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Happy 5th anniversary/birthday, Jubilee Furniture!

As this month comes to a close, I realize there was a significant date I sort of forgot about. Towards the beginning of the month was the 5th anniversary – or would I say birthday? - of the opening of Jubilee Furniture!

I can’t help but wonder if there comes a time when a store is so established and well known that everyone knows about it. Does that ever happen? I ask because it’s not usual for several customers each weekend to say they’ve never been in the store and didn’t realize it existed. When I say, “Actually, we’ve been open and in this location for five years.” this is sometimes followed by a lament from the customer of, “Oh, I wish I’d known about you earlier when I (purchased/donated) a whole house full of furniture!” Believe you me, I wish you had too!

A second response often heard is one of almost suspicion, where the customer seems to be accusing me of withholding important information from them. “Five years? Wow! I really could of used this place when I was (horribly broke and sleeping on the floor/trying to help someone who was down and out and sleeping on the floor/looking for cheap furniture for my son/daughter when they left for college). Sure wish I’d known about ya then. You should do a better job of advertising.”

“No way! 5 years! That’s impossible! Can’t be!” is an occasional response that makes me chuckle – like I don’t know when the store opened and am making stuff up just to see if they’ll figure it out and call me on it. “Ho, ho, you got me! I was pulling your leg! You’re sure a smart cookie! Can’t pull the wool over YOUR eyes! We’ve actually only been open for a week! Ho, ho!”

Ahh, customers – you know I really love you!

I have a lot to show you, but not a lot of sofas. Don’t get me wrong – we have a lot of sofas (both sleeper sofas and regular sofas) in the store (I meant to count ‘em before I left last night and forgot! I’d guess we easily have 20 sofas currently in the store), but not a lot of “new” ones.

Let’s get going!

JFC 02-25-11 001

this is a beautiful, mirrored cabinet that has a place for wine bottles (below the one drawer – sorry for the crappy photo), one adjustable shelf and then under the top piece a place to store wine glasses. It’s only priced $45 because there’s damage that’s actually taken the finish and stain off in two places on the surface just above the drawer. Cover that spot with a pretty place mat – and you have a wonderful piece of furniture!

JFC 02-25-11 002

a donor dropped this lovely, old desk off last weekend and I’ve priced it $85

JFC 02-25-11 003

sitting on top of the lovely old desk is this hanging, mirrored shelf thingie that priced $25

JFC 02-25-11 004

this is a fabulous Room & Board chaise that’s a lovely yellowy, mustard color that will probably change depending on the light. It needs to be spot cleaned in multiple places so it’s only priced $195 – but no rips, no fading, no structural issues whatsoever! I heart it!

JFC 02-25-11 005

nice plaid Klaussner sofa for $30 – why so cheap? – donor had a dog and there are dog hairs on this piece

JFC 02-25-11 006

this potting/planting table is sure to make you think, “SPRING” and it’s priced $135 (cheap price for something that makes you think SPRING!)

JFC 02-25-11 007

this is a gorgeous rounded corner lighted curio cabinet (did you get all of that?) with four adjustable glass shelves (and one stationary shelf) and is priced $295

JFC 02-25-11 008

this is a super nice black/gray/tannish striped sofa for $85 (some minor dog hair on this piece – but donor did have a dog)

JFC 02-25-11 009JFC 02-25-11 010

talk about furniture that makes you think of spring – how about this Little Tikes outdoor play place that retails for $379.99 and we’re selling it for $135 (power wash this baby and she’ll be like new)

JFC 02-25-11 011JFC 02-25-11 012

this Little Tikes classic climber cube has a couple of places where the plastic is damaged – but again, power wash this puppy and she’ll be looking good! – priced $75

JFC 02-25-11 013

this lovely dining table, one leaf and six chairs (two of the chairs were never assembled and are in the shop waiting for someone to assemble ‘em) had a hot dish set directly on the table top – which left a whitish/grayish mark and the donor smoked – the fabric’s absorbed that smell – so is priced only $85

JFC 02-25-11 014

mission style wood futon and mattress for $150

JFC 02-25-11 015JFC 02-25-11 016

lovely classic wingback chair for $95 (second photo is an up close of the fabric)

JFC 02-25-11 017JFC 02-25-11 018

very nice rose colored velvet sofa by Schweiger for $95; matching love seat for $50 (and there’s an issue under one of the seat cushions of the love seat where some springs have sprung and you sink pretty far down)

JFC 02-25-11 019JFC 02-25-11 020JFC 02-25-11 021

this is an amazing vintage trunk (I think the date it was shipped is 8/15/44 – but I could be wrong) for $135! Don’t you want to live in Far Rockaway, NY?!

JFC 02-25-11 022

sweet make-up table (missing drawer pulls) for $25 (not as white as it looks in this photo – I had to use my flash ‘cause it’s in a dark part of the store)

JFC 02-25-11 023JFC 02-25-11 024JFC 02-25-11 025JFC 02-25-11 026

we received five nice white bookcases for donation this week – 1st and 3rd photos show bookcases with four adjustable shelves and are priced $65 each; photo number 2 matches the other two bookcases but it’s lower and has only 2 adjustable shelves and the price is $45; the last photo shows two matching bookcases that are similar to the others, but not the same, and have two adjustable shelves and are priced $35 each

JFC 02-25-11 027JFC 02-25-11 028

storage unit for $45

JFC 02-25-11 029

gorgeous oak entertainment center – beautiful color – for $165

JFC 02-25-11 030

wonderful side chair for $25 (unfortunately there’s just the one!)

JFC 02-25-11 031JFC 02-25-11 032

I love the shape and height of this side table – don’t you heart the wood rope trim? – for $65

I hope you’ll have time to stop in either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4! Although we won’t have any birthday cake to serve you – there’ll be plenty of free cookies and a very warm welcome whether it’s your first time in the store or your 100th!

Peace be with you, dear reader!

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