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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 28, 2014

The United States Department of Labor’s website defines Labor Day:

… the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Though we all know people who are unemployed and struggling to find work –each of us, nevertheless, have contributed in some way to the fabric which is our country. So, in honor of you all I suggest we go…

…shopping at Jubilee Furniture! The store is open today and tomorrow from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4 and we are JAMMED FULL with amazing furniture at unbelievable prices! 

What follows is a small selection of some of what you’ll find:

JFC 08-28-14 001JFC 08-28-14 002

this is a very nice loose pillow back sofa – needs to be cleaned – priced $65

JFC 08-28-14 003JFC 08-28-14 004JFC 08-28-14 005JFC 08-28-14 006

this matching sleeper sofa and rocker/recliner are – overall in great shape. There are a few odd threads sticking out and I noticed on the sofa at the front of the arms it’s like there is missing trim. Otherwise, a nice color and canvas-like fabric. Sleeper sofa is priced $95; rocker/recliner is $75

JFC 08-28-14 007JFC 08-28-14 008

lovely muted yellow fabric with an interesting pattern – both pieces look to be in great condition. Sofa is priced $75; matching loveseat is also $75

JFC 08-28-14 009JFC 08-28-14 010

wonderful square coffee table, priced $45

JFC 08-28-14 011JFC 08-28-14 012

I love the detail on this gorgeous leather sofa (see it along the bottom of the piece?). Some wear but overall in excellent condition – priced $375

JFC 08-28-14 013JFC 08-28-14 014

The fabric on this Bracewell Furniture Co. sofa reminds me of birch trees (do you see what I mean?) and I LOVE it!  It’s in excellent condition. Priced only $115!

JFC 08-28-14 015JFC 08-28-14 016

This side chair is covered in an upholstery that seems to change color depending on the light. It reads blue/green/gray. In good condition and priced $50

JFC 08-28-14 017

sweet step stool for $6

JFC 08-28-14 018JFC 08-28-14 019

It was sort of hard to determine exactly how many pieces this sectional breaks down into (because of the recliner parts which look like separate pieces but I thing aren’t). My best guess is it’s a three piece green leather sectional that’s in excellent condition and is priced $195

JFC 08-28-14 020JFC 08-28-14 021JFC 08-28-14 023JFC 08-28-14 024JFC 08-28-14 025JFC 08-28-14 026

this set from Pier 1 imports is fabulous! I can’t find the exact table online (similar to this one which is on sale for $319.99) but here are the chairs (only our chairs are in “sage”) which retail for $149.95 per chair. Allow me to do the math for you – the whole set (table and four chairs) retails for $919.79. Jubilee Furniture price?  $215! That’s a little more than 75% off the retail price!

JFC 08-28-14 027JFC 08-28-14 028

six very cool black leather chairs with black metal bases – some wear on seats – priced $150 for all six. The chairs surround a brushed chrome base with glass top that is currently 25% off the already low Jubilee Furniture price of $325 which brings the price down to $243.75

JFC 08-28-14 029JFC 08-28-14 030

fantastic Kimball round table priced $215

Whatever you’re “laboring” at this weekend, dear reader – I hope it recharges, refreshes and relaxes you!

p.s. awkward segues and terrible puns are the sole responsible of me. I was going to delete all and start over but figured most people don’t read my first few paragraphs and scroll right to the photos so it wasn’t a big deal. *smile*

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