm so sorry! We're also low on dressers (sad face).

LOOK at this amazing retro table with four swivel chairs for $85! I couldn't find any label, but it's in good condition and the chairs are very comfortable

nice table, three leaves, six chairs and table pads for $125; matching two piece china cabinet also for $125

these blue/tan (thin stripes which make the pieces look almost gray) pieces are in excellent condition - super clean. Starting top left recliner (not a rocker - just a recliner) for $75; love seat for $65; and sleeper sofa for $95

this 94" sofa is also deep and could fill in as a bed in a pinch and is priced $35 (that's low, there is some fading and the covers are washable and a little out of shape from washing - but it's really a pretty nice sofa - though here's something interesting. The seat cushions - under the zip off covers- are still in plastic and make for a "crunchy" sound when you sit down. Why didn't the donor remove them? It's a mystery and another question in my wee brain!)

nice cream colored wing back chair for $85

gorgeous glass/wood/wrought iron side table for $95

wonderful table, one leaf and six chairs for $165; matching rolling storage cart for $85

super nice matching end tables for $65 each and the coffee table is $85

cool buffet? tv stand? for $95

this is a great Bassett sofa in a wonderful rust color for $75 - here's the catch, the sofa was obviously about 3" too big to get through some door so the donor cut off the four legs and then reattached them once in the house. You could probably reattach the legs so they look better - but that's why I priced this piece so low

Truly LOVE the colors of this sofa (the two ends recline) which is priced $175; matching love seat (again both ends recline) for $145

GORGEOUS green velvet Ethan Allen sofa (same sofa just two different shots of it) for $125 (needs to be cleaned) and matching ottoman for $35

totally fun International Furniture three piece sectional for $185; amazing glass, metal and brass coffee table for $165

A few reminders before I close:
  • Jubilee Furniture is OPEN today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4
  • We will be OPEN these same hours next Friday (12/17) and Saturday (12/18)
  • We will be CLOSED Friday, 12/24; Saturday, 12/25 and Saturday, 01/01
  • We will be OPEN THURSDAY, 12/30 from 1 to 8 and FRIDAY, 12/31 from 11 to 3
  • Every Tuesday I write a "customer inspiration" post showcasing something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how wonderful it looks in their home (email me a photo - or two - with a brief description about the piece at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org)

And now you can go about your day knowing there is someone in this world who is freakier than you! Maybe only a wee bit - but still... *smile*

God bless you and keep you. God make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.
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