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Hold onto your hat–’cause I’m planning on blowing you away with Jubilee Furniture’s fabulous inventory!

No time to dilly-dally this morning.  I have tons of photos to share – and they still aren’t every new-to-us item Dan and Chris picked up this week!

Yes, yes, yes – Jubilee Furniture is open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.

And yes, we’d love it if you found time to stop by.

And no, we aren’t having any special black Friday deals – since at Jubilee Furniture every time we’re open it’s like a black Friday event – with free cookies!

So, put your comfortable shoes on since you’ll be scrolling through our showroom for quite a while taking in our extensive and amazing inventory!

JFC 11-25-11 001JFC 11-25-11 002

fabulous green leather loveseat priced $225; coffee table (that needs to be dusted!) priced $30

JFC 11-25-11 003

this is an unbelievably comfortable, expensive leather chair by Baker Furniture – needs some spot cleaning – but otherwise is great – priced $175

JFC 11-25-11 004JFC 11-25-11 005

this wood trim leather sofa was donated by my brother and sister-in-law and though has some stains and one small hole (see white spot in right photo?) is super cool and unique and is priced $225

JFC 11-25-11 008JFC 11-25-11 009

gorgeous stenciled drop leaf table with six ladder back cane seat chairs (two chair are out of camera range in first photo) all for $250

JFC 11-25-11 010

beautiful oak dresser from the 1930s (best guess) priced $125

JFC 11-25-11 011JFC 11-25-11 013JFC 11-25-11 012JFC 11-25-11 014

these are really lovely carved pieces that you need to seen in person to appreciate – but there’s a lovely accent chair for $125; matching bench priced $95

JFC 11-25-11 015JFC 11-25-11 016JFC 11-25-11 017

this just might be the largest sectional we’ve ever had in the store and though it’s too late for Thanksgiving – many other holidays are just around the corner – and with this three piece beauty in your home there would be seating for ALL!  The upholstery needs to be cleaned – but other than that – it’s really a fabulous sectional – fabric is sorta gathered (not sure what that’s called) for a textured feel and it’s a great gray color with clean, low lines – can you tell I really, really like it? – priced $265

JFC 11-25-11 018

amazing retro bookcases – priced $85 each (there are two of them)

JFC 11-25-11 019

leather sofa from IKEA – mint condition – priced $195 (they sell for new for $395)

JFC 11-25-11 020

lovely nesting tables with artwork on top (under glass) priced $95 for the pair

JFC 11-25-11 022

amazing table with inlaid wood and one self-storing leaf – priced $185

JFC 11-25-11 023JFC 11-25-11 024

two unbelievably wonderful swivel/rockers by Sherrill – priced $145 each

JFC 11-25-11 025

there are four bentwood chairs that look just like these two and we’re selling all four for $100; small oak end table (which also needs to be dusted) is $25 and there’s another one that looks just like this one and is also priced $25 (how weird is that?!  *smile*)

JFC 11-25-11 026

two piece United Furniture retro china cabinet priced $125

JFC 11-25-11 027

two cool bar stools – $50 for the pair

JFC 11-25-11 028JFC 11-25-11 029JFC 11-25-11 030JFC 11-25-11 031

words are going to fail me as I describe this fabulous two piece light china cabinet by John Widdicomb – the shape, the metal work that’s in front of the glass – so creates neat shadows and depth – I. Love. It.  There are some missing circle pulls (hardware is still there – but the pull to open the drawer is missing) and one of the doors on the lower buffet piece is missing a pulley thing to open it.  Also the glass shelves for the middle display part are missing and behind the two doors on the buffet there should be one or two adjustable shelves and those ain’t there (and, of course, it needs dusting and some minor surface touch-ups).  The wood color is most accurate in the first photo.  Get to the price, you say?  $395 which is an absolute steal!

JFC 11-25-11 032

three piece Ethan Allen floral sectional – some fading in the front and some fraying in the back (fraying in the back looks like cat claws – but I didn’t see pet hair on it – so not sure) priced $95

JFC 11-25-11 034JFC 11-25-11 035

really beautiful glass top, wrought iron base table for $185

JFC 11-25-11 036

denim sofa for $65

JFC 11-25-11 037

table, one leaf and four chairs for $65

JFC 11-25-11 038

very nice round outdoor table with four chairs (and their like-new cushions) priced $75 for the set

JFC 11-25-11 039JFC 11-25-11 040

hip, retro pink vinyl chairs – priced $5, $10 and $15 depending on condition (and there are two of each style)

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving last year Jubilee Furniture offered some gorgeous, hand-crafted afghans for purchase and we’re doing the same thing this year – I’m very happy to report!

Here’s the sweet story – Olga, an area senior, loves to crochet.  Not only does crocheting keep her busy but – as we all know – there’s great satisfaction in creating beautiful things.  Unfortunately, all of Olga’s friends already have one of her lovely creations and – let’s be honest – yarn ain’t free and Olga’s on a fixed income (like a lot of seniors).  Olga’s friend, Henny, remembers that wacky furniture store connected to Outreach Community Center (OCC) – where she met Olga – and wonders if Olga could sell her afghans there.  The rest as they say, is history!

Olga isn’t looking to get rich off the sale of these beauties but rather is simply asking for $25 each.  Cash and checks only (checks made out to “OCC” since the center helps Olga with her finances and budgeting).  I hope Olga will leave the 16 or 17 she made this year until we sell ‘em all – but she wasn’t comfortable doing so last year (you know how something you spend that much time and energy making become special and it’s hard to let it out of your sight?  That’s how Olga feels).

I bought one for my daughter last year – and she absolutely loves it – and it appears in the photo Abby took of herself that she included in her guest post here – which resulted in more comments than anything I’ve ever written – and yes, I may have had some hurt feelings – but I’ve since recovered.  Sorta. :-)


Don’t you love all the colors?

God’s peace to you, dear reader!

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