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“All technology should be assumed guilty until proved innocent.” David Brower

In my continued process of trying not to be a complete technologic idiot (or even just a regular, everyday idiot) and based on a very smart volunteer and her suggestion – I’ve inserted this week’s photos as a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.  Though the finished product is okay (I don’t know – yet – how to add captions so you know prices) – the behind the scenes was riddled with ineptness.  Here’s the humiliating story.

I opened, what I thought was Windows Live Writer – the program I’ve been using for my Friday posts for over a year – and couldn’t understand why when I inserted my photos they were huge and didn’t format the way they normally do.  Interestingly – and probably something that should have alerted me sooner – the program bar was also different and I had already decided my lead-in would be something along the lines of…how much I hate when perfectly good programs you’ve been using just fine, thank you very much, are upgraded and changed overnight.

I’m too embarrassed to share how much time I spent wandering around trying to figure out what the heck was going on – but in my defense I do start working on the Friday post at 6:00 a.m. after rolling out of bed and without aid of caffeine.

Eventually, I realized I hadn’t opened Windows Live Writer but Microsoft Word – and everything became clear and I knew the dunce cap was still very securely resting on my head (just for the record – I am not so old that I would have attended school when teachers did indeed sit a student in the corner with a dunce cap on his/her head – in case you thought I was).

Anyway – this fantastic volunteer wondered if some who come to the Jubilee Furniture blog would rather simply view the newest additions to our inventory and skip long paragraphs of words.  My goal is to fine-tune the slideshow to include pricing information but until then I’ll also include my normal format.

Remember, the photos are probably 70% of what’s “new” this week and don’t include any of the other 30,000 square feet of inventory.
JFC 03-02-12 001JFC 03-02-12 002
lovely Bernhardt 3 piece sectional priced $175 – some pilling in certain areas

JFC 03-02-12 004
very nice black desk/table (I believe it’s a Room and Board piece) – some minor scratches on top – priced $165

JFC 03-02-12 005
this is definitely a Room and Board sofa – some fading – priced $165

JFC 03-02-12 006
super nice leather sofa priced $265; bench $50

JFC 03-02-12 007JFC 03-02-12 008
fabulous writing desk – top needs to be refinished – priced $195

JFC 03-02-12 009
this is also a Room and Board piece – sleeper sofa this time – one rip along one back cushion and needs to be spot cleaned – priced $145

JFC 03-02-12 010
wicked sweet sleeper loveseat by Steinhafels – priced $95

JFC 03-02-12 011
great old teacher’s desk priced $85; chair is priced $18.50

JFC 03-02-12 012JFC 03-02-12 013
gorgeous Marshall Field’s plaid chair and ottoman priced $225

JFC 03-02-12 014JFC 03-02-12 015JFC 03-02-12 016
great executive desk with left return by National Mt. Airy – see gouge on desk top? – priced $125

JFC 03-02-12 017
super comfy leather desk chair by Lane – I couldn’t figure out how to make it go up or down – priced $85

JFC 03-02-12 018
2 piece computer desk with hutch priced $40

JFC 03-02-12 019JFC 03-02-12 020
I love these rustic nightstands? end tables? priced $65 each

JFC 03-02-12 021
great student desk with chair for $75 for both pieces

JFC 03-02-12 022JFC 03-02-12 023
true wardrobe/armoire priced $75 and we have three identical (from the Hampton Inn – so match the other pieces they’ve donated)

JFC 03-02-12 024JFC 03-02-12 025
great end table priced $45 and we have two matching

JFC 03-02-12 026JFC 03-02-12 027
lovely pine table with two leaves – priced $145; chairs shown are from the Hampton Inn and the arm-less chairs are $20 each and the armed chairs are $25 each

JFC 03-02-12 028
great retro desk for $65

Before you worry too much that I have low self-esteem and leave all sorts of nice comments…actually, that sounds just lovely!

Seriously though, I would love to hear if you’d rather the weekly posts be just photos and pricing information (frankly it would make my job much easier and I promise I wouldn’t get offended).

Grace and peace to you, dear reader!
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