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Tank top, shorts and flip-flops–in March?

Though I have a good number of photos to share today, I ran out of steam after taking only about 70% of the “new” items donated this week.  It was late and I was hot and tired.  That’s not unusual on Thursdays when I have to get everything priced prior to the store opening the next day (store hours: Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4) except for the “hot” part.  In. March.

Before I get to crabbin’ about the weather and write “I hate warm weather” as my Facebook status (which my daughter told me someone did) – I actually love these mild days with lots of sunshine – but I’m somewhat less thrilled after a rather sleepless night under a down comforter.  Kicked it off and I was cold.  Pulled it back up – and you guessed it – too hot. 

With the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” ringing in my ears – last night I removed our comforter and replaced it with a gorgeous quilt my sister made (and what we use in warmer weather).  We were off to a good start but by 2:00 a.m. I was cold.  Tried to remove the quilt and return the comforter but my husband was fine and didn’t want me to.  Pulled the comforter sorta over my side of the bed OVER the quilt and – oops – too hot.

At this point, I won’t bore you with any more of my blanket shenanigans but will leave it that I’m not my usual bright eyed and bushy tailed shelf.  I actually feel a little like growling.  Oh, not at you.  At life.  You ever feel that way?

Thankfully, my growl quickly turns to an exclamation of excitement when I think about all the fabulous furniture currently available for purchase!  Truly epic this week.  Let’s take a look (remember, pooped out and only took photos of about 70% of the new-to-us items):

JFC 03-16-12 001JFC 03-16-12 002

beautiful leather/pleather (everything you touch when you’re sitting in the chair is leather – the rest is pleather) wingback/recliner in excellent condition priced $235

JFC 03-16-12 003

blue/green/tan/cream plaid on this nice sofa (though does show wear) for $85

JFC 03-16-12 004JFC 03-16-12 005

sweet tile top table with four chairs priced $175

JFC 03-16-12 006JFC 03-16-12 007

amazing, retro two piece sectional in excellent condition priced $245; yellow vinyl stool is $15; coffee table $65

JFC 03-16-12 008

Room and Board like-new chair for $375

JFC 03-16-12 009JFC 03-16-12 010

unbelievably gorgeous vintage sofa in excellent condition in this fabric that has different color threads running through it (it seems to shimmer in a beautiful way) priced $395 (you won’t walk into anyone else’s home and see an identical couch!)

JFC 03-16-12 011

purple sofa priced $50

JFC 03-16-12 012

here’s another plaid sofa – this time blue and yellow – by Ethan Allen in like-new condition (manufacturer tags are still attached) priced $345

JFC 03-16-12 013

over-sized chair and ottoman – in a lovely springy green color – priced $135 (ottoman needs to be spot-cleaned and there are some fabric pulls in the chair)

JFC 03-16-12 014

American Drew rolling buffet – priced $135

JFC 03-16-12 015

neat-o retro chair priced $75

JFC 03-16-12 016JFC 03-16-12 017

rattan sofa priced $135; rattan ottoman $45; rattan rocker chair $65 and there are two of them – all pieces in excellent condition

JFC 03-16-12 018JFC 03-16-12 019

really cool Henredon chair on casters with this amazing design on the back panel – we got three of them that roll (but two are missing their casters) and one slightly different that doesn’t roll and wasn’t designed to roll – rolling chair w/casters and different non-rolling chair are both priced $55 each; rolling chairs missing their casters are priced $45 each

JFC 03-16-12 020JFC 03-16-12 021

here’s another living room set that is in excellent condition – sofa is priced $165; matching loveseat for $135

JFC 03-16-12 022

trying to show you this neat dining table that’s either black or very dark brown (come on – give me a break, you know how bad the lighting is in the store!) priced $145; chairs around it are from the Hampton Inn and the armless ones are price $20 each (we also have the same chair with arms and they’re priced $25 each)

JFC 03-16-12 023JFC 03-16-12 024

comfy sofa priced $85; Lane coffee table is $45; loveseat is $65

JFC 03-16-12 025

four rolling upholstered dining chairs are priced $125 for the set

JFC 03-16-12 026JFC 03-16-12 027

super cool Drexel dresser/secretary priced $125

First thing I did this morning was check online to see how long the warm weather is staying around – and it’s here for another week or so.  Wanna bet that I will have just figured out the right combination of blankets/quilts/comforters that ensures a wonderful night’s rest when it gets cold again?

And that, dear reader, is part of the “fun” that comes with living in Illinois!  Grrrr.

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