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May the 4th be with you!

Truly the store has never looked better (thanks to massive efforts from a handful of volunteers) and we’ve never had more inventory than what’s available today (Friday)  from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!  Impressive – if I do say so myself.

As more and more people are discovering Jubilee Furniture our only-open-two-days-a-week is especially confusing.  Several times yesterday as I was working there was a knock on the front doors and when I answered – the person would ask what our store hours are.  This is a little comical since our hours are written on the doors they were knocking on – but as this happens most Thursdays I can only guess people assume those hours are wrong because what place of business is only open two days?

The city of Carol Stream has restrictions on how many days we can be open since the store is located in a building with a church.  If we moved into a different building we could be open seven days a week – and, some day, we might make that move – but for now, we’re happy right where we are.

My boss and I have occasionally wondered if part of our appeal is because of our limited hours.  “Ooooh, you know that used furniture store in Carol Stream that’s only open two days each week?  It’s like an exclusive club – that’s open to EVERYONE – everyone that is who can get out there on Fridays and Saturdays!  How exciting!”

But ultimately I wish we had more normal hours so it wouldn’t be so hard for people to track with.  If I had a quarter for every time someone’s told me they came by the store – fill in the blank with just about any day/time (Friday at 12:00 pm. ; Thursday, Monday, Saturday at 5:00 p.m.) other than Friday from 1 to 8 or Saturday from 9 to 4 – I’d be a very rich woman who didn’t apologize so much (“I’m SO SORRY!  Yes, REALLY we’re only open two days each week.  No, we’ve never been open on Thursdays.  I’m sorry for the confusion.”).

Now that I’ve spent five paragraphs explaining our store hours (“What the heck, Susan?!”) let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us furniture available for purchase this week:

JFC 05-04-12 001JFC 05-04-12 002

light gray three piece pleather (leather?) sectional, low lines, comfortable, in good condition, style is such that it would work well with lots of different furniture – priced $135

JFC 05-04-12 003JFC 05-04-12 004

amazing, fabulous retro barrel chairs by Koral Furniture priced $85 each

JFC 05-04-12 005JFC 05-04-12 006

Schweiger loveseat for $50 (some fabric pulls); sleeper sofa for $75 (I saw a few stray cat hairs)

JFC 05-04-12 007JFC 05-04-12 008

gorgeous wrought iron and glass coffee table – some rust – priced $135

JFC 05-04-12 009

huge and beautifully framed poppy artwork priced $125 (“Poppies…Poppies.  Poppies will put them to sleep.” – what movie is that line from?  Guess correctly and stop in the store for your fabulous prize of…a cookie!)

JFC 05-04-12 010

super nice velvet sofa – a couple of spots that need to be spot-cleaned – priced $325; large red and green throw pillows $15 each

JFC 05-04-12 011

fabulous yellow raw silk side chair – back needs to be reinforced – priced $135

JFC 05-04-12 012

another gorgeous raw silk side chair – this time in a light almond color – by Bassett, priced $165

JFC 05-04-12 013JFC 05-04-12 014

if you’re looking for a MASSIVE sectional – this could be the one – three pieces in a fun pattern/colors – a few fabric pulls – priced $195

JFC 05-04-12 015

long, low, white retro coffee table for $50

JFC 05-04-12 016

lovely tone-on-tone patterned sofa for $235

JFC 05-04-12 017JFC 05-04-12 018

this hard working coffee table has a top that lifts for easy dining - priced $125

JFC 05-04-12 019

two matching, made in Italy, armoires (have rods for hanging clothes on top and shelves on the bottom – so you couldn’t hang long things) with shutter doors and a weathered finish that gives them a beachy look – priced $295 each

JFC 05-04-12 020JFC 05-04-12 021

S. Bent & Bros. table with pull out extra leaves on both ends (issues with the pull out leaves, both ends need repair) and six chairs (only one chair has arms) – table top needs to be refinished and chairs need to be cleaned up – but solid, gorgeous wood – priced $165

JFC 05-04-12 022JFC 05-04-12 023

Early American style sleeper sofa and loveseat by Crestline – both in excellent condition – sleeper sofa is priced $85 and loveseat is $65 (lower prices reflect dated style)

JFC 05-04-12 024

fabulous king-size headboard and frame for $275

JFC 05-04-12 025

large two drawer, marble top nightstands priced $65 each

JFC 05-04-12 026

beautiful oval table with three leaves and table pads priced $125

JFC 05-04-12 027

stately bench for $85

JFC 05-04-12 028

two piece shabby chic storage pieces – top piece is missing shelves and bottom piece is missing one pull – price $95 for both

JFC 05-04-12 029JFC 05-04-12 030

absolutely gorgeous American Signature two piece lighted china cabinet – alas, a number of issues with it – missing center drawer (see spot where drawer should go in first photo?), missing upper shelves, both bottom corners were chewed on by a puppy (I’m assuming puppy and not a small child or large mouse or maybe the family had a beaver for a pet – really if you think about it there are many possible explanations as to what happened, but regardless, the two front corners are chewed on) – priced $95 (what a steal – look at the inlaid wood on this piece, sigh, gorgeous)

JFC 05-04-12 031JFC 05-04-12 032JFC 05-04-12 033

eggplant color chair, sofa and ottoman all by Bauhaus – sofa needs to be cleaned – both chair and sofa have extra deep seating (sofa is almost the width of a twin size mattress) chair is priced $75; sofa $65; ottoman $35

JFC 05-04-12 034JFC 05-04-12 036JFC 05-04-12 037JFC 05-04-12 038JFC 05-04-12 039JFC 05-04-12 040JFC 05-04-12 041JFC 05-04-12 042

FABULOUS wood pieces by Broyhill starting with massive table with 2 leaves (with both leaves in table measures 9’ long) priced $425; four gorgeous chairs (see fun fringe and beads on back of chairs?) priced $200 for all four; HUGE buffet priced $325; smaller side board priced $195; BEAUTIFUL end table priced $125

Depending on when you stop by Jubilee Furniture don’t forget to check out Wheaton Christian Center’s rummage sale – Treasures in Rummage (I’d give you their hours but they’re different from mine and we’ve had enough confusion around hours already, wouldn’t you agree?).  Read this post from a couple of weeks ago if you want more information about the sale.

And that, dear reader, concludes this week’s installment of the reality show, “Exactly How Boring Can Susan Be?”.

side note – today’s title is for my amazing, yet self-described nerdy daughter, Abby and all you Trekkies out there!

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