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Tuesday's customer inspiration - Kari's marvelous chairs!

Hello!  Welcome to this week's customer inspiration where we showcase something someone has purchased from Jubilee Furniture in order to inspire you to see used furniture in a new and creative way.

This week's inspiration needed minimum work to turn a ho-hum set of chairs into a beautiful dining experience!

Here's Kari's email:

Hi Susan!  I'm a big fan of Jubilee Furniture store and check your blog like clockwork every Friday for the latest goodies to come in.  I made a special trip out to you in November after spotting these chairs in the background of a photo on the blog.  Happily, they were still there - and a bargain at $55 for all 4.  I finally just got around to recovering them (and painting the table they are paired with!  It's like having a new dining room!).  Here are some before and after photos.

Thanks & we'll see you soon I'm sure!


What a cozy place to gather for meals!  I love all the different elements Kari's gathered together.  It makes for such an interesting - and lovely - space!

Many thanks, Kari - for taking the time to take photos and email me!

The guys have a wild, very full week of donation pickups - so I hope you'll be able to stop by on Friday to get a sneak peek, dear reader!

Until then...

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