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In the story of my life, the current chapter’s titled, “The used furniture years.” Thankfully, it’s more interesting than it sounds!

Last night I was invited to my church’s single moms group to share my story.  I’m not a single mom but I was raised by one.

My parents divorced in 1973 – when it was still a somewhat uncommon thing to do – and my mom was left to raise five kids ranging in age from 10 to 19 (the 19 year old got married that same year – so technically she was all raised).  There was little money and it was challenging for all us kids (we moved from NJ where we’d lived for seven years to Libertyville, IL where we had family) and I’m sure my mother had many sleepless nights – but I wasn’t aware of her struggles.

I mentioned last night that I don’t remember ever hearing a negative comment from my mom about my dad – though she had lots of reasons to be negative and angry.  Still thinking about it this morning, I wonder if I would have been as positive and un-complain-y if I had been in my mom’s place and I think the honest answer is “No.” 

There’s certainly nothing to complain about regarding this week’s inventory – though I realize I forgot to take photos of a couple of my favorite pieces so you’re just going to have to come in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 and take a look at everything yourself!

Here are photos of the furniture I did remember to take!

JFC 02-03-12 002

nice, one large drawer, coffee table with glass top (drawer can be opened on either side) priced $50

JFC 02-03-12 003

gorgeous micro-fiber sofa – looks brown in this photo, looks green in the store – fabulous nail-head trim priced $395

JFC 02-03-12 004

get your funk on with this three piece vintage sectional – sits very low to the floor – priced $45

JFC 02-03-12 005

hand-crafted retro tile-top coffee table for $40

JFC 02-03-12 006

cool slatted coffee table (a little too low and not sturdy enough to be a bench) priced $55

JFC 02-03-12 007

pea-green slip covered IKEA sofa for $95 in very good condition

JFC 02-03-12 008

dark blue IKEA side chair for $45

JFC 02-03-12 009JFC 02-03-12 010

great sofa – VERY FADED ALONG BACK AND TOP OF SEAT CUSHIONS – priced $45; matching loveseat (not faded but needs some spot cleaning on arm) for $85

JFC 02-03-12 011JFC 02-03-12 012

amazing, comfortable chair (arms need to be cleaned) priced $75; the matching two piece sofa had slip covers and is gorgeous priced $195

JFC 02-03-12 013

great tan velvet sofa – needs some spot cleaning – priced $45

JFC 02-03-12 014

lovely white tile-top square table for $125; four chairs for $100 (for all four)

JFC 02-03-12 015

seen better days but still a nice Homer’s sofa for $35

JFC 02-03-12 016

fabulous round glass top table with marble base (one small chip in the glass) priced $145

JFC 02-03-12 017JFC 02-03-12 018

fun – and actually pretty comfortable – metal and brass (?) retro chairs – all five for $75

JFC 02-03-12 019

Craftwork Guild greenish wingback chair that is also a recliner – priced $195 – fantastic condition

JFC 02-03-12 020

black metal futon with black covered futon mattress for $125

JFC 02-03-12 021JFC 02-03-12 022

amazing lines on these two brown-cloth vintage chairs – probably need to be re-upholstered – $45 each

JFC 02-03-12 023JFC 02-03-12 024

I love the raised detail on the doors of this HUGE end table (there’s a drawer and a shelf inside) priced $45

JFC 02-03-12 025

nice sofa for $30 – low, low price reflects the fact I couldn’t get either of the reclining ends to recline.  Maybe you can and then this would be a steal!

My mother’s no saint but I do hugely admire her courage and fortitude in the face of incredibly difficult life events.  She’s also generous, non-judgmental, has few regrets and is happy with her life.  Plus Tuesday is her birthday!

So, Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you.

Love and well wishes to you too, dear reader – and special grace if you’re a single mom!

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