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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Jubilee Furniture!

Though you may still be burping up turkey and pumpkin pie - and we're always thankful at Jubilee Furniture - we've officially moved on to Christmas at the store. From the Christmas music you'll hear as you enter, to the artificial Christmas trees, decorations and even holiday books that are for sale - added to our usual amazing used furniture deals - you won't know where to begin when you come in either today (Friday from 1 to 8) or tomorrow (Saturday from 9 to 4)!

Let's see some of the new-to-us furniture we received for donation this week! Come on!

this white Christmas tree is only one of many which are for sale (though the only white one) and it's priced $45

we received an amazing donation of a George Steck baby grand piano and the donor not only donated it but also incurred the expense of having it moved to the store (you can expect to pay around $250 to have this piano moved to your home - fyi). It's priced $1,250 and we will leave moving this piece to the experts - so will not assist with loading

white washed stool for $25 and there are two of them

gorgeous - in mint condition - sofa for $195

cool art-deco triangle, glass top coffee table for $95 (and there's a matching round end table for $85)

though they don't look like a match in these photos - these pieces do match. The top photos show the armoire which is priced $125; matching two piece dresser with a lighted/mirrored hutch is $95 (and it's massive)

Lazboy recliner for $50 in great condition and there are two matching

Megan - are you reading this? These pieces look like they match the dresser you and Erik purchased about a month ago. The three drawer dresser is priced $45 and the six drawer dresser w/mirror is $65. Sarah - I know you wanted the dresser Megan bought - might these work for you?

gorgeous Ken Coffey retro dresser with mirror for $135

here are some fantastic Boling Chair Co. chairs which are extremely comfortable and I've priced them $20 each and there are a total of 10 chairs. They were donated with a table which is in need of much TLC and is priced $7.50

this is a fabulous Aristo-Bilt modular wall unit with NINE components that can be arranged in multiple ways - and it's priced $335 for all nine pieces

cool desk storage hutch for $45

wonderful desk with locking drawers and a bulletin-board hutch (desk and hutch are one piece) for $125 and there are two matching

great 2' x 4' adjustable? (it looks adjustable to me but I couldn't figure out how to move the desk top up) task table for $45

we received eight of these 2 1/2' x 5' black task tables (each photo shows two table back-to-back - see their "K" shaped legs?) and, in my humble opinion, they would make great hobby tables, or sewing tables, or gift wrapping tables, or... At $35 each - you can buy more than one!

these are gorgeous pieces of furniture - and though obviously match - I've priced 'em separately. The two bookcase units are $175 each and the middle entertainment piece is $195

here's a really lovely set of tables. Starting top left photo: one drawer end table for $85; drop leaf end table for $75; oval coffee table for $65

I LOVE this Bernhardt leather sofa - but it needs a little work. The back cushion is coming apart at the seam (easy fix) and there's some marker or maybe wine spots on one seat cushion - otherwise it's fantastic! Price? $195

look at this totally cool art-deco buffet which is priced $145! Love!

this pedestal table has probably the most gorgeous base I've ever seen! You could easily seat six around it (and even eight comfortably) and the table is priced $295 (came in without chairs though)

you know how bad the lighting is in the store, right? I THINK this is a green corduroy curved sofa in very good condition and it's priced $175

I just had a scare where I thought I lost my entire post, so I think I'll wrap up!

Remember, Henny and Olga will be selling Olga's beautiful handmade afghans today (Friday) when we open at 1:00 and she's asking $25 per afghan (scroll down to see my post from Wednesday which shows photos of some of the colors and patterns that will be for sale).

Though it's cold outside, you know you'll always receive a warm welcome when you stop in at Jubilee Furniture!

Blessings and peace to you, dear reader!
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