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Spring is in the air?

Having lived in Illinois most of my life I’ve seen a good number of seasons come and go.  So as the days get longer (it’s still light at 5:00 p.m. now!) and the sunlight begins to change, normally the next thing I’ll notice is the smell of something dirt-like and moist in the air and I smelled that smell yesterday!

I’ll admit it was very faint but a couple of my Thursday design team volunteers noticed it too so I’m not totally crazy – or – not alone in my craziness (you pick!)!  Oh, how my spirit quickened at that smell!

I know, I know, we certainly can’t complain about what a hard, awful winter it’s been – since it hasn’t been any of those things – but still the slight smell of the earth thawing and lovely green things opening their sleepy eyes and thinking about poking their heads above ground again (that’s scientific, right?) is so amazing it makes me smile.

When I mentioned my whiff of spring smell to my husband last night he warned me to be careful since bitter cold and massive snow could still arrive on the scene.  Though that’s true, it’s encouraging to know that even if it does, it won’t last too long!  Yay for us optimists!

I’m also very optimistic you’re going to find amazing furniture this week at Jubilee Furniture!  We’ll be open our usual 1 to 8 today (Friday) and 9 to 4 tomorrow (Saturday).  Let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us things available for purchase!

JFC 02-17-12 001

nice Rowe sofa – minor wear – $95

JFC 02-17-12 002

lovely Harden brand wingback and ottoman for $125 (for both)

JFC 02-17-12 003JFC 02-17-12 004

sweet, painted older desk priced $55

JFC 02-17-12 005JFC 02-17-12 006

matching micro-fiber loveseat and sleeper sofa – definitely more wear on sofa – loveseat is priced $125; sleeper sofa is $135

JFC 02-17-12 007

cool greenish/bluish leather sleeper sofa – very faded along top – priced $85

JFC 02-17-12 008JFC 02-17-12 009

super amazing Harden brand side chairs priced $125 each

JFC 02-17-12 010

fabulous small pedestal table for $135

JFC 02-17-12 011

king size head board, foot board, side rails for $155; king mattress and box spring for $125

JFC 02-17-12 012

IKEA sofa with denim slip-cover priced $125

JFC 02-17-12 013

comfy loveseat for $60

JFC 02-17-12 014JFC 02-17-12 015

black metal base with glass top and four chairs (seat cushions all need to be cleaned/replaced) for $95; matching baker’s rack for $85

JFC 02-17-12 016

massive, gorgeous two piece Bernhardt lighted china cabinet priced $495

JFC 02-17-12 017

tannish/grayish two piece Room and Board sofa and angled chaise from their metro collection (originally priced $2,598 for both) priced $395

JFC 02-17-12 018JFC 02-17-12 020JFC 02-17-12 021JFC 02-17-12 022

Room and Board sofa and over-sized chair and ottoman – this time from the kendall collection (which doesn’t seem to be online any more but was in last year’s catalog) – chair and ottoman need to be cleaned (can you see some funny spotting on the ottoman in the last photo?) and sofa shows some wear and needs some spot cleaning – sofa priced $275; chair/ottoman for $175

We’re still working on the details of the DIY contest around the large donation of  hotel furniture but hope to roll it out within the next couple of weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!

No matter when spring actually blooms forth – you’ll always receive a warm welcome – AND – free cookies at Jubilee Furniture!

And honestly, does life get any better than that, dear reader?  I think not!

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