Home » » Visiting Jubilee Furniture is EXACTLY like attending a wonderful birthday party! (except there’s no cake or ice cream or balloons or presents or party favors or…<:-) [see my party hat?])

Visiting Jubilee Furniture is EXACTLY like attending a wonderful birthday party! (except there’s no cake or ice cream or balloons or presents or party favors or…<:-) [see my party hat?])

I overheard someone say recently they “hate” February. Granted, it feels like winter is never going to end and I’m as sick as the next person of the cold and snow – but to hate a month? Somehow that seems a little unfair. It’s not February’s fault it got stuck in the middle of winter!

My mom, brother and niece (well almost niece, Patrick and Maggie are getting married in May – if Patrick is my nephew what does that make Maggie?) were born in February and my son, sister, nephew and niece were all born in March – so this time of year is one of lots of celebrating in my family - which goes a long way to cheering up the month!

Don’t have any birthdays to provide fun and distraction from the cold in your family? How about celebrating all the amazing furniture available for purchase at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4! I have almost 60 photos to share – and that’s not even everything that’s “new” this week!

Come on! Let’s get this party started!

JFC 02-11-10 001JFC 02-11-10 002

gorgeous side chairs in excellent condition, priced $75 each

JFC 02-11-10 003

amazing brown leather sofa with just a couple of minor scuff marks (in back) for $495

JFC 02-11-10 004JFC 02-11-10 005

beautiful table/lamp for $35

JFC 02-11-10 006

we’ve had this gorgeous leather sofa for a couple of weeks and I just marked it down to $395 (from $495) and wanted to let you know

JFC 02-11-10 007JFC 02-11-10 008

beautiful lighted corner curio cabinet in mint condition for $395

JFC 02-11-10 009

sweet child’s rocker for $65

JFC 02-11-10 011

very nice blue sofa for $95

JFC 02-11-10 012JFC 02-11-10 014JFC 02-11-10 015JFC 02-11-10 013

starting with the top photo: Kroehler sofa for $60; Kroehler chair for $40 (and there are two chairs and both are $40); glass top end table for $25 (and there are two end tables)

JFC 02-11-10 016

hall/entrance/mud room bench with hooks for keeping everything neat and tidy for $65

JFC 02-11-10 017

wood and upholstered rocker for $65

JFC 02-11-10 018

this is an oversized chair that is meant to also be a recliner – but something seems to be broken – so I priced it cheap at $45 since, currently, it doesn’t recline (but maybe you can fix it? Though it’s a fine chair)

JFC 02-11-10 020JFC 02-11-10 021

lovely Dixie dresser with mirror for $85

JFC 02-11-10 022JFC 02-11-10 023

I love this three drawer dresser with this crack-y finish and it’s priced $80

JFC 02-11-10 024JFC 02-11-10 025

LOVE this four drawer dresser (made by W. Kilgour & Bro.) – great hardware – priced $95

JFC 02-11-10 027

nice three drawer dresser for $60

JFC 02-11-10 028

black metal futon with mattress for $60

JFC 02-11-10 029

very nice white-washed table, one leaf and six chairs for $225

JFC 02-11-10 030JFC 02-11-10 031JFC 02-11-10 033

how fun is this nautical-themed round ottoman that is actually two half moons? Very fun, especially since it’s priced only $55 for the whole thing

JFC 02-11-10 034

two retro bar stools for $8 each (such a deal!)

JFC 02-11-10 038JFC 02-11-10 037JFC 02-11-10 039JFC 02-11-10 035

fan-flippin-tastic retro table, one leaf and four chairs in excellent condition for $145 manufactured by Virtue Brothers of California!

JFC 02-11-10 041JFC 02-11-10 042JFC 02-11-10 043

amazing 7’ tall oak corner bookcase with one stationary shelf and four adjustable shelves for $225; matching bookcase – again with one stationary shelf and four adjustable shelves for $175! BUT WAIT – buy both for $350 and save $50! Wow!

JFC 02-11-10 045JFC 02-11-10 048JFC 02-11-10 047JFC 02-11-10 046

beautiful Thomasville oval table with two leaves and six chairs for $185; matching buffet for $125

JFC 02-11-10 049

I love the legs on this black coffee table for $50

JFC 02-11-10 050

La-Z-Boy swivel rocker for $30 (smells funny)

JFC 02-11-10 051

8’ tall artificial skinny pine tree just waiting to add elegance to your entry for $40

JFC 02-11-10 053JFC 02-11-10 054JFC 02-11-10 063JFC 02-11-10 055

Oh my, these Oriental style pieces are GORGEOUS! Octagon coffee table for $135; octagon end table for $85; rectangle end table for $105 – just look at the detail on these pieces! Sigh. Love.

JFC 02-11-10 056

This is a GREAT leather sofa from one of my favorite customers (Hi Jennifer!) that is PERFECT except for the couple of rips on the seat (and that’s just dust on the arm/side of the sofa in the photo). Can’t flip the seat cushions – rips become a major problem – so the price is, hopefully, irresistible – wait for it – $30!

JFC 02-11-10 061

LOVE this pink leather chair that folds up! Price? $30

JFC 02-11-10 059

sweet old desk for $30

So, if you, dear reader, are feeling the mid-winter blahs come on into Jubilee Furniture for a dose of FUN and fabulous FURNITURE!

God’s peace and love to you!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Mom, Jim, Maggie, Jack, Betsy, David and Leah!

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