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Snow is a four letter word!

I consider myself a tough ol’bird – move furniture for a living, kill bugs, mow the lawn – but I’ve got to admit this snow storm just about did me in! One long driveway + 20 inches of drifting snow + no snow blower = sore muscles and fatigue even two days later! Oh my!

blizzard 02-01-11 001

Wednesday morning looking out my front door while it was still snowing.

blizzard 02-01-11 010

Shoveling begins!

blizzard 02-01-11 011

That’s a lot of snow!

So, what’s your blizzard ‘11 story? Like me are you still feeling the effects of shoveling out? Did you enjoy the middle of the week “snow day”? Did you have to scramble to make arrangements due to the storm? What did you hurry out and purchase either Monday or Tuesday when you realized we really were going to get hit with a ton of snow? In addition to milk and diet coke (which everyone should always have on hand – though not beverages you’d drink together), on Monday I made a quick trip to the library so I’d have a stack of books on hand to read!

The weather certainly impacted donation pickups this week, though the guys did have a long and full day on Tuesday! So – thankfully – the store is actually brimming over with inventory. Let’s take a look!

blizzard 02-01-11 015

E.J. Victor sleeper sofa in a great shade of brown for $85

blizzard 02-01-11 016blizzard 02-01-11 017

fabulous retro brown pleather sofa for $175; matching recliner for $135

blizzard 02-01-11 018

great lines to this Max Home yellow sofa but with most of the seat cushions ripping at the seams it would have to be re-covered, so the price is only $35

blizzard 02-01-11 019

gorgeous antique mahogany desk for $195

blizzard 02-01-11 020

incredible black leather? pleather? Schweiger sleeper sofa for $345

blizzard 02-01-11 021blizzard 02-01-11 022

love seat – both sides recline – fabric ripped along seat cushions – for $20; matching sofa (no rips but needs to be cleaned) for $55

blizzard 02-01-11 023blizzard 02-01-11 024blizzard 02-01-11 025

this two-in-one sleeper sofa is either all blue velour, or, with the flip of the back cushions a floral look and in excellent condition for $165

blizzard 02-01-11 026blizzard 02-01-11 027

I love the legs on this table which is priced $85

blizzard 02-01-11 028

another great sofa – though also needs to be cleaned – for $95

blizzard 02-01-11 029

this 8’ long sofa is a great caramel color and priced $65

blizzard 02-01-11 030

this small sofa/love seat opens to a full-size bed and is priced $125

blizzard 02-01-11 031blizzard 02-01-11 032

this is a gorgeous Room and Board? Crate and Barrel? (we couldn’t find any label) sofa in a great rusty/orangey color and in perfect condition EXCEPT this rip right along the middle seam on the seat cushion (what’s with all the rips this week?) so is priced only $125!

blizzard 02-01-11 033blizzard 02-01-11 034

there are TWO of these matching rusty/brown sofas and they’re not bad – just have some pet hair on ‘em – so are priced $35 each

blizzard 02-01-11 035blizzard 02-01-11 036

this is a great three piece sectional with an ottoman – slip-covered in a sort of marbley gray fabric (yet the non-cushion sections are a solid gray) and priced $225

blizzard 02-01-11 037

Bauhaus sofa for $125

blizzard 02-01-11 043

lovely love seat for $95

blizzard 02-01-11 044

beautiful Keller entertainment center for $245

And that is most of the “new” stuff received for donation this week, though we still have plenty of:

blizzard 02-01-11 038blizzard 02-01-11 039

dressers and

blizzard 02-01-11 040

mattresses – these are new-to-us this week, just haven’t stacked ‘em with the rest of our inventory yet; and

blizzard 02-01-11 041blizzard 02-01-11 042

dining room tables and chairs (though very few “sets”); and

blizzard 02-01-11 045

office furniture including desk chairs!

So, hopefully you’re all dug out and can head to the store either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4! Bring cash, VISA, or MasterCard and some Tylenol in case I need more for my sore muscles! *smile*

Take care, dear reader!

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