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Come back tomorrow for Tuesday's Customer Inspiration, please?

Hello and thanks for checking in for my Tuesday Customer Inspiration post! There's just a small glitch. I can't open the photos Kim and Scott emailed me! I think my home computer is the problem and I should be able to upload everything tomorrow when I'm in the office.

Why wasn't I in the office today? Excellent question! Dan Snyder - Jubilee Furniture Warehouse Manager - was home sick today and I ended up on the truck with Chris Jackson - part-time truck assistant - making donation pickups. Trust me when I say Chris did all the heavy lifting I really was just a second pair of hands for emergencies. Regardless I was out all day with Chris and then came right home thinking I would write my post from here - not realizing my home computer wouldn't recognize the jpeg photos Kim sent me. *frown*

The good news is tomorrow I should have a wonderful post of the two pieces Kim and Scott purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how amazing they look in their fan-flipping-tastic Chicago apartment (which has been photographed and showcased on Apartment Therapy and many other cool and trendy publications and online sites). You won't want to miss it!

Until then I'll leave you with this beautiful photo taken last year of a red oak in my back yard (which I received as a birthday present several years ago) and a gorgeous red maple which is actually in our neighbor's yard.

Chris said the weather forecast is calling for snow this weekend. Boo hiss!

Take care and be sure and stop by tomorrow, dear reader!
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