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Thank you for your service to our country

I freely admit to being a flag waving, parade loving individual who cries when those who’ve served in past wars drive by in old timey cars.  I embarrassed my kids two years ago when we were visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington DC by going up to everyone in uniform and thanking them for their service to our country.  So, it should come as no surprise that I’d want to acknowledge and thank our service men and woman today – Veteran’s Day.

To individuals who willingly put their lives on the line to protect my freedom – and to those wounded and killed doing so – I’m left without adequate words to thank you except to simply thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

There’s one particular veteran who’s so woven into the fabric that’s Jubilee Furniture that our store wouldn’t be nearly as fun if he were absent. 

Bradley Nathan – Nate – served during the Vietnam conflict and came home – as most others did from that war – to a country who scorned and hated him for serving.  There was no hero’s welcome for our Vietnam vets.

JFC 11-11-11 001

Today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4 I would like to honor Nate – and all others who have served (or are currently serving) in the military – with words of thanks and appreciation for their service.

JFC 11-11-11 037JFC 11-11-11 038

I’ve set up a table near the register where you can write a note of thanks to Nate or any other service personnel and I will deliver them (any general notes of thanks will be dropped off at the Midwest Shelter for homeless veterans in Wheaton).

Personally thank Nate and find out where he has shrapnel from being shot in Vietnam and come tell me and have your pick from our candy bowl!

If you are a veteran, married to a veteran or have a child who’s a veteran (or who’s on active duty) – please accept 25% off your total purchase from Jubilee Furniture today and tomorrow as a small token of our appreciation.

So, what’s available to buy?  Let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us things Dan and Chris picked up this week!

JFC 11-11-11 002

cool retro chair priced $30 (and there are two with arms and one armless that’s priced $20)

JFC 11-11-11 003

neat-o round pedestal round table for $40 (needs some TLC)

JFC 11-11-11 004

slip-covered sofa priced $65

JFC 11-11-11 005JFC 11-11-11 006

gorgeous, amazing Walter E. Smithe/Bernhardt oversized chair (part leather, part fabric) for $295; matching sofa for $445 (some minor wear on both – but overall in excellent condition)

JFC 11-11-11 007JFC 11-11-11 008

I am totally in love with these chairs – we received six of them for donation – they’re heavy, cool, wood chairs – all six have arms – with lovely fabric on the seat cushions (which is covered in plastic – so the fabric looks like new).  I don’t normally do this – but I priced ‘em individually since they might work better as an accent chair instead of a dining room full of them (not to say you couldn’t buy all six…) – priced $70 each

JFC 11-11-11 009

three piece sectional – overall needs cleaning and there’s some sagging – priced $60

JFC 11-11-11 010

8 sided glass coffee table priced $65 (I guess that would make it an octagon!)

JFC 11-11-11 011

super lovely (awful photo) lighted curio cabinet with etched glass – priced $225

JFC 11-11-11 012JFC 11-11-11 013

this is actually a great four piece retro sectional that if cleaned would be amazing (though some fading) priced $45 for the whole thing (cripes that cheap!)

JFC 11-11-11 014

sweet antique dresser priced $125

JFC 11-11-11 015JFC 11-11-11 016JFC 11-11-11 017

so fabulous are these metal and wood chairs and painted pedestal table that words fail me!  Six chairs (two with arms) priced $165 for all six; lovely painted round pedestal table also priced $165

JFC 11-11-11 018

this is a huge, gorgeous buffet with tons of storage (one sectional has drawers, other two open with one adjustable shelf in each) – needs works but original hardware is fabulous – priced $95

JFC 11-11-11 019

lovely blue Lazboy rocker/recliner priced $85

JFC 11-11-11 020

unique marble topped entry table? sofa table? wherever you think best table – priced $125

JFC 11-11-11 021

very nice leather sofa – originally part of a sectional but if you place an end table by the armless part it’ll work super great – priced $85

JFC 11-11-11 022

wonderful leather top end table priced $65

JFC 11-11-11 023

lovely yellow hutch (originally part of a two piece china cabinet but hutch works pretty well by itself) from 1969 – priced $85

JFC 11-11-11 024

great table with two leaves (wood on leaves are lighter in color – like the wood of the table darkened over time due to ??? sunlight?) and six rolling chairs priced $165

JFC 11-11-11 025JFC 11-11-11 026JFC 11-11-11 027

unbelievable Chromcraft brand chrome and suede cushion side chair $50 each and we have two of them

JFC 11-11-11 028JFC 11-11-11 029

Nate needs to get some screws to secure the wood top to the wrought iron base of this very nice table, one leaf and four chair set – priced $185

JFC 11-11-11 030JFC 11-11-11 031JFC 11-11-11 032

painted antique garden bench and chair (the ornate pieces) priced $195 for both; glass top table with two chairs priced $195 for the set

JFC 11-11-11 033JFC 11-11-11 034

looks like new Room and Board chair frame (just add cushions!) priced $65

As you can see we have unbelievable inventory right now (though that’s not unusual for us – praise God!)!

In closing, I again want to thank everyone (and their families) who has served, or is currently serving, in the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, Coast Guard and Reserve and National Guard.  Your sacrifice is noticed and greatly appreciated.  God bless you.

And God’s blessing and peace to you too, dear reader!

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