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Lots to celebrate at Jubilee Furniture this week!

My son turned 21 this week and the four of us were able to spend the afternoon/evening in Chicago to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Though I snap photos every week for the blog I find I don’t take pictures very often at other times and decided I wanted to document the day starting with the train ride in and ending with dinner which included a margarita for the newly 21-year old!

Every photo – with the exception of one or two – looks something like this:

Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 013

My big-eyed girl is always willing to cooperate but Jack makes a weird face almost every time.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look:

Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 001Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 008Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 009Jack's 21st birthday 03-19-12 034

That’s my boy!

Whew, I’m glad the new-to-us furniture can’t cop a pose!  Here’s a look at some of what’s available for purchase today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!

JFC 03-23-12 001JFC 03-23-12 002

beautiful oak table, one leaf and six chairs (chairs are nice and heavy) in excellent condition priced $425

JFC 03-23-12 003

oak sofa table for $50; six seat cushions in mossy green micro-suede for $15

JFC 03-23-12 004JFC 03-23-12 005

nice swivel rockers – both show some fabric wear – for $35 each

JFC 03-23-12 006JFC 03-23-12 007

fresh-looking loveseat and sofa – both with loose pillow backs and both are faded – loveseat is priced $45; sofa for $60

JFC 03-23-12 008

You know the Cookie Monster plush toy?  This swivel rocker is covered with the same type of material.  Very fun.  Needs to be cleaned.  Priced $35

JFC 03-23-12 009JFC 03-23-12 010

nice green Sealy loveseat and sofa – both show some wear – loveseat is priced $45; sofa $65

JFC 03-23-12 011JFC 03-23-12 012

cool base on this coffee table and two end tables – coffee table is priced $65; end tables are $45 each

JFC 03-23-12 013

we have lots of very nicely framed artwork – this birdcage/bird print is $50

JFC 03-23-12 014

plaid loveseat priced $40

JFC 03-23-12 015

neat-o white laminate drum table for $40

JFC 03-23-12 016JFC 03-23-12 017JFC 03-23-12 018

since it appears warm weather is sticking around for a while you might be interested in some of the outdoor furniture we have available: first photo – top left – shows a folding oval table with six adjustable chairs with brand new cushions (tags are still on ‘em) – set just needs a thorough cleaning – all for $225; next photo shows a wood oval table with four matching chairs (everything needs to be tightened and you could re-stained or leave as is) priced $175; last photo is a drop leaf wood table – again needs to be re-stained – priced $25

JFC 03-23-12 019JFC 03-23-12 020

lovely green corduroy small sofa – two identical – priced $65 each; black IKEA square coffee table for $40

JFC 03-23-12 021

Room and Board chair and ottoman priced $225 for both

JFC 03-23-12 022JFC 03-23-12 023

beautiful Drexel buffet priced $175; drop leaf table with 3 leaves, four chairs and table pads priced $195

JFC 03-23-12 024JFC 03-23-12 025JFC 03-23-12 026

these are gorgeous hand-crafted pieces – there’s a full-size headboard with sliding doors for storage priced $40; compact nightstands $40 each (there are two of them); amazing dresser with tons of drawers for $195

JFC 03-23-12 027JFC 03-23-12 028

here’s another great dresser/nightstand set – this time by Bellini – dresser is priced $135; nightstand (and there’s only one) priced $50

JFC 03-23-12 029JFC 03-23-12 030

this – like new – Room and Board king size firm memory foam mattress retails for $1,999.  Our price?  $750

JFC 03-23-12 031JFC 03-23-12 032

beautiful tall table with hand-carved top is priced $175

JFC 03-23-12 033JFC 03-23-12 034JFC 03-23-12 035

more of the artwork that was just priced and put out this week – lots of fun postage stamp pieces (priced $25 each); the chair artwork is $20 and the gorgeous golden framed lady is $75

JFC 03-23-12 036JFC 03-23-12 037

groovy retro chair butler (is that what these are called?) priced $40

JFC 03-23-12 038

three piece Smithe Craft sectional – in excellent shape but the whole thing needs to be cleaned – priced $75

I’d probably never turn one of the photos of Jack on his birthday into an oil painting to hang over my fireplace – but I’d certainly frame a 5 x 7 for my desk and know it would make me smile every time I looked at it ‘cause that goofy faced kid is my beloved son and I wouldn’t change a thing about him!  Then again…

May all your wishes come true dear reader!

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