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Fabulous furniture at Jubilee lasts about as long as the snow from blizzard 2011 did–so you better hurry in!

Hello! And thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where every Friday I give you a preview of some of the wonderful items we’ve received for donation that week! My thoughts when I started the blog (read my very first, incredibly lame post here) were by showing you some of the “new” inventory it would help you decide if it was worth it to make a trip out to the store (which is only open two days each week: Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4).

Having been born and raised in Illinois – and being 52 years old – I should be used to the weird weather, but I’m not. Let me remind you of what our world looked like on Wednesday morning, February 2nd:

blizzard 02-01-11 001

Here’s basically the same shot taken this morning, Friday, February 18th – a mere two weeks and two days later:

Friday 02-18-11 001

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining! I’m fine saying buh-bye to the snow and below zero temperatures, but…what the heck?!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, we can move onto showing you all the wonderful things that await at Jubilee Furniture this weekend!

JFC 02-18-11 001JFC 02-18-11 002

super amazing sofa (couldn’t find a brand on it but it looks like it could be either a Room and Board piece or Crate & Barrel) for $275

JFC 02-18-11 003

cotton – like bed sheets – is the fabric used on this sweet love seat – so it’s smooth and cool to the touch and comfortable and priced $55

JFC 02-18-11 004

this sleeper sofa is a great neutral color and in good condition and is priced $175

JFC 02-18-11 005

this elegant Ethan Allen sleeper sofa (we got in a lot of sleepers this week) is in excellent condition and priced $275

JFC 02-18-11 006

this Room and Board sofa needs to be completely reupholstered and is priced only $10 (seriously – tons of rips and the seams ripped out – but great “bones” and a nice size)

JFC 02-18-11 007

I have this same Room and Board chair in my bedroom (read that post and see those photos here) but I don’t have the matching ottoman – I’ve priced the chair and ottoman $75 for both (some minor wear spots on both pieces, thus the lower price tag)

JFC 02-18-11 008

GORGEOUS drop leaf table for $165

JFC 02-18-11 009

this is a GREEN (it looks blue on my computer) water-mark, camel back sofa for $95

JFC 02-18-11 010JFC 02-18-11 011

very nice (sorry the top photo is so dark) sleeper (again with the sleeper!) sofa for $245

JFC 02-18-11 012JFC 02-18-11 013JFC 02-18-11 014

this is a way cool (maybe my favorite piece this week, maybe) table with four chairs by Calligaris – there was some debate about what type of wood (teak?), note the round cut outs on the back of the chair (all the chair seat cushions need to be replaced). The price for all five pieces is $225

JFC 02-18-11 015JFC 02-18-11 016

this is a wonderful – art deco – bedroom set by Bassett that includes: five drawer chest of drawers for $105; two drawer night stand for $45; nine drawer dresser with mirror for $85; and not shown a matching full or queen head board for $40

JFC 02-18-11 017

this is a gorgeous mission style wood queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $225 (mattress sold separately)

JFC 02-18-11 018

simple, wood, nice set of bunk beds for $100 (again, price does not include the mattresses or bunky boards)

JFC 02-18-11 020JFC 02-18-11 019

super nice twin size head board, foot board, side rails and support boards (which allow you to use a mattress without a box spring – if you choose) for $145

JFC 02-18-11 021JFC 02-18-11 022

this is a fantastic three piece leather sectional by Kreiss. Super nice leather – all cushions are completely covered with leather – so you can flip ‘em around and such – the armless piece could be added into the arrangement but it would make the already long part of the sofa even longer – know what I mean? There’s some minor fading and stains that I’ve been told can be fixed. The price for all three pieces is $575

JFC 02-18-11 023

now you see this counter-high, rolling table…

JFC 02-18-11 024

now you hardly see it! Priced $85

ServiceMaster by Armstrong was out yesterday and cleaned a number of pieces of furniture for us. ServiceMaster donates four hours of cleaning every month to Jubilee Furniture – for which we’re very grateful! Thank you!

The cushions need to dry for 24 hours before we can put them back into place, but this floral sectional and rust colored love seat are too wonderful not to give you a glimpse:

JFC 02-18-11 025

this is a four piece Smithe-Craft sectional priced $395 – in excellent condition and now professionally cleaned too!

JFC 02-18-11 026

this is a very cool Rowe rust color micro-suede love seat priced $95

We had an extra volunteer helping all this week which allowed Dan to change a few things up and I wanted to show you the “new and improved” Jubilee Furniture!

The area that we’ve always affectionately referred to as “bedroom land” is now home to most of our dining room pieces:

JFC 02-18-11 028

By moving the mattresses (and dressers and stuff) it will allow us to use the wall space to display artwork – which we have a ton of but had no where to hang it. Also, the lighting is better in this part of the store which will mean you can actually SEE the artwork (who’d thunk?)!

JFC 02-18-11 029

So where’s bedroom land now? In dining room land – of course!

JFC 02-18-11 030JFC 02-18-11 031JFC 02-18-11 032

Here’s looking towards our dock area:

JFC 02-18-11 033

The rest of the store is pretty much the same,

JFC 02-18-11 034

though Dan did build something so we can hang our chandeliers – which looks wonderful…

JFC 02-18-11 036

and we added another table to hold all of our lamps – which is a pretty impressive assortment (if I do say so myself!)!

JFC 02-18-11 035

And that, dear reader, wraps up another Friday post for you!

Say a prayer that my links (are you remotely impressed with my linking capability which is all thanks to Amanda – read more about wonderful Amanda here) all work!

There’s a shiny new dime to whoever spies the first robin of the season! (My grandmother used to give whichever of her grandkids saw the first robin or the first dandelion a dime – and the competition was fierce! Of course, that was when you could actually buy something with 10 cents! Those were the days, my friend!)

We also walked ten miles, barefoot in the snow to school everyday – and it was uphill both ways!


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