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Happy Birthday, America!

I love parades.  Marching bands set my feet to tapping.  Veterans make my heart swell with patriotic pride and cry with gratitude.  Add in grown men wearing silly hats and driving either tiny motorcycles or mini-cars and – seriously – what’s not to love!

For several years now I’ve thought Jubilee Furniture should enter a float in Wheaton’s 4th of July parade.  I live in south Wheaton and have been attending the parade for 18 or 19 years – so know it well.  Every year as I’ve thought this thought – while watching the parade – I’d forget about it until the following year as the Indian Princesses and their fathers were streaming past.

But not this year!  I added a reminder to my Outlook calendar – completed the application and submitted it with the proper entry fee with time to spare!  A sub-committee of my volunteer leadership team was formed, plans have been made, banners and t-shirts ordered and prayers for no rain but cooler temperatures duly prayed. 

Yesterday, I called Sherry – the amazing Wheaton Park District employee who’s coordinating the parade (she’s really been fabulous to deal with) – with a small hiccup in our plans. After some back and forth – Sherry laughed and said, “It’s all going to be fine.  Remember, we want the parade to be fun!”

And fun is exactly what we want customers to have when they shop at Jubilee Furniture!   Sure, we hope that fun includes buying a marvelous piece of furniture – and supporting Outreach Community Ministries at the same time (since the proceeds of what we sell help finance Outreach’s programs and services) – but even if it’s just stopping in to browse – we want your experience at the store to be a positive one.

If you came into Jubilee Furniture today between 1 and 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 – here are some of the new-to-us things you’ll find (technically, you’ll only – for sure – find them today at 1:00 p.m. since after that they could very well be sold):

JFC 06-29-12 001

very nice plaid sleeper sofa priced $135

JFC 06-29-12 002

great vintage rocker/recliner for $65

JFC 06-29-12 003

excellent oak pedestal coffee table priced $125

JFC 06-29-12 004

another super nice sleeper sofa – this one is smaller – priced $85

JFC 06-29-12 005JFC 06-29-12 006

this sofa is in really good condition – but the seat cushions are a bit lumpy – the sofa is priced $50; dark wood coffee table for $75; matching end tables (and there are two of them) priced $45 each

JFC 06-29-12 007

this micro-suede chaise by Bauhaus probably started life as part of a sectional – but it really makes a nice chaise and is in excellent condition – priced $95

JFC 06-29-12 008JFC 06-29-12 009

two end tables – top opens for storage (see the hinges?) – bases appears to be made from old crates with writing on them – but they might be reproductions (though if they are – they’re excellent ones) – priced $75 each.  Behind photo on left is a Crate and Barrel sofa – in fabulous condition – that’s I forgot to take a photo of that I’ve priced ???  (I think $225? – call me at 630.337.1467 if you want the exact price – sorry!)

JFC 06-29-12 010JFC 06-29-12 011

metal outdoor table with four chairs – fine as is but could use a coat of paint – priced $85; market umbrella and stand priced $50

JFC 06-29-12 012

fabulous chaise by Sealy – needs some spot cleaning – priced $225

JFC 06-29-12 013

blue velour sleeper sofa – also by Sealy – priced $125

JFC 06-29-12 014

great Pottery Barn writing desk priced $155 – chairs are from last week and I don’t remember what I priced ‘em – just scroll down to last Friday’s post if you’re interested

JFC 06-29-12 015

super nice dresser by Century – priced $85

JFC 06-29-12 016JFC 06-29-12 017

micro-suede sofa and ottoman – sofa arms are pretty worn/dirty but the rest is in good condition (and isn’t that what throws are for – to hide stuff like that?) – priced $125

JFC 06-29-12 019JFC 06-29-12 020

funky retro chairs – five of them for $65; kitchen table is priced $35

JFC 06-29-12 021

nice ornate end table priced $40 and there are two of them

JFC 06-29-12 022JFC 06-29-12 023JFC 06-29-12 024

This End Up furniture – in excellent condition – cushion color is darker than it looks in my photos – sofa is priced $95; loveseat for $65; chair for $40

JFC 06-29-12 025JFC 06-29-12 026

fun vintage dinette set by Kayson – drop leaf table with two chairs priced $40

JFC 06-29-12 027JFC 06-29-12 028JFC 06-29-12 029

neat square table (top needs a little work) priced $65; two chairs from Crate and Barrel are priced $40 each; similar chairs – but different and not from C & B are priced $25 each

JFC 06-29-12 030

here’s ANOTHER chaise – this one is fabulous, super comfortable and in excellent condition, priced $225; leather cube ottomans are priced $25 each

JFC 06-29-12 031

painted pine two piece china cabinet priced $50

JFC 06-29-12 032JFC 06-29-12 033

gorgeous double pedestal table by Universal with two leaves and table pads priced $225; two chairs on each end are $45 each; and the Calico Corner wingback chairs from last week have been marked down due to stains I didn’t see last week – one is $55 and the other $40

JFC 06-29-12 034

wonderful arm chair – only one – priced $75

JFC 06-29-12 035

great smaller desk priced $65

JFC 06-29-12 036

Alexvale over-sized chair – arms need cleaning – priced $60

So, if you’re planning on attending Wheaton’s 4th of July parade (get details here) – please stay until the very end – because you know they save the best for last – like the Jubilee Furniture float!

We might not bring a tear to your eye or a lump to your throat – but when you see the Jubilee Furniture banners you’ll know the parade is almost over and even for us diehard parade lovers – that’s a good thing!

Peace out, dear reader!

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