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All I want for Christmas is…a Jubilee Furniture Gift Certificate, please!

With just over a week until Christmas some of you might be panicking about what to purchase for a certain hard-to-buy-for person on your list.  Well, your worries are over because I’m here with the perfect gift idea!  A Jubilee Furniture gift certificate!

Yep, we’re now offering gift certificate in whatever amount you desire and each comes with a handsome mailing envelope!  Phone orders accepted (630.337.1467 and have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card handy) and I’ll mail the gift certificate – with your personal message of good cheer – to the lucky recipient!

To give credit where due – I’ve looked into Jubilee Furniture gift CARDS off and on for several years and was always stymied by the cost when a co-worker (Hi Lynda!) mentioned her stepson had recently moved out and she’d love to give him a gift certificate to the store.  After telling her my gift card woes, she said, “No, not a gift CARD but a simple gift CERTIFICATE.”  Well, you don’t have to hit ME with a 2 x 4!

Hence, the Jubilee Furniture Gift Certificate was born (and isn’t the world a better place because of it! Okay – maybe not).

But the world IS a better place since my sister, Peggy, used this old photo of us kids as her Facebook profile picture.

Crandell kids

I’m guessing this photo was taken around 1964.  Mindy is behind me and she’s the oldest, followed closely by Peggy, then Jimmy, me and Betsy.  So, was there any question in your mind which one was me?  Nope, didn’t think so.

The world is also a better place due to the vast amount of amazing furniture available for purchase at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.  Allow me to show you some of the new-to-us furniture received for donation this very week!

JFC 12-16-11 001

great old teacher’s desk priced $65; vintage desk chair for $45

JFC 12-16-11 002

lovely sofa or hall table for $65

JFC 12-16-11 003JFC 12-16-11 004

really nice café height table with one large self-storing leaf and four chairs (love the inlaid wood accents) priced $325

JFC 12-16-11 005JFC 12-16-11 006

three piece leather sectional (one section the leather is somewhat worn) – both ends recline (hall-huggers) – great dark brown color – priced $325

JFC 12-16-11 007

massive two piece china cabinet for $50 (this is a DIY project just waiting for YOU!)

JFC 12-16-11 008

excellent condition Rowe sleeper sofa priced $125

JFC 12-16-11 009JFC 12-16-11 010

denim sleeper sofa and matching chair – both very faded and need to be cleaned – sleeper sofa is priced $35; chair $15

JFC 12-16-11 011

super sweet blue plaid love seat for $125

JFC 12-16-11 012JFC 12-16-11 013

here’s another blue plaid love seat and matching sleeper sofa – this time by Jamison – the love seat is priced $50; sleeper sofa is priced $85

JFC 12-16-11 014

this is a gorgeous plum colored velvet sofa with great lines (don’t you love the swoopy back?) priced $175

JFC 12-16-11 015JFC 12-16-11 016

this fabulous leather chair has a secret – it’s a recliner! – construction, comfort – it’s a winner in every category…but there are some hair oil, skin oil discoloration.  So, the $165 price tag reflects the stain issues

JFC 12-16-11 017

lovely oversized chair and ottoman for $95

JFC 12-16-11 018JFC 12-16-11 019

nice matching sofas by Sherrill – great color, some fabric worn sections (like fabric is going to tear soon) – priced $85 each

JFC 12-16-11 020

Master Home brand blond wood (photos almost looks like the set is painted yellow and it’s not) table, one leaf and FIVE chairs priced $165

JFC 12-16-11 021

cool square table (top almost seems to be chalkboard paint) priced $125; four folding chairs for $50 (for all four – great extra sitting for the holidays)

JFC 12-16-11 022

brand new, took it out of the box, two drawer night stand/end table by Sitcom – priced $175 (purchase price was $400)

JFC 12-16-11 023JFC 12-16-11 024JFC 12-16-11 025

bedroom set by Carlisle Collection includes: dresser (no mirror) priced $125; armoire (shelves and drawers no clothing rod) for $145; night stand (top needs refinishing) priced $30

JFC 12-16-11 026JFC 12-16-11 027

this retro Bassett set includes: dresser (again no mirror) priced $65; armoire (again shelves and drawers no clothing rod) priced $125

Remember our store hours for the next couple of weeks are: normal hours today and tomorrow; OPEN 1 to 8 on Friday, 12/23; CLOSED Saturday, 12/24; OPEN 1 to 8 Friday, 12/30; and OPEN 9 to 4 Saturday, 12/31!

My hope for you, dear reader, is that you might experience the magic, joy and excitement of the holiday season like you did when you were my age in Peggy’s old photo!

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