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Tuesday's customer inspiration - Jean's lovely dining room table and chairs!

Jean emailed me last week with a photo of a table and four chairs which were purchased from Jubilee Furniture. In her email, Jean wrote, " We are very pleased especially since we bought the table separately from the 4 chairs and we think that they look good together. The table had a crack in the top, but John repaired it. Just takes some time and effort but well worth it."

The set is gorgeous and I think Jean and John did an amazing job! Don't you agree? And how sweet is their dog watching Jean take the photo?!

We had another great weekend at the store and ended November with total sales of over $32,000! This is our highest monthly sales total ever and is especially exciting since the month only included four sales weekends (some months have FIVE sales weekends).

We now head into - what historically - is our slowest month of the year, December. I believe - between our wonderful donors and fantastic customers - that we'll turn "slowest" into "show-stopperest" (by adding a few letters and making up the word "stopperest") month of the year!

Speaking of December, I want to let you know how Christmas will impact our store hours. Jubilee Furniture will be OPEN our normal Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4 this weekend, the weekend of the 10th and 11th and the 17th and 18th. We will be CLOSED Friday, December 24th and Saturday, December 25th (ho, ho, ho) and then OPEN Thursday, December 30th from 1 to 8 and Friday, December 31st from 11 to 3 and then CLOSED Saturday, January 1st. We'll do something extra fun on the 30th and 31st since we're not normally open those days and/or times - and we'll want to try to entice you to come in!

Jean ended her email by saying, "Thanks for all you do at Jubilee Furniture!!". I'm sending the thanks - and love - back your way, Jean!

And to you as well, dear reader!
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