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Another “illuminating” Jubilee Furniture post

As I was waiting to pull out of the Jubilee Furniture parking lot last night I noticed a car heading west on North Ave. that didn’t have its headlights on.  I thought to myself, “Whoa, that guy (coulda been a woman driving – but I thought – guy) is gonna get himself killed or kill someone else.”  You see it was 6:15 p.m. and though there are lots of street lights along North Ave. – it was dark.  Really dark.

Eventually, I pulled out onto North Ave. and proceeded to turn south onto Schmale when I realized the headlight-less vehicle was going in my same direction.

Typically I pray for green lights on that section of Schmale which is stop light after stop light – but last night I was praying for a red light so I could maybe let the driver know they didn’t have their lights on.  Sure enough as I came up on the light at Geneva it turned red and I thought, “perfect”, since the driver was on my right and should have pulled up practically next to me.

Did you notice the foreshadowing with the words “should have” in that last sentence?  Yep, the driver in front of the headlight-less driver left a semi-trailer length between him and the guy in front of him (I know, I know a lot of people do that and if I were rear-ended I would wish – and the driver in front of me would wish – I did the same thing).  Now there was nothing – short of jumping out of my car and probably scaring the driver behind me – I could do to get the light-less driver’s attention.

Surely you aren’t surprised that that’s exactly what I did (after safely putting my car in “park”)?  Turns out it was a male driver though I was surprised it was a younger guy.  After a quick, “Sir, your lights aren’t on!” he turned his lights on and we all went our merry ways.

Now you could analyze all the various stereotyping that occurred (why did I assume it was a male driver?  why was I surprised it was a younger guy?  why was I not surprised that the driver that left so much distance between his stopped car and the vehicle in front of him was approximately 102 years old?) – but you’d be missing the main question if you did.

Why did no other driver – of which there were many on a busy road at a busy time of night – notice this guy was driving without his lights on?  And if another driver did notice – why did no one else try to alert him?  There was the guy in front of the light-less driver who the light-less driver had been following for a longish time (though we’ve already noted he was one million years old – so maybe he’s automatically excused).  Then there was the car behind me who was right next to the light-less driver (and who didn’t seem too fazed when I got out of my car yelling and gesturing) – why didn’t they do something?

Or is the question – why do I care so much?  Who am I the headlight police?  Is it my job to make our roadways safer?  In my defense I really was worried there might be an accident – the guy was almost invisible in his dark colored car – but, really Susan?

So, is it no wonder I come home exhausted most days?  It’s challenging being me and feeling responsible for the whole world.  Makes you wonder who I put my faith in – myself or God?  Grrr…I hate it when it turns out it’s about me and not someone else.

Thankfully, what follows is all about the amazing furniture for purchase today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.  Here are a few photos of some of the new-to-us things donated this week to Jubilee Furniture!

Thanksgiving 2011 007

very nice Lazboy sofa in great condition EXCEPT front frame needs repairs (doesn’t look like a big issue) price reflects damaged frame – $95

Thanksgiving 2011 008

amazing Moore of Bedford retro chair in excellent condition priced $125

Thanksgiving 2011 009

lovely floral sleeper sofa for $125

Thanksgiving 2011 010

suede and camouflage fabric Rowe sleeper sofa for $35 (suede needs cleaning)

Thanksgiving 2011 011

fantastic Room and Board tannish sofa in great condition priced $225

Thanksgiving 2011 012

nice table with one self-storing leaf and six chairs all for $125

Thanksgiving 2011 013

here’s another sleeper sofa in great condition priced $75 (there’s a matching swivel/rocker that I forgot to take a photo of that priced something like $35)

Thanksgiving 2011 014Thanksgiving 2011 015

wonderful Smithe-Craft rolling side chairs priced $95 each; Bombay Co. petal side table (doesn’t the top look sorta like a flower?) priced $65

Thanksgiving 2011 016

nice pine table, 2 leaves and six chairs (only one of ‘em has arms) priced $125 for the whole set

Thanksgiving 2011 017

very nice plaid wingback/recliner chair for $85

Thanksgiving 2011 018

neat-o tile and glass coffee table for $65

Thanksgiving 2011 019

very nice round glass table with four chairs priced $145

Thanksgiving 2011 020

excellent condition dark blue plaid sofa priced $145

Thanksgiving 2011 021

greenish striped love seat for $35

Thanksgiving 2011 022

this is a gorgeous light green velvet sofa the size of a small landing strip – needs some overall cleaning (though surprisingly the seat cushions are spot free and in excellent condition – more the arms and back cushions that need sprucing up) by Shenandoah Furniture – priced $145

Thanksgiving 2011 031

very sweet retro maple desk for $45

Thanksgiving 2011 032

another neat student desk priced $35

Thanksgiving 2011 033

large bookcase/storage/display/room divider piece priced $45

Thanksgiving 2011 034

lovely cream colored love seat for $65

What follows are some photos of a fabulous donation that came our way this week of brand new, plastic, shoe-box sized, lidded containers filled with plastic toys.  Again brand new.

We have tons of several different kinds (wild world animals, bugs and reptiles) and then just a few of others (fire truck, birds, dinosaurs, etc.).  They’re two different sizes – but after examining reptiles which comes in both sizes – I realize both sizes contain the same toys and the same number of toys, one is just packed tighter.

I was told these retailed for $25 each (manufacturer is Awesome Kids – but they are no longer in business).  Jubilee Furniture price? $8.50 for the larger box and $7.50 for the smaller.

These toys are suitable for children older than 3 years of age and they were made in China.  The donor did some research prior to donating and could not find any recalls or problems with them.

Thanksgiving 2011 023Thanksgiving 2011 024Thanksgiving 2011 025Thanksgiving 2011 026Thanksgiving 2011 027Thanksgiving 2011 028Thanksgiving 2011 029Thanksgiving 2011 030

That last photo is sorta gross but I was trying to show you the contents

Would you have noticed the car without its lights on?  If so, would you have tried to let the driver know?  Please tell me I’m not a total freak, dear reader!

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