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I’m a live person–I just sound like a recording

Twice in the last week – once on the phone and once when I was face to face with a customer – I was told I sounded like a recording.  I do have a standard greeting when I answer the phone (“Good morning/afternoon/evening Jubilee Furniture.  This is Susan.  How may I help you?”) and when I begin explaining who we are and our connection to Outreach Community Ministries (and appreciation for – but NOT connected to – Wheaton Christian Center Church) as well as explain the church’s fairly new rummage sale – and THEN go on to talk about how to shop our store, forms of payment, delivery charges and store hours – and times all of this by 5 1/2 years – twice a week – multiple times those two days – you can easily see why it all might sound somewhat canned.

Yet I never want people to think I’m dishing up some rote message.  How to make things I’ve said – literally – hundreds of times sound fresh and new is a problem.

Thankfully, I have no problem blathering on – in new ways – about all the amazing furniture available for purchase today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!  The warehouse is packed with fabulous merchandise!  Here’s just a FEW of the new-to-us items you’ll find in our 30,000 square foot showroom!

JFC 06-22-12 001

gorgeous oak table, one leaf and six chairs – priced $245

JFC 06-22-12 002

very comfy sofa – feels like down-filled seat cushions – just needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 06-22-12 003

another nice cream colored sofa – this time a twill and there are great slipcovers if you want to change the look – one seat cushion has a stain but the rest is near perfect (donor always had slipcovers on sofa) priced $95

JFC 06-22-12 004

fun sofa by Craftwork (Craftworks?) priced $50

JFC 06-22-12 005

this is a fabulous dining set by Ethan Allen – round table with four chairs (seat cushions need to be spot cleaned) – only issue, there’s a leaf that goes with table and Teresa and I couldn’t open the table far enough to get leaf in (opens a little and then stops) – I would have added another $100 to price if not for this problem – Jubilee Furniture price $195

JFC 06-22-12 006JFC 06-22-12 007

two sweet green checked chairs by Calico Corners – one is faded and so priced $65; other is in mint condition and is priced $85

JFC 06-22-12 008

loveseat also by Calico Corners – and it’s lovely but needs to be cleaned – priced $95

JFC 06-22-12 009JFC 06-22-12 010

two matching (though in photos they don’t look matching) floral swivel rockers priced $95 each

JFC 06-22-12 011JFC 06-22-12 012

amazing, gorgeous, fabulous pleather vintage chair by the Chair People (in Chicago) – in mint condition priced $95 (what’s with everything priced $95 today?)

JFC 06-22-12 014JFC 06-22-12 015

beautiful bedroom set by Dixie – dresser w/mirror priced $95; chest priced $125; not shown: a two drawer night stand for $45; full-size headboard (no frame just the headboard) for $35

JFC 06-22-12 016

great little dining set from IKEA – tempered glass top table and four stackable chairs – all for $75

JFC 06-22-12 017JFC 06-22-12 018

originally a very pricy Room and Board two piece – sofa/chaise – some issues with fabric (and everything just needs to be adjusted – know what I mean?) – needs to be vacuumed (tons of crumbs and stuff under all cushions) priced $125

JFC 06-22-12 019JFC 06-22-12 020JFC 06-22-12 021JFC 06-22-12 022

this is an amazing gray leather (and parts are pleather) – 6 piece sectional (one end is a chaise and one end is a recliner) – multiple ways to configure based on your floor plan – only issue is pleather has rips on one section of the top of the corner piece – priced $245 (which – in my humble opinion – is a steal)

JFC 06-22-12 023JFC 06-22-12 024

lovely sofa and loveseat by Pem-Kay – sofa priced $65; loveseat $45

JFC 06-22-12 025

this Room and Board sofa is a classic that will go with any style and is amazingly comfortable – whole thing needs to be cleaned (which will cost you around $125 to have it professionally done) – Jubilee Furniture price $195

JFC 06-22-12 026JFC 06-22-12 027JFC 06-22-12 028

neat country-flavor sofa, side chair and two pine end tables (note wood trim on sofa and chair) – sofa is priced $75 (fabric has some pilling); side chair (rip in one arm) $40; end tables $40 each

JFC 06-22-12 029

this is a nice Ethan Allen gray-tweed sleeper sofa priced $95

JFC 06-22-12 030

oval outdoor wrought iron table with two bouncy chairs (one chair on top of table – not sure why Nate put it there) – set is priced $55.  That’s Teresa in the background taking notes while I take photos – I so appreciate her help and faithful volunteering at Jubilee!  You’re the best Teresa!

JFC 06-22-12 031

neat-o Lazboy rocker/recliner priced $65

JFC 06-22-12 032

lovely round end table (with a pull out piece for your teacup – why can’t you just put your teacup on the top of the end table?) priced $65

JFC 06-22-12 033

Ethan Allen floral sofa priced $135

JFC 06-22-12 034

wonderful two piece Broyhill china cabinet priced $185

JFC 06-22-12 035

butcher block top table (top needs to be refinished) priced $55; wingback chair for $45

JFC 06-22-12 036

great over-sized Lazboy rocker/recliner priced $85

JFC 06-22-12 037

I love the high back on this comb back Winsor chair priced $65 (and there are two of them – priced $65 each)

JFC 06-22-12 038JFC 06-22-12 039

twin size headboard, footboard, side rails, under bed drawers and bunky board – all for $165; twin mattress priced $50; matching three drawer nightstand priced $45; larger three drawer dresser w/mirror priced $65

JFC 06-22-12 040JFC 06-22-12 041

retro dresser w/mirror (some veneer coming off and mirror has corner cracked off) priced $40; matching chest of drawers for $65

JFC 06-22-12 042

massive dresser with mirrored hutch priced $50

JFC 06-22-12 043

wonderful Ethan Allen wall unit includes: two, three drawer dressers each with bookcase hutch, desk, lighted bridge and bulletin board – all for $195; chair is priced $35

So, if you stop in the store and engage me in conversation and think I sound like a recording – a polite “ahem” and a chuckle should be good reminders that I need to press my “pause” button, stop worrying about the ten other things which are distracting me from being fully present with you and relax – since I’m genuinely glad you’re at Jubilee Furniture and thrilled to connect with you.  Truly.

Because bottom line, I am passionate about my work and about you, dear reader – and all my customers, volunteers, donors and those served through Outreach and there’s nothing mechanical, recorded or rote about that!

Note: Many thanks to Joy for taking the photos and providing the Friday weekly update post last week!  You’ll hear from Joy again in a couple of weeks.

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