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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday weekend store hours:

Thursday, July 3rd – open from 1 to 8

Friday, July 4th – CLOSED

Saturday, July 5th – open from 9 to 4  

Got it?  Good!  Then let’s move right onto looking at some of the new-to-us furniture currently in the store ‘cause there’s a lot of it!

First a quick note: the guys made another trip to the Merchandise Mart to pick up some high-end outdoor furniture from one of the storerooms.  Just to be clear – this furniture has never been used and is in like-new condition.  This is very expensive furniture – no two ways about it – and though the Jubilee Furniture price is more than 50% off the retail price – it’s still expensive. 

JFC 07-03-14 001JFC 07-03-14 002

this 36” square porcelain tile top table retails fro $1,447 and each chair for around $450 (a piece).  If you do the math that’s more than $3,000 at a retailer!  We’re selling the table and four chairs (note: each chair has a different back style) for $600

JFC 07-03-14 007JFC 07-03-14 004

I have many favorites this week – and this fabulous chair is definitely one of them!  It’s from Room & Board’s Boden collection.  I couldn’t find this color fabric option on their site but a similar chair retails for $1,199.  We’re selling this one for $375 (there is some wear on the arms of the chair but otherwise in great condition)

JFC 07-03-14 005JFC 07-03-14 006

gorgeous contemporary glass top table for $195

JFC 07-03-14 008JFC 07-03-14 009

also from Room & Board a 90” sofa in excellent condition priced $425

JFC 07-03-14 010JFC 07-03-14 011

oh man!  Look at this walnut and upholstered bench!  It’s so pretty!  Priced $265

JFC 07-03-14 013JFC 07-03-14 014

another Merchandise Mart outdoor piece – Alamo patio chair w/cushion – retails for $828; Jubilee Furniture price $135

JFC 07-03-14 015JFC 07-03-14 016JFC 07-03-14 017JFC 07-03-14 018

here’s a really lovely three piece wall unit.  The two pieces with glass doors are priced $75 each and the open shelf bookcase is $65

JFC 07-03-14 019JFC 07-03-14 020

lovely cream colored loveseat priced $175 (two small dirt spots need to be cleaned)

JFC 07-03-14 021JFC 07-03-14 022

these two swivel rocker look so friendly!  Almost like someone opening their arms to give you a hug!  Priced $25 each

JFC 07-03-14 023JFC 07-03-14 024

wonderful mission style table w/2 leaves and six chairs – all for $215

JFC 07-03-14 025JFC 07-03-14 027

someone needs to buy this fantastic wingback chair with two wonderful contrasting fabrics – STAT – ‘cause it’s so stinkin’ cute and it’s only $30! Seriously, I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

JFC 07-03-14 028JFC 07-03-14 029

more from The Mart – this time a Palazzo patio armchair w/cushions – retails for $1,165.  Our price is $155

JFC 07-03-14 030JFC 07-03-14 031

totes fun kidney shaped tables with raised glass tops – priced $45 each (I did see one chip in one of the tops)

JFC 07-03-14 033JFC 07-03-14 034

lovely prayer kneeler – priced $15

JFC 07-03-14 035JFC 07-03-14 036JFC 07-03-14 037JFC 07-03-14 038

I didn’t take photos of everything we got from the Merchandise Mart but these pieces were simply too gorgeous/comfortable/fabulous/attractive not to show you.  The first two photos are of a swivel rocker which retails for $2,400.  Our price: $480.  The spring chair (retails for $1,687) and ottoman (retails for $828) we’re selling for $500 for the pair

JFC 07-03-14 039JFC 07-03-14 040

I love this counter height table – it’s a perfect size to add to your kitchen/entry.  Priced $65 (Sorry, I forgot to get the prices of the stools!)

JFC 07-03-14 041JFC 07-03-14 042

we received some really lovely Kimball brand furniture.  Here’s the credenza which is priced $235.  I thought I had a photo of the matching desk but now can’t find it (weird).   We have four or five desk w/either a right or a left return (thus creating a “L” shape) which we’re selling for $319

JFC 07-03-14 045JFC 07-03-14 046

amazing blue leather desk chair with fantastic nail-head trim – priced $85

JFC 07-03-14 047JFC 07-03-14 048

these photos are horrible!  This is a super fun glass/chrome and wood accented computer desk (keyboard tray slides out) and is priced $115

JFC 07-03-14 049JFC 07-03-14 050

very attractive roll-top desk for $45

JFC 07-03-14 052JFC 07-03-14 053

pine IKEA dresser in good condition for $75

There you have it, dear reader!  I hope your 4th is filled with fireworks, parades and cookouts (unless you don’t like any of those things – then I hope it’s not!).

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