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Jubilee Furniture = excitement galore!

I ended up at the emergency room with a friend last night and got to thinking about people who work nights.  My friend told me her dad worked the 12:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. shift unloading trucks for the post office for 41 years and though long retired stills sleeps during the day and is up most of the night.

Thankfully, we were on our way by 10:15 p.m. and I was home and in bed by 11:15 p.m. (which is very late for me – I’m often in bed by 9:30 p.m. – is that embarrassing to admit?  In my defense I am up by 6:00 a.m.!).

Have you ever been up and out at a time you normally aren’t and are sorta surprised there are people driving around and all sorts of living is going on?  I’m not naïve enough to think everything comes to a stand still when I put my pjs on – but I like to think I’m not missing too much!

Ah, there’s the real issue – fear that I’m missing something.  I’ve always wanted to be part of whatever action is going on.  No children’s table for me – I wanted to be at the adult table since I just knew they were having more fun (and I a little bit suspected better food).  There are several black and white photos of me looking grumpy while sitting at the kids’ table.  Same mop of wild curly hair, same freckled face but with a scowl on it that I hope none of you have ever seen (well, my mother reads my blog – and I know she’s seen it.  Oh, and two of my sisters read it – and I’m sure they’re fairly familiar with my crabby face.  And my daughter probably knows too – okay a bunch of you know exactly what I’m talking about!).

Lucky for you no crabby face today!  I’m thrilled and excited about all the amazing furniture we currently have in the store!  Remember we’re open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.  Let’s take a look at some of our inventory:

JFC 11-04-11 001

great reddish/orange Smithe-Craft sofa for $125

JFC 11-04-11 002JFC 11-04-11 003

unbelievably gorgeous hand-crafted, old bench with storage priced $325

JFC 11-04-11 004

here’s a couple of pieces from the Hampton Inn donation that I mentioned last week – upholstered chair is priced $30 and the ottoman is $15 (have many of each)

JFC 11-04-11 005

though this Isaac’s Upholstery three piece sectional needs to be cleaned – it’s fabulous and I love it!  Priced $225

JFC 11-04-11 006

I also love this button-back sofa from Plunkett’s – it was new last week – priced $195 (needs spot cleaning)

JFC 11-04-11 007

and how amazing our these French Country style chairs? Very amazing!  Priced $85 each (again – not new this week, but came in last week when I was on vacation)

JFC 11-04-11 008

I had to look at this picture for a minute to determine what I was taking a photo of!  It’s the Crate & Barrel mirror – can you see it behind the wingback? – love the lines of it and the size!  Priced $195

JFC 11-04-11 009

very nice Chase Upholstered sofa for $165

JFC 11-04-11 010

wonderful wingback chair priced $95

JFC 11-04-11 011

lovely plaid sleeper sofa by Karpen for $85

JFC 11-04-11 012JFC 11-04-11 013JFC 11-04-11 014

this is a gorgeous dining set – couldn’t find a name, made in China – that includes a table, one leaf and six chairs for $395; matching lighted two piece china cabinet for $275 – all super nice

JFC 11-04-11 015JFC 11-04-11 016JFC 11-04-11 017

and then this retro set by Bassett makes me swoon – it’s a table, three leaves and six chairs for $275; two piece lighted china cabinet for $165

JFC 11-04-11 018

gold-ish fabric makes this a royal looking chair that’s super lovely – priced $95

JFC 11-04-11 019

I smiled when I saw the Marshall Field’s tag on this lovely sofa with wood trim (can you see the wood trim along the top/back?).  Remember how angry people were over Macy’s buying Field’s?  I do miss Marshall Field’s.  You can have a piece of history if you buy this sofa, priced $85 (some minor pet hair on sofa)

JFC 11-04-11 020JFC 11-04-11 021

two pale yellow sunny side chairs priced $65 each (by Vanguard)

JFC 11-04-11 022

nice leather/pleather (some parts are the real McCoy – some parts aren’t) priced $135

JFC 11-04-11 023

wonderful wicker chairs (see the swan heads on the arms?) priced 85 each

JFC 11-04-11 024

super great bench for $85

JFC 11-04-11 025JFC 11-04-11 026JFC 11-04-11 027

excellent condition (except for rip in back of the sofa) loveseat and sofa by Guildcraft – loveseat is priced $135; sofa only $145 (because of rip)

JFC 11-04-11 028

great comfy sofa for $60

JFC 11-04-11 029

wonderful retro chair for $35

JFC 11-04-11 030

excellent sofa for $195

JFC 11-04-11 031

this gorgeous coffee table has a drawer that pulls out for you to put all your lovely things for display on (items can been seen through the glass top) priced $125

I promise you everything exciting in the whole world will be happening at Jubilee Furniture and no where else – and you, dear reader, are cordially invited to join me at the adult table!

And if by chance something cool and amazing does happen elsewhere – please don’t tell me because I’ve been told – if I’m not careful – my cranky face might permanently stay that way! :-)

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