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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 31, 2014

With around 70 photos to share with you – there’s no time for chit-chat other than to let you know I’m thrilled you’re here and welcome!

The following photos are SOME of the “new” inventory donated in the last week.  There are lots more cool dressers (and other furniture) that I didn’t photograph knowing I already had taken so many pictures (FYI).  Let’s begin!

JFC 07-31-14 001JFC 07-31-14 005JFC 07-31-14 002JFC 07-31-14 006

these are beautiful pieces by Rowe.  The sofa is priced $265 and there’s one minor place on the corner where the skirt needs to be reattached – but otherwise in excellent condition!  The matching loveseat is $215 and also in excellent condition!

JFC 07-31-14 003JFC 07-31-14 004

storage ottomans!  How clever!  Priced $45 each and only minor wear

JFC 07-31-14 007JFC 07-31-14 008

I love, love, love this desk – beautiful inlaid leather on the top!  Priced $75.  And what a sweet chair next to it!  Walnut arms and though the fabric is worn it has lovely lines!  Priced $45

JFC 07-31-14 009JFC 07-31-14 010

cool mission style coffee table with this amazing stained glass center insert!  Priced $165

JFC 07-31-14 011JFC 07-31-14 012

gorgeous black distressed sideboard for $435 – truly swoon worthy!

JFC 07-31-14 013JFC 07-31-14 014

lovely French Country style table with two leaves and six chairs – caning looked perfect on all six chairs (two chairs have arms, four without) – priced $345

JFC 07-31-14 015JFC 07-31-14 016

dust off the slats and this leather top bench would be like new!  Priced $55

JFC 07-31-14 017JFC 07-31-14 018

behind the bench are these very nice bookcases – beveled glass doors – warm color wood stain – really wonderful!  Priced $75 each

JFC 07-31-14 019JFC 07-31-14 020

contemporary maple dresser priced $65

JFC 07-31-14 021JFC 07-31-14 022

there is something about this chair that I absolutely adore!  Great upholstery in a great color and then the fun surprise of the ornate front legs (the legs need a good dusting/cleaning) – priced $75

JFC 07-31-14 023JFC 07-31-14 024

here’s another cool side chair – priced $45

JFC 07-31-14 025JFC 07-31-14 026

I don’t know if you added wheels to this oval side table if it would be too high – but it seems like it SHOULD have ‘em.  Nice wood, great shape, excellent condition and at $35 it’s a fantastic price too!

JFC 07-31-14 027JFC 07-31-14 028

this Crate & Barrel sofa looks familiar so if I’ve already shown it to you – sorry!  I’m drawn to the fresh color of the velvet and the clean lines of the sofa.  Priced $365

JFC 07-31-14 029JFC 07-31-14 030JFC 07-31-14 031JFC 07-31-14 032

here’s another fantastic dining room set.  This time there’s the table w/2 leaves and six chairs (only one has arms – other five are armless) priced $425.  Matching china cabinet is $250

JFC 07-31-14 033JFC 07-31-14 034

this sofa or hall table for $70 is in great shape!

JFC 07-31-14 035JFC 07-31-14 037JFC 07-31-14 040JFC 07-31-14 041JFC 07-31-14 039JFC 07-31-14 038

all the photos except for the last one are of the long low dresser you see in the first photo.  Or maybe it was designed to be a buffet since the vertical slots in the middle section would have been perfect for storing serving trays, but I digress.  Both pieces are by American of Martinsville and are amazing!  The top of the first piece needs to be refinished and the drawers are off (I spent some time trying to see if they’re in the wrong order but they aren’t and I couldn’t figure out the issue).  Both pieces are priced $95 (each) and that an incredible price for these fantastic retro pieces!

JFC 07-31-14 042JFC 07-31-14 043JFC 07-31-14 044JFC 07-31-14 045

wonderful contemporary chairs – in excellent condition (and the upholstery looks great) priced $175 for all six.  White pedestal table with one leaf for $125

JFC 07-31-14 046JFC 07-31-14 047

antique Hoosier cabinet (has the name “Sellers” on the front) – has original flour bin and some original metal racks (though some of the hardware has been replaced).  Priced $550

JFC 07-31-14 048JFC 07-31-14 049

two side chairs with caning (which is in excellent shape) priced $55 each

JFC 07-31-14 050JFC 07-31-14 051

Rowe brand sofa in a great putty/green fabric – priced $165

JFC 07-31-14 052JFC 07-31-14 053

beautiful Bassett loveseat (looks better in person) priced $165

JFC 07-31-14 054JFC 07-31-14 055

fantastic wood coffee table for $75

JFC 07-31-14 056JFC 07-31-14 057

Italian leather (Itaisofa brand) recliner – priced $195

JFC 07-31-14 060JFC 07-31-14 061

lovely writing desk!  Priced $165

JFC 07-31-14 062JFC 07-31-14 063JFC 07-31-14 064JFC 07-31-14 065JFC 07-31-14 066JFC 07-31-14 067

WOW – that’s all I can say about these six (two with arms, four without) mahogany Chippendale chairs with brass insert!  They are amazing!  Nice enough for the Queen of England (you’re having her over for dinner soon, right?). Priced $495 for all six

JFC 07-31-14 068JFC 07-31-14 070

the donor had a hard time describing this piece to me – and I can see why!  But it’s a super amazing rocker with a cradle attached!  Priced $30

JFC 07-31-14 071JFC 07-31-14 072JFC 07-31-14 073JFC 07-31-14 074

two metal swivel chairs and a matching table priced $145; behind the set is a cool screen/divider with a Paris street scene painted on it – and that’s priced $85

Hope you’re doing well, dear reader!  I’ll see you here again next week!

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