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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post

We received a shocking phone call last Saturday shortly after I’d gotten home from the store from my husband’s uncle.  Mark was letting us know of the death of his 45-year old son.  Paul had been working in his back yard, apparently fallen down a steep slope, hit his head and died. 

After much back and forth with the rest of the family – we’ve decided to make the 11 hour drive to Asheville, NC – leaving early tomorrow morning – so we can attend Paul’s memorial service on Saturday.

Thankfully, I have an amazing team of volunteers to fill in for me.  Additionally, Warehouse Manager, Dan Snyder – and Assistant, Chris Jackson – are no slouches and can handle whatever arises.

The only thing I haven’t figured out how to have someone else take care of is updating the blog.  So, without further ado – and a good 12 hours earlier than normal – I give you photos of some of the amazing new-to-us furniture available for purchase Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4!

JFC 12-08-11 001
lovely moss green velvet-like sofa (some minor stains) priced $115; butler coffee table for $55

JFC 12-08-11 002
this is a gorgeous drop-leaf table (no leaves) and six chairs priced $195

JFC 12-08-11 003
photo doesn’t accurately show the pretty muted colors of this very nice sofa priced $65

JFC 12-08-11 004
this might be the steal of the century…I couldn’t find a tag identifying the manufacturer of this linen-like sofa with down-filled cushions that is amazingly comfortable and classic – but I think it’s Room and Board (that’s my educated guess – but I could be wrong and I was too tired to lift it up and see if there was a tag on the bottom of the sofa).  I was also alone when it came time to price it and I couldn’t be sure if there were some bleach-like stains on one of the seat cushions (our lighting is so terrible that sometimes it’s the light and there’s nothing on the fabric – good grief).  Also, some minor spot-cleaning is needed on the bottom in the front.  So, ASSUMING there are some bleach-like spots on the cushion – and knowing there are some small stains on the front towards the bottom – I came up with the low, low price of $165!  Whew

JFC 12-08-11 005JFC 12-08-11 006
denim sofa for $50 and matching loveseat for $45 (donor does have a cat – FYI)
JFC 12-08-11 007
black leather sofa priced $95; funny ottoman (don’t think it’s leather) for $12.50

JFC 12-08-11 008
retro brown vinyl recliner (you have to push back – hard – to recline) priced $20

JFC 12-08-11 009JFC 12-08-11 010
look at this cool coffee table!  The top raises to dining height – so you’ll never spill a blob of mashed potatoes from your TV dinner on your shirt while watching I Love Lucy reruns again!  Sweet.  Priced $60; Klaussner red sofa for $30

JFC 12-08-11 011
I am so in love with this retro yellow formica top table priced $65; yellow and chrome chair is actually a rolling desk chair and priced $30; each of the other miscellaneous chairs around the table are $5

JFC 12-08-11 012JFC 12-08-11 013
here’s another great table – this time priced $135; four fab retro chairs (need some TLC) all for $75 (comes to $18.75 each!)

JFC 12-08-11 014
very nice green leather sofa for $145

JFC 12-08-11 015
amazing corner vintage table for $50; side chair for $20

JFC 12-08-11 016JFC 12-08-11 017
very nice dining set by Universal Furniture – table, two leaves and six chairs all for $185 (two leaves have some water damage); two piece lighted china cabinet for $145

JFC 12-08-11 018
another fun retro table for $10; four great chairs for $95 for all four

JFC 12-08-11 019JFC 12-08-11 020
two deep blue velvet side chairs (very worn on the arms) priced $20 each
JFC 12-08-11 021JFC 12-08-11 022
here’s our third or fourth Room and Board (for sure this time) two piece sectional – it’s dark blue, not gray (you’re going to have to trust me on this – it’s blue not gray) that we’ve received in the last year.  This one is in excellent condition – some minor fading but no other issues that I could see – priced $295 (retails for something like $1,800)

JFC 12-08-11 023
fun three piece sectional by Wesley Hall priced $65

JFC 12-08-11 024
lovely seven piece Nativity set priced $50

We’ve been meaning to visit Paul in Asheville for several years now and are finally going.  Too bad he won’t be there.
There’s an Eskimo Proverb that states:

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”

Take care, dear reader.

Update: Safely home!  Though long, actually a beautiful drive especially once you get out of Indiana!  Service was a celebration of Paul's life and afterward his home was packed with family, good friends and tons of delicious food!  His work was something he was passionate about (owned Asheville School of Music and taught piano there) and he lived his life focused on connecting well with people.  Truly an inspiring and uplifting time - which is sort of a funny thing to say about a funeral - but the warmth, love and graciousness of all we met, was amazing.

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