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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 21, 2014

With my 56th birthday only two months away, it would be fair to say I’ve lived more of my life than I have left (and I say that NOT in a morbid way at all).  And though you can point to countless individuals who achieved great acclaim later in life – it would also be fair to say chances of that happening to me are slim.

I’m okay with that.

I’ve found a mystery author named Colin Cotterill and I really like his books (I love series with the same characters and he has written several).  In one of his books that I recently read – two characters talk about “doing the small stuff well.”   I realized that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a long time – the small stuff well (at least trying to!).

Running a used furniture store in Carol Stream, Illinois and being as transparent as possible with our customers about the furniture they’re buying – is one way staff and volunteers do the small stuff well.  Making sure the guys on the truck who are making the donation pickups are equipped to do their jobs so well the donor is thrilled – is another way we do the small stuff well.  Treating everyone we interact with in person or on the phone with care and respect – is a third way we do the small stuff well.

Knowing when to shut-up when writing an opening for the blog is yet another way I try to do the small stuff well.  So, without further ado – here are photos of some of what was donated by those thrilled donors (at least we hope they were thrilled):

JFC 08-21-14 001JFC 08-21-14 002JFC 08-21-14 003JFC 08-21-14 004

these are fantastic side chairs in great condition in a really lovely, somewhat neutral, stripe – priced $75 each

JFC 08-21-14 005JFC 08-21-14 006

this Cisco brand sofa is a little worn but still has a lot of life left in it!  Priced $65

JFC 08-21-14 007JFC 08-21-14 008JFC 08-21-14 009JFC 08-21-14 011

Wow – that’s all I can say about this gorgeous Honduran rosewood drop leaf table with two extra leaves and another support leg (for when the leaves are in place).  Priced $495.  Surrounding this amazing table are – if possible – even more amazing retro Sligh-Lowry chairs which are in incredible condition!  Fabric is clean and looks great!  We’re selling the four chairs for $540 for all of them

JFC 08-21-14 012JFC 08-21-14 013

super clean, lovely Room & Board sofa priced $350

JFC 08-21-14 014JFC 08-21-14 015

what a cool coffee table!  Very thick glass (I think the donor told me it was one inch thick but I didn’t measure to know for sure) – with neat wood base – priced $95

JFC 08-21-14 016JFC 08-21-14 017

lovely wood trimmed side chair with contracting pleather fabric in the back oval – priced $65

JFC 08-21-14 018JFC 08-21-14 019

I love the chrome base on this dining table – the top needs a little work – priced $195.  Chairs are sold separately and I forgot to get the price of them (sorry!)

JFC 08-21-14 020JFC 08-21-14 021

I was very drawn to this ceramic basket-weave pineapple lamp with gold accents – which is priced $30.  I then realized the lamp in the background is also cool and it too is priced $30

JFC 08-21-14 022JFC 08-21-14 023

cream color leather? pleather? both? recliner priced $95

JFC 08-21-14 024JFC 08-21-14 025JFC 08-21-14 026JFC 08-21-14 027JFC 08-21-14 028

it’s not unusual for me to wish I had room in my house for many of the pieces we get in at Jubilee – and that’s especially true with this three piece black leather sectional.  First, I love the shape – a nice generous wide open U that would make every seat perfect for movie watching or conversation.  Second – I love the price.  Only $125!  Knowing that’s super cheap for a piece that’s real leather and – in what looked at first glance – excellent condition, I examined more closely and here’s what I found.  On almost every cushion there are small to medium scratches which were covered with – my best guess – a black marker so at certain angles you can see them clearly (see what I mean in the second to last photo?).  Still – a fabulous sectional perfect for a herd of kids of any age!

JFC 08-21-14 029JFC 08-21-14 030

brown microfiber loveseat for $125; matching sofa for $145 – both are in good condition

JFC 08-21-14 031JFC 08-21-14 032

wonderful ladder-back chairs – in excellent condition – priced $175 for all four

JFC 08-21-14 033JFC 08-21-14 034

sweet rolling retro buffet/tea cart – by Cochrane – priced $95

JFC 08-21-14 035JFC 08-21-14 036

wonderful leather chair and ottoman by Toms Price – priced $245

JFC 08-21-14 037JFC 08-21-14 038

amazing glass top table with aluminum base and three matching chairs – all for $150

JFC 08-21-14 039JFC 08-21-14 040

FABULOUS church pew!  Love!  Priced $345

JFC 08-21-14 041JFC 08-21-14 042

vibrant red micro-suede loveseat by Walter E. Smithe in excellent condition – priced $95

JFC 08-21-14 043JFC 08-21-14 044JFC 08-21-14 045JFC 08-21-14 046

so sweet!  Oak table and four chairs – circa 1930s – note stenciling detail in the corners of the table and the “wings” on the legs.  Priced $450 for set

Today – may you delight, dear reader, in doing the small things well since a life lived this way most certainly adds up to a well-lived life indeed!

Oh, and speaking of birthdays – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing sister, Peggy, who will be celebrating hers tomorrow!

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