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Even first thing in the morning you'll find beautiful furniture at Jubilee!

This morning as I was up-loading photos to the blog the view outside my window was so pretty I thought I'd snap a picture or two. After doing so, I realized both my reflection and the reflection from the lighted bookcases in the room marred the photos. *frown* I also realized my head was roughly the size of a blimp. Correction, my HEAD is not the size of a blimp - but rather my wild hair - after sleeping on it and the curl relaxing - created a massive halo around my head that is approximately the size of a blimp. Seriously, I am not making this up. To prove my point, I took a photo of myself. You should make sure there are no small children around who might get frightened before scrolling down and seeing Susan's-morning-bedhead-hair-which-is-roughly-the-size-of-the-Goodyear-blimp.

Pretty, yes? I love the shape of the trees against the deep blue of the early morning sky!

Scary, yes? And you thought you had seen me at my worst in the store covered in dust and wearing clothes you probably wouldn't take the garbage out in!

Now that you've had a good laugh and feel pretty good about yourself (since no matter what your problems are at least you don't look as freaky as me!), let's take a look at some of the fabulous things you'll find at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 (though technically I can't promise any of these things will still be available for purchase after we open today at 1 p.m. - since stuff sells fast!). Some of the items I'll be showing you were donated not this week, but last week - but since I didn't provide photos last Friday I thought I would show you now! Clear as mud? Let's begin!

sweet as pie child's desk w/drawer and matching chair for $65

gorgeous Sterling House buffet for $95

I love, love, love this retro nine drawer dresser and it's priced only $75. It's a little narrower than some dressers and I thought it would make a great spot to put your flat screen TV (if you're fortunate enough to have one!)

here's another great retro dresser and it's priced $65 and made by United Furniture

these white dressers are also in good condition (though on the three drawer piece some of the finish is coming off). Three drawers with storage piece is priced $45 and the four drawer dresser is $55

amazing retro dresser with great drawer fronts for $75

LOVE this two tier coffee table? end table? for $75

wonderful table with four chairs for $85

Table with one leaf for $45 is new this week, four chairs around it aren't new and they're priced $125 for all four!

great Charles Schneider love seat for $45 (some wear on the piece but overall in good condition - this price is a steal!)

wonderful sofa, good bones, needs cleaning - priced $40

beautiful Thomasville two piece lighted china cabinet for $145

these GORGEOUS pieces have been hanging on the wall for about six weeks and, I think, no one even notices them - so thought I would call your attention to 'em. The Ridgeway mechanical clock piece/curio is priced $375 and the other lighted curio piece is $225

right next to the clock/curio pieces is another fantastic piece! You wall mount these maple pieces (there's a desk piece w/drawer, three shelves, two storage pieces - one with amazing cool gold-colored doors and the wall brackets) and they can be configured in whatever way you choose - all for $275!

this set of matching furniture is in great condition and very comfy - just a little dated. Starting top left: over-sized chair for $55; love seat $75; sofa $95 - OR - buy 'em all for $200 (and save $25!)

wonderful rust color sofa for $225

great plush rocker - not such a great recliner due to the fact the arm needed to recline is missing - priced to sell at $30!

You know I'm loving these PLAID pieces! Great color too! Love seat in mint condition is priced $135; matching sleeper sofa has a small problem with one sofa arm (it's caved in like the padding moved) so is priced only $95

this wall bench with hooks is priced $60

You know how we have an arrangement with Room & Board where once a week we pick up at their Oak Brook store any furniture from their customers (you buy a wonderful sofa from Room & Board and when they deliver it - as a courtesy they'll take your old sofa)? Well, they also often donate floor samples and other miscellaneous R&B pieces which are like new! This piece falls into that category. It's part of their Chelsea collection and is the left-back sofa and retails for $1,200! The amazing Jubilee Furniture price? $250! I can't say enough good things about Room & Board - how grateful we are for the weekly donations - how amazing their furniture is - how great their employees are - truly we heart R&B!

Hickory Furniture - just cleaned! - wonderful sofa for $95!

beautiful oval coffee table for $75

Though not plaid - checked - is almost as good! Especially if it's a BLUE check! Simmons love seat is priced $85; matching sofa for $125

You are not imagining that you've seen this two piece Room & Board sectional before - you have. Actually you've seen it twice before (though not this exact sofa). This is the THIRD identical R&B sectional we've received from them and in the best condition of the three. This beauty - part of the Clarke collection - retails for $3,199 (sofa $1,999 and armless piece $1,200) - however the amazing Jubilee Furniture price is only $395! There is some minor wear on this sectional - but I could not find any rips or other issues.

Before I wrap up, I have several things to tell you and one thing to ask you, dear reader -

1.) a new Salvation Army Family Store opened by the Valli grocery store east of Jubilee Furniture (in the mall on the southwest corner of North Ave. and Bloomingdale Rd). They're open M-Sat 9 to 9 and I went in and it's a nice place with lots of clothes and other stuff and a fair amount of furniture

2.) are you following my Tuesday customer inspiration posts? You should! You should also take some photos of the amazing furniture you've purchased from Jubilee and email me them at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org and you might find yourself showcased NEXT Tuesday!

3.) today is Chris Jackson's birthday (our part-time employee who is on the truck with Dan every T, W and Th) and tomorrow is both Joan's birthday (one of my regular Friday volunteers) and my birthday - so make sure you wish us a Happy Birthday when you come in!

4.) if you tell me you didn't notice anything different between what I usually look like and my morning bedhead photo at the start of this post - I will NOT take it as a compliment and might cry! You've been warned!

God's blessings, peace and grace to you!
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