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We strongly recommend you continue shopping at Jubilee Furniture if you want fantastic furniture at unbelievable prices!

I've been "off" this whole week. I don't know if it's because I'm not sleeping well (fall asleep just fine, thank you - just can't stay asleep), had my regular routine interrupted multiple times (I like my routine), have turned into a crabby, winter dreading harpy, or, all of the above. Bottom line, I don't much like myself right now but I like to think it's not who I really am.

Twice this week when I started our computer I got the following message: "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue." and I realized that's what I need - to have my disk checked for consistency! What a perfect prayer to pray every morning! Am I living with grace towards others and myself each day? Am I loving even if I'm tired? Am I authentic in both my struggles and my triumphs? Am I scanning the horizon for storm clouds or God? Hmmm...

So, with a renewed energy and a commitment to finding the joy this day holds (and the one after that and the one after that...) I want to share with you, dear reader, some of the amazing, wonderful furniture to be found at Jubilee today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4! Come on - I have lots to show you!

nail head trim and plaid - two of my favorites! The Smithe chair and ottoman are unique in that the chair reclines - but there's no footrest that comes up - instead you use the ottoman and we're selling the two for $40; matching Smithe sofa is $50 and the lower price tags reflect the fact that the pieces need to be cleaned and the trim is poking out of the fabric in many places on all three pieces

gorgeous Drexel side chair in - I think - a silk fabric for $55

did I show you this piece last week? - I can't remember! - anywho it's a sweet pine armoire (with a rod inside to hang clothes) for $85

okay - this is really not a good photo of an amazingly gorgeous king size sleigh bed (head board, foot board and side rails) for $375; the king mattress and box springs are only two years old and in excellent condition and priced $450; there is a matching dresser which Dan had to do a minor repair to and it was standing on its side so I don't have a photo of - but trust me it's gorgeous - a chest high piece with great hardware - same wood and color as the bed - and lots of drawers and is priced $325

this antique dresser is in the Empire style (that's what one of my volunteers who knows this stuff told me) and is priced $245

what is with this four drawer dresser that makes it so appealing? The large knob pulls? The great stain color? I don't know - but I love it! - and it's priced only $75!

this three drawer dresser has a bookcase/hutch on top and is priced $85

sweet three drawer night stand for $40

this old painted dresser needs some TLC and is priced $45

great lines, ROUND pillows, wonderful colors, price? $55! Catch? Seat cushions are extra firm which might be a good thing for some people but most wouldn't find 'em very comfortable

wonderful drop leaf table with three leaves for $95

totally fun vintage kitchen chair for $2 and there are two of them

maple two piece china cabinet is smaller than most and the open hutch gives a country feel to the piece and it's priced $55

four great Steelcase chairs with a wonderful nubby fabric for $125 (for all four) - missing some buttons but I'll bet you could just remove the remaining buttons and the chairs would look fine ('cause see how it looks fine in my up close photo? At one time that back rest had two buttons)

this nice green sofa looks pretty good in this photo but the seat cushions' fabric are really showing wear and so it's only priced $30

lovely blue wing back chair for $35

gorgeous side chair for $65 and there are two matching

LOVE this retro desk - don't love the stickers on one side and a small dent - so priced only $35

GREAT narrow student desk for $55

this '80s sofa is oh so pastel and cool and is priced $35

two stackable wicker and metal chairs and a matching side table all for $85

I know outdoor furniture is the last thing on your mind right now, but we got in this great wrought iron table with four chairs and I've priced 'em $145 for the set (this is heavy furniture that's not going anywhere in high winds). We also got in two older wrought iron chaises with cushions and the photo I took of them just didn't come out (like the mesh of the wrought iron makes for a really blurry photo) but we have 'em if you're interested and they're priced $95 each

gorgeous, mint condition, vivid floral sofa for $245 and the matching love seat (also in excellent condition) is $195; maple coffee table $40

fun curvy chair for $12.50

can you even see what this photo is of? It's a light weight bamboo-like bookshelf and is priced $35

I truly heart this four drawer dresser and it's priced $85

cool metal and tile coffee table priced $85 (tiles are loose and can be changed out if you wanted)

this gray/blue microfiber sofa reclines on both ends and is priced $165

LOVE this retro sofa for $125

Oh I forgot about this piece - I think it's my favorite this week (or one of 'em!) - and is a 5' long drop leaf table which opens to only 39" with both leaves up and could sit quietly behind a sofa or in a hall until you need an extra table for guests or food and is priced $145. Whew, did you get all that?

sweet two drawer end table for $20 and there are two of them

nice Stearns and Foster sleeper sofa and ottoman for $95

Wow - I'm not sure I realized how many wonderful pieces at really great prices we have in this week (though what else is new - right?!).

Hey! Marcus Leshock from WGN-TV will be filming at the store today when we open at 1:00 p.m. so I hope there's a big crowd outside waiting!

"You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue." May I not get so caught up in my routine, my tiredness or my winter-hating attitude that I cancel my disk check and that's my prayer for you too!

Take care!
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