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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 19, 2014

I’ll start with an apology since I don’t have many photos today.  Not because there isn’t a lot of inventory but because it was a crazy busy day yesterday and not much got priced before I arrived to take pictures and I didn’t have time to come back later.  So sorry!

I’ll use the extra space that photos normally take to remind you of a few things (in case you’re newer to the blog).  Since everything looks neater and somehow more “official” in a list using bullet points – let’s do it!

Did you know?

  • Jubilee Furniture is a division of Outreach Community Ministries
  • Outreach is a family of faith-based, community service organizations serving central/western DuPage County since 1977
  • The proceeds of everything we sell at Jubilee Furniture are helping area kids and families through the programs and services offered through Outreach
  • All the furniture and household items found at Jubilee Furniture are donated by individuals, organizations and businesses
  • To schedule a FREE pickup of your quality used furniture call 630.337.1467 our donation “hotline” number or complete the online form here.  We also accept donation drop-offs whenever the store is open (Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4)
  • An IRS approved donation receipt is given to every donor
  • For any questions about the store please call 630.784.2890
  • Though full payment (we accept: cash, VISA, MasterCard and Discover) is required at time of purchase, we do give our customers one week to make arrangements to take their furniture home (and delivery is available – for a charge based on number of items being delivered and distance from the store).  Carol Stream sales tax is 8%
  • We’re known for our friendly, helpful customer service – both in the showroom and warehouse where the guys will gladly help load, tie down and protect whatever you’ve purchased
  • There are FREE cookies on a round table when you first enter the store which is just another way of saying we’re glad you stopped in!  If we ever forget to put ‘em out or don’t realize they’ve all been eaten – just let us know.  We’re casual that way!

Hope that was helpful.

Now onto the photos I do have.  Again, these are just a FEW of the items you’ll find at Jubilee Furniture today when we open at 1:00 p.m.

JFC 06-19-14 001JFC 06-19-14 002

this is a gorgeous rolling buffet priced $95

JFC 06-19-14 003JFC 06-19-14 004

there’s something very lovely about this simple striped chair which is priced $30

JFC 06-19-14 005JFC 06-19-14 006

very nice Room & Board tan micro-suede loveseat priced $165

JFC 06-19-14 009JFC 06-19-14 007JFC 06-19-14 008

we received THREE of these fabulous armchairs with amazing nail-head trim – by Kimball.  They sat in the waiting room of an area office where they were rarely used.  Priced $90 each

JFC 06-19-14 010JFC 06-19-14 011

I love this oval coffee table with a chrome pedestal base.  Too bad about the weird chip – but then I realized it was an intentional “notch” made to accommodate a cord or wire (like someone put their TV on this table and pushed it against the wall).  Priced $35

JFC 06-19-14 012JFC 06-19-14 013

and on the coffee table are some cool pieces – love the blue glass ashtray, priced $4; three silver candlesticks are $3 each; and the silver jar w/lid is also $3

JFC 06-19-14 014JFC 06-19-14 015

this is an absolutely fantastic, lighted two piece china cabinet by Lexington – priced $385

JFC 06-19-14 016JFC 06-19-14 017

two identical blue floral w/birds loveseat by Gilliam – both in great condition priced $75 each

JFC 06-19-14 018JFC 06-19-14 019

super sweet painted armoire (there’s a bar to hang clothes) for $75

Remember, dear reader – there’s LOTS MORE FURNITURE currently in the store just waiting for you!  So do hurry!

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