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A trip to Jubilee Furniture is as nice as one to a warm, sunny beach!

This post's title is pretty much a lie considering it's a negative 5 degrees right now and today's high is 9! Yikes! However, when you consider the warm welcome and fantastic deals which await you at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 maybe it's not so far from the truth? Okay, it's still a lie. What if we throw in free cookies? Now we're talkin'!

Let's further solidify your decision to stop by the store by showing you some of the pieces Dan and Chris picked up this week. Come on!

lovely yellow stripe wing back chair for $75 (colors in photo on right are more accurate)

this is a TWO piece entertainment center and if you were to take out the top shelf, would hold up to a 57" TV (with shelf left in up to a 52" TV - if I'm remember correctly), priced $135

I love the clean, simple lines of this Room & Board entertainment center which is priced $195

this is a gorgeous Hooker brand entertainment center priced $195

we received a ton of file cabinets this week for donation - the four drawer cabinet just to the left of the two drawer black file cabinet in the right of the photo is a fire-proof file cabinet on wheels - weighs a million pounds and is priced $95 (just think, you could stop paying for a safety deposit box at your bank!). Otherwise prices vary, with most two drawer file cabinets priced $30

I couldn't find any labels on these two pieces which makes me think they were custom built. They're really gorgeous - the buffet? credenza? is 7' 1" long and priced $295; matching table is 6' 9" and priced $195

this is a mint-condition, fantastic, McCreary chair and a half purchased from Room & Board and priced $295

this mid-century desk chair might be my favorite this week - it doesn't have wheels (never did - chair doesn't roll) but you can adjust the height by spinning it - price? $95

these two pieces are by American by Martinsville and the buffet (left photo) is priced $50 (top needs refinishing); one piece china cabinet is $85

Dan - Jubilee Furniture Warehouse Manager - called this retro love seat "camouflage" and that's a pretty accurate description of the fabric. Priced $45

this is a lovely, beachy, blue stripe Crate and Barrel sofa in great condition (some fading along back) for $175

you'll find this piece in "bedroom land" but I think it's a small credenza - really a great size - priced $40

again this week, we received some great dressers for donation - this set, by Dixie, is identical to some dressers we received for donation a couple of months ago - but different sizes. This time (starting with the photo on the left) there's a two drawer night stand for $45; five drawer chest of drawers for $95; long, low dresser with mirror for $135

tall chest of drawers by Bassett for $95; matching long dresser with mirror for $85

great condition sofa for $30

some of my favorite volunteers/customers (Hi Lisa and Dean!) donated these pieces by IKEA, sofa for $55; storage ottoman for $30; and chair for $35

oh wait, maybe this is my favorite donated item this week! FANTASTIC two piece sofa/chaise by Room & Board in a great brownish color in excellent condition for $495

we had these two Room & Board chairs last week, but I forgot to post them on the blog - and since they didn't sell, thought I would show 'em to you this week. They are in perfect condition with the exception that both chairs have matching rips on the same arm (one rip is larger than the other). The bottom right photo is the most accurate as far as the true color of the fabric and the chairs are priced $75 each

then again, MAYBE this retro desk is my favorite! Look at this desk! It's amazing! The top needs refinishing, but overall it's in great shape! Price? $175

great blue color on this sleeper sofa priced $95 (priced so cheaply due to some pet hair on the sofa)

I'll wrap up and post this early on the blog to make up for last week's which I didn't finish until almost 10:00 a.m.!

Okay, so maybe stopping in at Jubilee Furniture isn't quite as nice as a trip to a warm, sunny beach - but at least you don't leave our store with any sand in your...umm, never mind! :-)

I hope all is well with you, dear reader!


God's grace, blessings, love, mercy and peace to you!
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