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Tuesday's customer inspiration - Brooke and Jeff's beautiful Chi Town home!

Hello! How nice of you to stop by to see this week's Tuesday's customer inspiration - I have the gorgeous Chicago home of Brooke and Jeff's to show you!

Their place is really amazing - let's get started!

Brooke began her email this way: My husband and I love Jubilee! It is quite a hike from our home, so we don't get there as often as we would like, but that is probably a blessing in disguise because I am sure we would buy so much stuff we would soon have no where to put it!

This lamp was purchased with an older shade. I just replaced the shade with a custom made one that I bought off of etsy. I like it because I doubt anyone has a lamp quite like this :) {I agree, Brooke - and I LOVE how you added a ton of pizazz to this already amazing lamp!}

The minute I saw this couch online at Jubilee, I emailed the pic to my husband. We raced over to Jubilee that night and bought it. It was delivered a few days later {note: we're no longer offering delivery into Chicago - sorry!} and I couldn't be happier. It is extra long and comfortable, too. I love the shimmery fabric and although you can't see it, there is criss cross wood on the sides - so cute! {I remember this sofa and it is super nice!}

This picture shows our black chair that we purchased at Jubilee for an amazing price - I think it was 10 dollars {do you see it to the right of the sofa?}. I think we purchased this on our first trip ever, and we were like "OMG". It is in perfect condition (as is everything) {maybe everything isn't "perfect" but I always tell it to ya straight if there are any issues!}, with a chrome base, wood arms, and great black fabric. Love at first sight.

Here are 2 of the 4 orange chairs purchased at Jubilee. Again, saw these on your first trip there and we couldn't believe our eyes - they are so cool. We love chairs to begin with, and we had never seen such amazing chairs at such an amazing price. Seriously, they were 5 dollars each. Jubilee, I feel the need to formally thank you here - so , Thank YOU! These chairs make me happy on a daily basis :) {You're welcome, Brooke. I'm glad you like 'em so much because I've, a little, wished we hadn't sold them. You see, they're part of a grouping we got from an area church and we use the conference table and remaining chairs (that are identical to yours) for Friday dinners and Saturday lunches with my volunteers - and sometimes we need more chairs and I dislike pulling up ones that don't match - I know, I'm weird}

This is a pic of the other 2 orange chairs in use at our desk. Oh, did I mention how comfortable they are??? {Now you have and I totally agree - they are comfortable!}

Up close and personal :) {I love people who use a lot of :) when they email - it makes me :-)}

Thanks, Jubilee - you have helped make our home a place we love to spend time in - a place unique to us. {you are very welcome, Brooke! :-)}

Isn't it so much fun to take a peek into someone else's home? I love the unique shade Brooke put on her Jubilee Furniture lamp. I probably never would have thought to hang the wide-framed mirror horizontally - yet love it! I also really like the black and white pillows with the sofa - and probably wouldn't have thought that combination looks good - but it does! I also like the artwork layered and leaning on top of the radiator (I take it, you don't use it to heat your place, Brooke?). This is what I love about Tuesday's customer inspiration! Thank you so much, Brooke!

And I think Brooke has given me a new Jubilee Furniture tag line -

Jubilee Furniture: helping to make your home a place you love that's uniquely you!

What do you think, dear reader? :-) :-)
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