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Come see the many faces of Jubilee Furniture!

Welcome to my Friday post where I - Susan Galbraith, Jubilee Furniture General Manager - show you some of the new-to-us (translation - used) furniture we've received for donation this week!

But first I wanted to show you two photos of me:

The photo on the left is one I shared a couple of weeks ago and the one on the right was taken Saturday night right before my husband and I left for a fancy-pants dinner. I must confess my hair doesn't look so different in the two photos - though I strongly thought otherwise when I took the wild hair photo - so not exactly sure what that means (my hair always looks bad?). The other thing I wanted to share is - though you can't see it very well - the black sparkly dress I'm wearing I purchased from Goodwill for $6.99! I had to promise my husband I wouldn't share that with everyone I met at the dinner - though I was dying to - so thought I would share with you, dear reader, instead! Just like my Jubilee Furniture customers, I appreciate a good value and I desire to live a life that's kinder to our planet.

Let's continue!

if you're needing dining room furniture so you can host the whole family for Thanksgiving dinner - then look no farther/further (I never can remember which word is the correct one to use in a sentence like this!). This is a gorgeous set! There's a table with three leaves - which opens to 8' when all three leaves are in - EIGHT chairs (the two captains chairs are sitting by the china cabinet) and table pads all for $450; the fantastic buffet (top right photo) is priced $295; and the one piece china cabinet is $245! Buy the whole set for $950 and save $40! Wow!

this retro rocker is also a recliner and is priced $30

this JC Penney flame-stitch patterned love seat is $45

here's a queen-size headboard and platform bed (the guys dropped a mattress and box spring on the platform and you should only use a mattress - it'll show more head board and give you the close-to-the-ground look the style is meant to) for $85; matching night stand is $45 and there are two nightstands

this black padded headboard can accommodate either a queen-size frame or a full-size one and has two adjustable trays on either side and storage behind the padded headboard and is priced $85

black futon frame with a blue covered mattress for $85

this is an amazingly clean and sweet yellow side chair by Woodmark for $65

this butcher block island is super heavy and priced $95

four swivel stools for $85 for all four

fantastic, old rocker with amazing detail that doesn't show in this photo for $165

Wing back chair? Yes! Recliner? Yes! This wing back/recliner is in excellent condition and priced $95 and there are two of 'em

this H. Brian sleeper sofa is priced only $55 due to the fact the donor had a kitty

this great gray/blue retro chair and ottoman are both on wheels and is priced $85 for both

this five piece sectional (so can be configured many different ways) is priced $85 and one of the pieces is a recliner. A zipper is blown out on one of the cushions and there are some stains - but otherwise I've priced this to sell!

I love this green bench and it's priced $95

very nice wing back chair for $75

wonderful two piece sectional in excellent condition for $165

this dark blue leather rocker/recliner is priced $35 due to the fact there are cracks/rips on the leather (which is too bad since it's a great color and overall in good condition)

beautiful Bernhardt sofa for $125

gorgeous oval coffee table whose top lifts off (see in the second photo how the top is at an angle?) so can be used as a serving tray - and is priced $125

we got in a number of great rugs this week - and we had a few in the back that we weren't sure how to display - so we've put 'em all out and you'll find them over by the office area of the store laying on top of a bunch of desks and a conference table. I'll let the following photos give you an idea of what we have:

We also received a ton of glassware for donation and - again - I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

As we often say - you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture! I hope you have a chance to come out to the store either today (Friday from 1 to 8) or tomorrow (Saturday from 9 to 4).

Also we WILL BE OPEN the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving so as you're planning your wild holiday shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend - add Jubilee Furniture to the route!

God's peace, grace, love and blessing to you!
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