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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, October 25, 2013

I have a genuine affection for my donors, customers and volunteers – so this week when a fairly regular donor phoned to say her 52 year old sister had passed away – I was sad and so sorry for her loss.

She didn’t call just to give me this news – but rather she and another sister were sorting through their third sister’s home and had furniture to donate.  Dealing with donors who are dealing with the death of a loved one and contact Jubilee Furniture to donate good, usable furniture from the loved one’s home – is a common occurrence.

As I murmured my sympathies and offered my condolences – I felt a nudge to do more.  The nudge is actually more like a tightening in my stomach that makes me feel a little sick since I know I’m about to reach out in a way that makes me vulnerable and it’s scary.

You see – I’m involved in a ministry at my church called Stephan Ministries whose mission is to equip regular men and women to walk through life’s challenges with hurting people – and people coping with grief definitely fall into this category.

Stephan Ministries’ founder, Dr. Kenneth Haugk, wrote a series of grief booklets after the death of his wife – which have been used for years and been very helpful to individuals dealing with the loss of a loved one.

So, what’s so scary about offering to mail out some booklets? It’s scary because they’re written from a faith perspective.  Faith is a very personal thing.  I had no idea if my donor would be offended.


My belief in God is central to who I am – but I would never want anyone to feel like I was forcing my faith down their throat – be it my donors, my customers or my volunteers.

Warning!  Awkward segue.

If you were a customer this week and stopped in the store today between 1 and 8 or tomorrow between 9 and 4 – the following photos show you SOME of what you’d find in our 30,000 square feet of inventory:

Thank you party 10-19-13 009Thank you party 10-19-13 010Thank you party 10-19-13 011Thank you party 10-19-13 012

this Rossetto glass top table has a fabulous – heavy – base.  It’s priced only $145 due to several chips in the glass.  Four leather chairs – one is ripped at the corner along the seam – priced $4 each (these chairs retail for $199 each)

Thank you party 10-19-13 013Thank you party 10-19-13 014

Crate & Barrel slip-covered sofa – slip cover needs some spot cleaning – priced $225

Thank you party 10-19-13 015Thank you party 10-19-13 016

white wicker hutch (designed to be put on top of something) priced $20; white wicker bookshelf is $30

Thank you party 10-19-13 017Thank you party 10-19-13 018

showing some wear but overall a very nice leather sofa by Smithe Craft – priced $135

Thank you party 10-19-13 019Thank you party 10-19-13 020

sweet student desk priced $35

Thank you party 10-19-13 021Thank you party 10-19-13 022

there’s something super attractive about this muted floral sofa – priced $135

Thank you party 10-19-13 023Thank you party 10-19-13 024

need some bling in your home?  This metal and glass hall or sofa table delivers!  Priced $60

Thank you party 10-19-13 025Thank you party 10-19-13 026

excellent condition micro-fiber chair – sorta greenish/gray – priced $95

Thank you party 10-19-13 027Thank you party 10-19-13 030

Teresa said this sofa is very comfortable!  Blue curved sofa priced $95

Thank you party 10-19-13 028Thank you party 10-19-13 029

side chairs by Directional priced $50 each; round side table for $10

Thank you party 10-19-13 031Thank you party 10-19-13 032

here’s another piece made by the Italian company, Rossetto – gorgeous credenza, tons of storage (doors slide toward each other and there’s open storage with one shelf; three drawer in the middle of the piece) – perfect media piece – like new except for one small chip on a back edge – priced $325

Thank you party 10-19-13 033Thank you party 10-19-13 034

CR Laine chair and ottoman – some minor wear – priced $95

Thank you party 10-19-13 035Thank you party 10-19-13 036

gorgeous secretary priced $175

Thank you party 10-19-13 037Thank you party 10-19-13 038

fun stackable chairs priced $60 for all four

Thank you party 10-19-13 039Thank you party 10-19-13 040

very attractive media stand priced $125

Thank you party 10-19-13 041Thank you party 10-19-13 042

there are two matching swivel, rocker/recliners – both in excellent condition – priced $75 each

Thank you party 10-19-13 043Thank you party 10-19-13 044

this sofa needs to be professionally cleaned – but there is something very attractive about it (in my humble opinion) priced $40

Thank you party 10-19-13 045Thank you party 10-19-13 046

comfy sofa – needs some adjusting of cushions and such – priced $40

Thank you party 10-19-13 047Thank you party 10-19-13 048Thank you party 10-19-13 049Thank you party 10-19-13 050

this pine collection by Broyhill is in very good condition – table, 1 leaf and 6 chairs all for $225; matching two piece lighted china cabinet is $175; square end table for $40; square coffee table for $50

Thank you party 10-19-13 051Thank you party 10-19-13 052

gorgeous pedestal table with two leaves – priced $145

Thank you party 10-19-13 053Thank you party 10-19-13 054Thank you party 10-19-13 055Thank you party 10-19-13 056

oh my – what a fabulous retro chrome and formica top table with one leaf and four chairs (one chair is ripped) – priced $195 for the set

Thank you party 10-19-13 058Thank you party 10-19-13 059

I’m in love with this vintage recliner – it’s super comfortable – admittedly rather masculine looking – priced $95

Thank you party 10-19-13 060Thank you party 10-19-13 061Thank you party 10-19-13 062Thank you party 10-19-13 063

antique oak chair (looks rather royal doesn’t it?) priced $110; so cool carved nesting tables – priced $65 for the set

Thank you party 10-19-13 065Thank you party 10-19-13 066

we’re selling this as a three piece sectional – but it would make for a mighty l-o-n-g sofa if you put the three pieces together.  It’s more like a sofa w/chaise and an armless loveseat – there are kitty-like pulls along several corners and some minor spot cleaning is needed – but otherwise in good shape – priced $175 for the whole thing!

Thank you party 10-19-13 067Thank you party 10-19-13 068

spot cleaning is also needed on this red micro-suede loveseat but otherwise in good condition – priced $45

Thank you party 10-19-13 069Thank you party 10-19-13 070

fabulous walnut cedar chest with gorgeous carving – priced $195

To finish my story, I did volunteer to mail my donor the grief booklets and she appreciated – and accepted – my offer.  She thought after she’d read them they might be helpful to her parents.  Oh man – suddenly I thought of my 84 year old mother dealing with the loss of one of us “kids” and I wanted to cry.

If this series of booklets provides my donor and her parents one moment of peace and comfort during this devastating journey of grief – it will make my discomfort at offering so worth it – and, actually, seem rather ridiculous that I ever thought to hold back.

Never withhold hope or a hug to a hurting world, dear reader.  Never.  Yes –sometimes you’ll be pushed away but the times you aren’t are so very sweet.

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