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Ring in the New Year (a little early) with amazing furniture finds at Jubilee Furniture!

Wow - I have so much to show you that I really must jump right into it. But first, just a reminder the store is open unusual hours this week only, due to New Year's day. We'll be open today (Thursday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Friday) from 11 to 3 and then closed on Saturday. Next week we'll return to normal business hours (Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4).

Warning - there are lots of gushy adjectives in this week's post - there's so much to love!

You know how we say, "You never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!" - well here's a perfect example of why we say that! We received a donation of a bunch of boxes - never been used, still flattened - and we're selling 5 boxes for $3 (plus tax). There are three different sizes, and two of the three are banker's boxes (with fold-over tops - not separate lids). We brought some up by the register but have a ton more in the back.

Here's another example of "you never know what..." some wooden toys by Community brand that the donor said are about 40 years old.

the photo to the left is something that turns into a teeter-totter (I couldn't quite figure out how it goes together - but I'm sure you'd have better luck) and it's priced $20; the train has four pieces and it's $25

I love the shape of this jofco desk! Price? $65

Okay, this dining room set takes some explaining. This is a GORGEOUS teak set with a two piece, retro-style, lighted china cabinet, and a table with two leaves and four chairs. Under the chairs was the d-SCAN label, but I couldn't find a label anywhere on either the china cabinet or the table. We're selling the china cabinet for $225 (there are some scratches). When Dan and Chris were moving the table, one section of the top came off so the photos I have show the base/legs of the table (with the two leaves tucked in between the legs) and the two parts of the table top. Obviously, I also took a picture of one of the chairs (they have beautiful in-laid wood in the back of each chair). The table, two leaves and four chairs are also $225

another example of the "you never know..." this time a green wicker bird cage and planter priced $85

twin-size bookcase/headboard for $40

three piece corner bookcase system for $145 (quality built, solid furniture)

GORGEOUS, walnut-finish, vintage, full-size headboard, foot board and side rails for $245

this is an amazing piece of furniture donated by one of my best customers (Hi Jeanine! Jeanine also donated the beautiful full-size bed I just showed you)! It's an antique, walnut, burled wood, knockdown armoire from the 1870's. Though it stands 7'8" tall (and there's a decorative piece you can add to the top bonnet that would make it even taller) it completely breaks down (thus the knockdown part of the name) to twelve different pieces that reassemble remarkably quickly and easily. Jeanine added shelves to the interior (originally would have had a rod to hang clothes) but did so in a way that the original piece of furniture was not compromised in any way (way to go, Jeanine!). This would sell in an antique store for as much as $3,600 but we've priced it $1,995!

lovely dresser with two mirrors for $85; matching night stand for $40

wonderful old wicker rocker for $95

Rowe sofa for $40 and matching chair for $35 (they're not bad, but somewhat worn and pilled)

cool, vintage Schweiger love seat for $45 (needs to be cleaned)

LOVE these two gold velvet tall back chairs which are priced $20 each (one is missing a button)

this love seat rockers AND both sides recliner too! Now if it would burp the baby we'd be all set! Price? $95

super nice pedestal table, one leaf and four chairs for $185. Sigh. Love.

this is only one chair shot from two different angles - I was trying to show the amazing nail head trim on this gorgeous piece (though there are some spots that need to be cleaned) and it's priced $65. I truly heart it!

very nice Lazboy sleeper sofa for $155 (it's one of those that comes with an electric pump so you can inflate the top of the mattress to make it more comfortable - and we have the pump)

nice Ethan Allen sofa for $30 (not bad, but we have a lot of furniture and I'm trying to price it to sell!)

very nice white washed entertainment center for $155 (one pull broke off)

this is a fun, contemporary three piece sectional that's priced $125 - why so cheap? - one of the cushions has a couple of holes and the flip side is also ripped. Too bad.

again, an example of "you never..." this is a one-of-a-kind glass topped desk? table? with brick columns as the base and they aren't fake bricks - but rather the real McCoy - which means this beauty is h-e-a-v-y! Priced? $135 (Dan said I should've put a super high price tag on it 'cause he doesn't want to move it again so soon!)

creamy leather love seat for $65

gray fabric wooden side chair for $25 (and there are two of 'em)

this is an interesting set - in that it's not a set though it was donated together. The table and buffet do match but the six chairs are a little different - so I priced everything separately. The buffett (which, in my humble opinion, would also make an excellent flat-screen TV stand) is priced $145; the table with one leaf is $125; and the six chairs are $85 for all six due to three of the chairs have a problem with the back caning (see the next photo - the caning is pulling out)

wonderful square glass topped coffee table for $75; matching end table for $45 and there are two end tables (each $45)

really lovely Thomasville sofa for $165; matching Thomasville love seat for $125 (priced lower due to some pet hair on both - not a ton, but some)

I LOVE these two egg-shaped Overman swivel side chairs and they're a steal at $125 each!

beautiful Smithe leather sofa with nail head trim for $495

HELP, it's super late and you're probably anxiously checking to see if you should hurry out to the store today - which you should - so I better wrap up!

Hoping for you, dear reader, a new year which is rich in friendships and family, good health, and lots of love and laughter!
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