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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, October 4, 2013

I’m typically up by 6:00 a.m. most mornings but, recently, can hardly drag myself out of bed by 6:30 a.m. due to how stinkin’ dark it is outside!  It’s like my body is saying – “Oh no you don’t!  If it’s this dark out it must be the middle of the night and there’s no way it’s time to get up!”  With such sound logic it’s hard to argue.

Yet it IS time to get up.

I think resale stores often have to overcome a similar type of thinking.  “Oh, it’s USED so it must be damaged/gross/icky/whatever.” when the truth is we have fabulous inventory.

This week in particular, Jubilee Furniture’s selection contains some of the nicest pieces we’ve ever received!  Partly due to a fantastic donation we received of furniture from two model apartments and partly due to fabulous mint-condition pieces from individual donors.  Truly spectacular.  Let’s take a look.

JFC 10-04-13 001JFC 10-04-13 002

gorgeous antique Victorian loveseat priced $250

JFC 10-04-13 003JFC 10-04-13 004JFC 10-04-13 005JFC 10-04-13 006

beautiful vintage walnut dressing table for $165; vintage alabaster lamp for $55

JFC 10-04-13 007JFC 10-04-13 008

here’s a cool antique grape press priced $145.  FYI it needs some work before you’ll be able to start pressing grapes!

JFC 10-04-13 010

from the model apartment: like-new tan micro-suede sofa priced $325; metal and glass coffee table for $75; two matching end tables are priced $55 each

JFC 10-04-13 011JFC 10-04-13 012JFC 10-04-13 013JFC 10-04-13 014

also from the model: like-new round glass top table with four metal chairs with upholstered seats priced $275; matching baker’s rack for $125

JFC 10-04-13 015JFC 10-04-13 016

this is an absolutely fantastic black leather sofa – crafted in Germany by the W. Schillig furniture company – priced $795.  Only issue I saw was a ding on he wood trim which runs along the front bottom of the piece

JFC 10-04-13 017JFC 10-04-13 018

wonderful IKEA ROCKER and ottoman – in excellent condition except there appears to be cat hair on the upholstery so priced only $50 for the set

JFC 10-04-13 019JFC 10-04-13 020

here’s another fabulous leather sofa – this time by Italsofa – in person the leather has a slightly greenish cast – priced $575

JFC 10-04-13 021JFC 10-04-13 022

oh man – I am in love with this Walter E. Smithe brown plaid sofa with nail-head trim and crisp brown piping!  Alas, there is a rip behind one of the back cushions (second photo - stitch ‘er up and no one will be the wiser) and a small tear on one of the back corners.  So, there two issues forced the priced down to $65!  This one won’t last long!

JFC 10-04-13 023JFC 10-04-13 024

sleeper loveseat in great condition priced $125

JFC 10-04-13 025JFC 10-04-13 026

lovely Remington Rand writing desk with glass top – drawers stick a little but could be due to the humidity in the store right now – priced $145

JFC 10-04-13 027JFC 10-04-13 028

fantastic cottage style glass top table with four chairs – there is one small rip in one the of the cushions – priced $375 for the set

JFC 10-04-13 029JFC 10-04-13 030

so sweet and so clever – sewing cabinet turned into small writing desk – LOVE the color! – priced $45

JFC 10-04-13 031JFC 10-04-13 032

this Woodmark sofa is green with gold woven into the fabric and is in EXCELLENT condition – was simply too big for the donor’s home – priced $395

JFC 10-04-13 033JFC 10-04-13 034JFC 10-04-13 035

two oak end tables priced $20 each; matching oak coffee table for $35

JFC 10-04-13 036JFC 10-04-13 037

here’s another piece I’m in love with – brownish velvet (a little worn on the arms) SWIVEL chair priced $65 – only negative is it sits a little low to the ground (add legs to raise it up?)

JFC 10-04-13 038JFC 10-04-13 039

nice ROWE side chair priced $50

JFC 10-04-13 040JFC 10-04-13 041

wonderful five drawer dresser – nicer than IKEA – fronts are a plastic material – priced $65

JFC 10-04-13 042JFC 10-04-13 043

only received two of these lovely chairs and we’ve priced ‘em $30 each

JFC 10-04-13 044JFC 10-04-13 045JFC 10-04-13 046JFC 10-04-13 047

golly – this is a fabulous and funky four piece sectional – some of the pieces are in excellent condition some of them are worn and one back section is ripped – so only priced $95; fun glass and stone round side table is $45

JFC 10-04-13 048JFC 10-04-13 049

this two piece sofa can adjust in different ways – a bit hard to describe in writing but there’s a lever that allows you to swing the “body” of each in different directions (so it’s either oriented like a sofa or like a chaise) – dark blue fabric is somewhat faded and there are several outlines where stains have been cleaned – so only priced $95 for the whole thing

JFC 10-04-13 051JFC 10-04-13 050

sweet retro two drawer night stand for $15 and armoire is $75 – both by Mount Airy Furniture Co.

JFC 10-04-13 052JFC 10-04-13 053JFC 10-04-13 054JFC 10-04-13 055

here’s a three piece bedroom set by Thomasville – first two photos are of the armoire which is priced $125; next up is a chest of drawers for $95; and finally a long low dresser with mirror for $65.  Dresser top needs a little work but otherwise these pieces are excellent

JFC 10-04-13 056JFC 10-04-13 057JFC 10-04-13 058

more furniture from the model home – gorgeous blue plaid sofa for $325; oversize blue chair with matching ottoman priced $165

JFC 10-04-13 059JFC 10-04-13 060

this FOUR piece entertainment center is unique in that the middle section is in two pieces to make moving it easier – love the white cottage style – priced $375

JFC 10-04-13 061JFC 10-04-13 062JFC 10-04-13 063JFC 10-04-13 064JFC 10-04-13 065

here are the final pieces from the model – gorgeous dresser with mirror priced $225; queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $185; alas there’s only ONE nightstand and it’s priced $95 (nightstand still has the stretch wrap around the drawers so they won’t open and get damaged when they’re being moved)

Thankfully, it should be nice and light (unless it’s storming) by the time we open today at 1:00 p.m. so there’s no excuse for you not to come by!  Of course, when we close at 8:00 p.m. it will be dark but NIGHTS are supposed to be dark!+ Tomorrow our store hours are from 9 to 4.

Peace to you, dear reader!

Oh and Ashley?  Where have you and Mark been?  Friday nights aren’t the same without you two!

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