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"The earth is a beehive; we all enter by the same door but live in different cells."

Greetings! So glad you could stop by and see what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture!

This week I gave a friend a calendar of African proverbs because I loved the wisdom in the few I read while in the store. I decided I wanted to share some African proverbs with you (starting with the title of today's post) and thought the following was especially fitting for what we do at Jubilee Furniture.

"You must treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your
parents. It is loaned to you by your children."

By choosing to purchased USED furniture instead of NEW you're helping the earth by reducing the stuff that would have ended up in a landfill. But at Jubilee Furniture it goes a step farther. Not only are you treating the earth well, you're also treating people well. By purchasing furniture at Jubilee, you're helping those most in need in DuPage County through the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries (http://www.outreachcommunityministries.com/) since the proceeds of what we sell - minus our expenses - funnel back and help support these very services. Win/win. Doesn't get any better than that!

The first few photos - of desk chairs of all things! - are a wonderful story of serendipity that makes me smile - so I thought I'd share. Several months ago, Theresa spied some water glasses on the blog that were priced right and would work well with her current glasses so she and her sister-in-law, Amanda, stopped in that very Friday night and Theresa bought 'em (if you follow my Tuesday customer inspiration posts this should be sounding familiar). Theresa used the water glasses for an amazing Christmas Eve breakfast for her extended family and Amanda took a number of photos of Theresa's beautiful table. Theresa, getting sick of me whining about no one sending me photos of stuff they've bought at the store for my Tuesday customer inspiration post (I'm making that part up - but it COULD be true!), sends me an email with a subject line, "If you're desperate..." and the photos of her gorgeous table. Well, that started a volley of emails back and forth (me gushing - surprise!) and then our exchange ended.

Or so I thought. A week later Theresa contacts me again, this time with these words, "I'm back! With a possible donation...I work for a small Catholic company in Chicago and I just received an email that we are getting new office chairs. We are always looking to support local ministries when we can and I thought of you. We may have around 75 chairs. Would you be interested in them?"; (me) "Someone was just in the store asking about desk chairs and though we have some - we don't have many and I would be extremely grateful for the donation! You're an answer to prayer, Theresa! Thanks!"; (Theresa) "I'm glad you will be able to take the chairs. My co-worker was feeling weighed down with the task of finding someone who accepts such a large donation of chairs. She said this felt like a blessing that fell from the sky!"; (me) "It makes me smile to think about desk chairs being a blessing - but it's true!".

Did you track with all of that? Blog reader, customer, Tuesday customer inspiration submitter, donor - I LOVE it!

Oops, I realize I've thrown a lot of words at you and no photos yet - so let's get going!

here are some photos of the chairs Theresa's company donated - I've priced them between $15 and $75 each depending on condition

super sweet end table? night stand? for $35

wonderful, working air hokey table for $120

great glass top coffee table for $65

wonderful narrow bench (bench seat does NOT open - it's just a place to set your bum :-) for $35

four, black Pottery Barn bar-height stools for $125 for all four (they're in excellent condition)

I'm totally in love with the shape of both of these old chairs and I've priced them $30 each

nice painted storage piece for $30

funky orange chair (the back folds down to make transporting it easy - though why you'd need to - I'm not sure) for $15

retro tile top coffee table for $20 (it's pretty groovy :-)

lovely painted dresser w/hutch for $145; matching painted desk for $95

black metal day bed for $145; fantastic twin mattress and box spring for $165

We got in a TON of dressers this week! So, if you've been looking and haven't found anything yet - you might now!

Fashion Trend by Johnson & Carper eight drawer dresser for $85

this is a matching set by Stanley - starting top left: night stand for $45; dresser with two mirrors for $125; armoire for $145 - all in excellent condition

I love this five drawer vintage dresser priced $95

this Thomasville set included an armoire for $145; two night stands - one for $50 and the other $40 (has some missing veneer on the top - so priced lower)

these two Lane pieces also have a matching full/queen head board which I didn't take a photo of but which is priced $40; long, low dresser is $40 (no mirrors - some marks on top); chest of drawers is $65

three drawer sweet dresser for $55

gorgeous, Dixie brand, French provincial style dresser with mirror for $145

beautiful, ornate mirror for $40

BarcaLounger brand recliner for $65

super nice, Lazboy swivel rocker for $135 each and there are two of 'em

round glass coffee table for $75

great color, overall good condition (no rips, no stains), three piece Klaussner sectional for $95 - what's the catch, you say? - there's pet hair on it and one section the seat spring is sprung (you sink down pretty low - repairable? I think so, by me losing 65 lbs!)

black metal side table - from IKEA, I believe - for $12

gorgeous wingback chair (does NOT recline) for $95 (I took a photo of the back so you can better see the beautiful muted colors)

this retro piece looks like a buffet but since it's cedar lined - I'm guessing it's a blanket chest? sweather storage piece? - by Roos for $125

there are two of these red-stained chairs with rush seats and I've priced 'em $50 for the pair

wouldn't your honey love an intimate meal on this glass-topped table with the metal heart-shaped base? The answer is "YES!" and with Valentine's Day one month from today... :-). Oh, and the price is $85

"It is not enough to ran, one must arrive and know when one has arrived."

I hope you'll arrive at Jubilee Furniture either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Peace be with you, dear reader!
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