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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello!  Welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Thursday I provide a glimpse into the store to help you determine if you want to make time in your busy schedule to stop in either today from 1 to 8, tomorrow also from 1 to 8 or on Saturday from 9 to 4 (truthfully?  You should stop in EVERY SINGLE WEEK – but that’s just my personal opinion).

Since I was off last week (lovely staycation – thank you for asking) – I might have photos of things that were already  in the store - but that I hadn’t seen before - so forgive me if you’ve seen some of these pieces.

Maybe a week off gave me fresh eyes – but I was blown away by the quality of our current inventory (even as I type that I know I’ve said it many times before – so maybe I should just shut-up - but I really am so grateful to our donors for donating such fantastic furniture!).

So, let’s take a look at SOME of what’s currently available for purchase!

JFC 06-12-14 001JFC 06-12-14 002

this is a fun pink floral SLIP-COVERED sofa (I peeked underneath and the original fabric looks good but I didn’t look at the whole sofa so I’m not sure if it’s an option to remove this slip-cover and use the original or not).  The slip-cover is worn – priced $85

JFC 06-12-14 003JFC 06-12-14 004

bamboo and smoked glass sofa or entry table priced $135; matching end table for $85

JFC 06-12-14 005JFC 06-12-14 006

lovely Plunkett floral sofa in excellent condition for $225

JFC 06-12-14 007JFC 06-12-14 008

okay – so this is an amazingly gorgeous Room & Board leather sofa in a great toffee brown color leather.  So beautiful!  Priced $495 (I noticed some pet hair under the cushions – fyi)

JFC 06-12-14 009JFC 06-12-14 010

cool old trunk priced $95 (second photo is a bad shot of the interior)

JFC 06-12-14 011JFC 06-12-14 012

neat dresser with pull out drawers (weird sticker on the inside of the door) priced $55

JFC 06-12-14 013JFC 06-12-14 014

two wood shelf and iron holder book-shelves.  One has three shelves and is wider and priced $75; the taller, narrower, four shelf one is also priced $75

JFC 06-12-14 015JFC 06-12-14 016

this is an absolutely gorgeous plaid wingback chair (some spot cleaning needed)  by Michael Thomas priced $75

JFC 06-12-14 017JFC 06-12-14 018

here’s another Room & Board sofa – this time a great neutral upholstery – in very good condition priced $395

JFC 06-12-14 019JFC 06-12-14 020

two sweet-as-can-be upholstered side chairs in great condition priced $150 each (down-filled cushions make for soft and comfy sitting!)

JFC 06-12-14 021JFC 06-12-14 022

technically this is the hutch that belongs on top of a buffet – but all we have is the hutch.  It’s very narrow and has a plate ridge and is this fabulous glazed finish that I love!  If you could figure out what to do with the very top (which is somewhat unfinished) – it really is a super cool piece of furniture.  Priced $125

JFC 06-12-14 024JFC 06-12-14 025

I’m always amazed by the pretty knick-knacks we get in (after 7 1/2 years you’d think I would no longer be surprised and amazed – but I still am!) – here’s a set of seven blue bottles – priced $15 for all ‘em

JFC 06-12-14 026JFC 06-12-14 027

very pretty green striped side chair in great condition for $95

JFC 06-12-14 028JFC 06-12-14 029

wonderful table with two self-storing leaves and six chairs – all for $195 (first photo is more accurate of the true color of the table – at least on my computer)

JFC 06-12-14 030JFC 06-12-14 031

I love the muted floral design on this Plunkett sofa – also in excellent condition – priced $195

JFC 06-12-14 032JFC 06-12-14 033JFC 06-12-14 034JFC 06-12-14 035

there are a couple of things going on here – let’s start with the clean and simple lines of the Room & Board chrome table base – top was cracked so we put a piece of glass we had on it (it’s a little too big and has a chip out of one corner) – table w/oversized and chipped glass for $325; lovely design on four painted chairs with fun upholstered seats – priced $40 each (the chairs need to be re-glued – they’re all a little wobbly)

JFC 06-12-14 036JFC 06-12-14 037

man oh man – this is a fantastic Room & Board leather and chrome chair – part of their Pierre collection and retails for $649 – Jubilee Furniture price is $225

JFC 06-12-14 038JFC 06-12-14 039

fabulous coffee table for $65

JFC 06-12-14 040JFC 06-12-14 041

there are two of these wood framed side chairs – priced $45 each

JFC 06-12-14 042JFC 06-12-14 043

two drawer night stand? end table? priced $25 (not sure why it’s so cheap – maybe I missed some fatal flaw?)

JFC 06-12-14 044JFC 06-12-14 045

there is something about this fantastic chair that I love (I love a ton of stuff this week!) – re-upholster the seat and you’d have one dynomite chair (high five to all you JJ fans from Good Times – I know there are a lot of you!).  Priced $45

JFC 06-12-14 046JFC 06-12-14 047

fantastic Bauhaus sofa in excellent condition priced $365

JFC 06-12-14 048JFC 06-12-14 049

lovely six drawer dresser priced $125

JFC 06-12-14 050JFC 06-12-14 051

leather and pleather sofa – both sides recline – priced $175

JFC 06-12-14 052JFC 06-12-14 053

and last, but certainly not least – Stanley brand retro buffet for $295 and matching one piece china cabinet priced $325

And there you have it, dear reader!  I miss not being in the store and seeing and connecting with you (yes, YOU).  Please know I’m faithfully praying for you though!

Blessings and peace!

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