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The old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be

And it continues.

You’ve heard people say aging isn’t for the faint of heart and at 53 I’ve already experienced enough sagging skin, hot flashes, forgetting my best friend’s name and knowing a full bladder + big sneeze = a change of clothing – to believe the saying is true, but last night was a whole new level.

My daughter and I went out to dinner at a place that has a revolving door at its entrance.  I walked in and there was no bar to push to spin the door and I got confused and backed out only to have Abby turn me around to face the other way where – surprise! – there was the bar.

I could explain that I – momentarily – thought I had to enter the revolving door at a different point – but that just makes me seem old AND stupid so since I had just finished up at Jubilee Furniture – let’s say I was still dazzled and overwhelmed by all the amazing furniture we received for donation this week that I simply wasn’t thinking straight, ‘k?

What follows are photos of SOME of the new-to-us furniture – but remember, there’s 30,000 square feet of fabulous inventory just waiting for you to stop by – today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 – to take a look at!

JFC 06-08-12 001JFC 06-08-12 002

silver tray table – base is a little wobbly – priced $25

JFC 06-08-12 003JFC 06-08-12 004JFC 06-08-12 005

gorgeous hand-carved coffee table from Thailand – inlaid silver along edge – simply stunning – priced $395

JFC 06-08-12 006JFC 06-08-12 007

these two sofas are identical – sorry about the bad lighting – both have fun curve along the front – very comfy, neutral color – priced $125 each

JFC 06-08-12 008JFC 06-08-12 009JFC 06-08-12 010

lovely cedar chest – no key but takes a little know-how to open (you push down on the top while pushing in on the lock) excellent condition, priced $125

JFC 06-08-12 011

very nice Plunkett brown corduroy sofa priced $165

JFC 06-08-12 012JFC 06-08-12 013

these two chairs are made in Italy by Natuzzi – sold through Maurice Villency of NY – photo to left is an over-sized suede chair with rolling ottoman priced $450; yellowish suede chair is smaller – but both are in excellent condition and very comfortable – chair in photo on right is priced $375

JFC 06-08-12 014

the buzz is this black and yellow retro sleeper sofa by Simmons is still extremely groovy and only priced $35 (it’s that indestructible fabric)

JFC 06-08-12 015

great forest green color on this over-sized chair that is priced $45 (I noticed some pet hair on the chair)

JFC 06-08-12 016

here’s another vintage piece – this time a hip loveseat that’s priced $30 due to the funky smell (like basement or old – you know what I mean?); three stackable side tables in front aren’t new but I did mark them down to $20 (they’re pretty wobbly)

JFC 06-08-12 017JFC 06-08-12 018

these six like-new chairs had slip covers on them to protect (but even the slip covers are in excellent shape – very neat family donated these!) – the micro-suede chairs are in six fun colors and we’re selling all six (with the slip covers) for $300; fabulous contemporary oval glass table is priced $225

JFC 06-08-12 019JFC 06-08-12 020

sweet and in excellent condition are the words to describe these two pink velvet button-backed loveseats – priced $125 each

JFC 06-08-12 021

nice chair and ottoman priced $65

JFC 06-08-12 022

wee little drop leaf table for $45

JFC 06-08-12 023JFC 06-08-12 024JFC 06-08-12 025

mid-century modern dining set by Hooker – two piece china cabinet is priced $145; buffet (would also make an excellent media stand) needs some work – drawer front came off from second drawer – priced $85; table, one leaf, six chairs and table pads all for $175 (all pieces need a little TLC)

JFC 06-08-12 027

lovely nine drawer dresser (or again – excellent media base) priced $95

JFC 06-08-12 026

wonderful Rex Furniture lighted corner hutch priced $125

JFC 06-08-12 028JFC 06-08-12 029

this is an amazing piece that just needs a little work – it’s a desk or buffet (I did pull a desk chair up to it and can fit my legs under the center drawer which is rather deep) – narrower than most desks (which is why I think it might be a buffet) but really cool, priced $65

JFC 06-08-12 030

Stanley bookcase priced $55

JFC 06-08-12 031

child’s play table for $55

Thankfully, there are no revolving doors at the entrance to Jubilee Furniture to confuse anyone and once inside you’ll receive a warm welcome AND free cookies to make your shopping experience super sweet (literally and figuratively).

And that, dear reader, will never get old. 

Whereas I…

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