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Jubilee Furniture post longer than that dog's tongue photo that's been going around the internet!

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by! It's been a beautiful week - weatherwise - and though I was in a funk for a number of days at the beginning of the week (hormones?), I'm feeling great now and can't wait to show you what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture this week! Additionally, after showing you this week's stuff, I've posted photos from last week (which never made it onto the blog to due to stupidity on my part) of items that are still for sale at the store.

Whew, lots to go through so we better get started!

Warning - there's lots of gushing in this post!

I love this Hoosier desk! Priced $40

we could temporarily change our name to Drafting Tables R Us - due to the number we have in right now! We have 'em priced from $20 to $50 (ones in the photo on the right are $35 each)

look at this amazing craved church pew that a friend of mine donated! Price? $495

I LOVE this sofa - pretty, red and comfortable - does not get any better unless you also add a great deal at $145!

beautiful queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $135; queen mattress and box spring $95

full size brass head board, foot board and rails for $75 (needs some work - someone dropped a queen size box spring on this full size frame)

beautiful twin bed with either trundle or under-bed storage for $175

lovely dresser with lighted, mirrored hutch for $125

this is a gorgeous cedar lined armoire with a rod for hanging clothes inside for $245

nice Vanguard sofa for $55

yellow/gold rocker/recliner for $65

look at this amazing antique table for $145! (four chairs around it are selling for $75 for all 4)

this country table and four chairs is in excellent condition though the table top could use some work (photo on right is a close-up of the chair fabric) and is priced $165 for all

I love, love love this table, 2 leaves and 4 chairs (two with arms, two without) - but this table top could also use some work - and is priced $150

in the notes I write when I take my photos, I wrote "manly love seat and chair" for these two pieces. They do seems "manly" don't they? Chair $25 and sofa for $35 (pretty good condition - just not high end pieces)

sweet four drawer dresser for $95

chair and ottoman for $95 (needs to be cleaned)

gorgeous United Furniture dining room set, which includes: table, two leaves and six chairs for $155; lighted two piece china cabinet for $125; buffet for $65; red lamps on buffet are $30 each and the ceramic fruit is $25

working electric lift recliner for $85

over-sized chair that opens to a twin bed for $40 (not sure why this is priced so cheaply - must be a bit worn and dirty)

here's another dining set - this time the two piece lighted china cabinet is $75; table, 3 leaves and 6 chairs for $95; and buffet for $50

lovely floral love seat for $65 and there are two matching (each $65) and both in good condition

Alan White sofa for $140

sweet painted night stand for $20 and there are two of 'em!

hand made plant stand for $40 and the pot of fake flowers is $3

hands down - these two chairs are my favorite items this week. LOVE the deep blue velvet and the clean lines - only problem is the rips by the seams on the arms. Fixable? I hope so - but I've priced 'em $65 each so you can get creative (lay a throw over the rip? Dark blue duct tape?) and even if it doesn't work perfectly you didn't pay much for some pretty amazing chairs!

it was the week of velvet - this time a super nice green velvet two piece sectional and one part opens to a full size bed and is priced $245

a Room and Board sectional just like this one almost caused a riot last month - how was I to know so many people would be interested in it? - this one is actually in better conditon than last month's though there is one small rip by the back corner (see in the photo on the bottom?) and is priced $295. If you think you want it - arrive at the store today (Friday) before we open at 1:00 p.m. and wait right by the front doors - when I open the store immediately go to this sectional (it's to the right of the register as you're walking in the store) and sit down on it. Whoever is sitting on it first - gets it. Fair?

Okay - that's some of the new-to-us stuff that arrived in the store this week. Now here are some photos of stuff we received last week that's still for sale!

dry sink for $55

gorgeous King Hickory sofa for $145

five drawer chest of drawers for $85; matching three drawer dresser with mirror for $50

Ethan Allen make-up table for $65; hutch behind it for $12.50

twin size captain's bed for $75; twin mattress for $50

cool yellow retro chest of drawers for $65; dresser w/mirror for $50; night stand for $35; twin head boards for $20 each

tulips cover this very nice chair ($50) and sofa ($75)

this is a gorgeous Drexel Heritage sofa and love seat. The sofa is in excellent condition though this are two small holes on the skirt by the bottom (see photo to the right?) and is priced $145; the matching love seat is much more worn (usually it's the opposite - everyone sits on the sofa but not the love seat) and is priced $60

LOVE this antique rocker for $95

love seat in great condition for $75; matching sofa - also in great condition - for $100

sofa for $30

another nice dining room set - this time the lighted two piece china cabinet is $125; table, 2 leaves and six chairs for $145

fun bamboo chairs for $35 and $40 (one of 'em the bamboo is broken) and the sunny yellow table in-between is $35 (and there are two yellow tables too!)

marvelous antique desk for $145

this fan-flippin'-tastic Heywood Wakefied desk was donated by one of my favorite customers (Hi Jane!) and is priced $245! Don't you love how the drawers curve in?

Are you still with me, dear reader? Amazing! That was a lot of photos to get though and I sure appreciated the company!

Hope to see you either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 in the store!

The peace of Christ be with you!
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